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Rock truck driving on a construction site
Rock truck driving on a construction site
5 Uses of a Rock Truck
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Tim Forestell
January 31, 2022

5 Uses of a Rock Truck: When To Use a Rock Truck

Have you ever wondered when a rock truck should be utilized for a project? The ability to work on extreme terrains sets the rock truck apart and allows it to be specialized for certain jobs. These powerful vehicles can be used for mining projects, general construction, quarry projects and more. 

A rock truck - also known as an articulated dump truck (ADT), articulating hauler or dump hauler - is a machine used for various construction projects where the terrain may be uneven. It is most notably recognized by the chassis that separates the front cab from the back dump. The two separate “parts” of this truck are what make it so powerful. 

two parked rock trucks on a construction site

The Make Up Of a Rock Truck

The front cab contains the operator controls while the back can be used for hauling materials, carrying debris and dumping whatever it’s carrying somewhere else. Rock trucks are also equipped with rear and front suspension to provide load stabilization. It helps the machine ride smoother, too. 

The load stabilization is created by the front axels which control how much sideways movement the truck has. This feature can enhance safety and decrease the chance of a roll-over or losing the load - something that is really important for a truck that drives all over different types of terrain. Built-in stabilization and all-wheel drive make this machine a true off-roading dump truck.  

These machines are built by Caterpillar, Terex, and John Deere.

Choosing a Rock Truck for Your Project

Rock tucks are a more specialized machine but that doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful for projects. This machine is ideal for projects containing uneven or extreme terrain or if the worksite involves slippery grounds, steep slopes, tight turns, or height constraints. The machine is great for moving large amounts of materials across long distances on site as well. 

These machines are usually too large to operate on residential roads so they would only be rented for projects that are large enough to require material transport within a site itself.

Here are five different projects and uses of this machine.

1. Mining Projects

When completing a mining project a lot of excess dirt and mined minerals need to be moved away from the mine itself to keep a clear path. The mining industry uses articulated rock trucks when carrying away debris from inside the mine. 

Mining sites can be tight-spaced, rocky and uneven. The materials often include large rocks and debris. A rock truck rental can offer all the benefits of a dump truck in a compact design and heavy-duty design.  The maneuverability of this truck can allow it to easily maneuver tight corners and small spaces on a mine. 

2. General Construction

Found on residential or industrial job sites, a rock truck can be used in combination with an excavator for digging foundations, cleaning debris and transporting materials. Larger commercial projects or clearing land for new development are two other examples of general construction projects that could benefit from a rock truck rental. Due to the size of the rock truck, it makes it easy for the excavator to break large amounts of debris and load into the truck increasing productivity due to fewer loads being needed.

rock truck rental being loaded by an excavator bucket on a construction site

3. Quarry Projects

Quarry projects can have sharp corners and tight spaces to maneuver, much like mining projects.  Quarries have steep inclines, uneven ground, rocky terrain and unpredictable drops. The all-wheel-drive on a rock truck and the two parts of the machine make it uniquely apt for driving in these sites. 

The heavy-duty cab also means that this machine can be used to carry raw material from quarries to other locations. For both cleaning and moving materials, a rock truck and a quarry go hand in hand.

4. Bulk Material Handling

Sometimes a small dump truck does not work for the job. Dump trucks are capable of moving larger loads, but if materials need to be moved in bulk, an articulated dump truck is the way to go. 

In construction not everything is going to be easy, the debris will be broken into different sizes, weights, and dimensions and it is better to rent a bigger machine to help with this. An articulated rock truck helps with these issues as they are bigger in size compared to a normal dump truck. They can move more, as they range between 25-50 ton weight capacity increasing productivity and efficiency at work. 

rented rock truck dumping material on a construction site

5. Water Tank Use

The second part of the truck body - the dump part of the machine - can be replaced with a water tank. This water tank is commonly used to spray water into the air on site to weigh down dust particles. Construction in deserts, during hot summer months or on a dusty site with no rain can benefit from an artificial shower. The water can trap dust particles and weigh them down. These spray-downs can also reduce the amount of dust being kicked up by other machines on a construction site and help to loosen up overly-dry ground. Dust can be a health hazard for construction workers so this practice is less common but can be helpful in specific situations. 

Projects that Benefit from a Rock Truck

The rock truck is a very handy machine to have at heavy-duty construction jobs. Its ability to move around on rough terrain, move materials in bulk, and maneuver in tight spaces makes it a surefire way to increase productivity. Many projects can use this machine but it specializes in being used at sites that require many materials to be moved, and are working in tight spaces like a mine or quarry. Rock trucks are available for rent now, making acquiring one for your next job easy. 

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Tim Forestell
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