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John Deere tractor on a farm
John Deere tractor on a farm
Best Tractor Attachments for Landscaping: Top Picks to Boost Productivity
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Tim Forestell
May 8, 2023

Best Tractor Attachments for Landscaping: Top Picks to Enhance Your Land Management Capabilities

Tractors are the go-to piece of landscaping equipment for anyone looking to haul, plow, or prepare land. Rotary tillers, grapple buckets, and landscaping rakes are among many useful and versatile attachments that are compatible with tractors.

Each of these attachments will enhance your machine's overall functionality. However, you'll get the most out of your tractor when you choose the right attachment based on the task at hand.

Top Tractor Attachments for Landscaping

Landscape Rake

Landscape rakes are a more powerful version of a hand-held rake. When attached to your tractor, they're a little too aggressive for use on manicured lawns. They're better suited to clearing fields and trails since they efficiently rake brush, roots, small branches, and other debris with just a few passes. To approach debris piles from multiple angles, you can tilt your landscape rake for better clearing capabilities.

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Once they've cleared the space of debris, landscape rakes are great seeding preparation tools. The tines rake uniform lines into the soil that seeds can be planted in. Landscape rakes provide a final pass by clearing and leveling arable soil before planting seeds. They can also level driveways and baseball diamonds since the tines rake gravel and asphalt until the surface is refurbished.

Box Blade

Box blades are one of the most versatile tractor attachments out there. Looking like large box cutters, they have one scraping blade in the front and one in the back, both of which are encased in a metal box with one open side.

The blades scrape across the ground to spread materials like soil and gravel. They're also used for grading, leveling, and backfilling areas with material. Box blades are an important step in the soil preparation and leveling process.

Part of what makes box blades so versatile is a slight modification you can have installed on the blades. Scarifiers are metal teeth that can be attached to one of the two box blades. Within a single pass, scarifiers can break up hard, non-level ground while the second blade clears material away.

With this slight modification, the capability of a box blade increases tenfold. Because if this, box blades have multiple applications, including building pathways, grading, spreading material on plots of land or gravel driveways, leveling, and sloping material for drainage.

Rotary Tillers

Rotary tillers break up compact dirt as the tractor passes over it. On a rotary tiller, tines curled into a cylinder shape sit underneath a metal hood. That cylinder rotates while the tractor is in use, which pulverizes the earth below it.

This is a crucial step in soil preparation before planting trees and shrubs, sod, and flowerbeds. Rotary tillers are also quite maneuverable. As you drive the tractor, the rotary tiller swivels to circle around tree stumps and approach fences.

Reverse rotation tillers are another option to consider when preparing the soil. The tines on this type of tiller's cylinder rotate in the opposite direction the tractor moves in. The tines penetrate deeper into the soil while rotating in reverse, so they're best used to break up dense, compact soil.

You can find rotation tillers breaking up the soil on pastures, road edges, farms, commercial gardens, and lawns.

Grapple Bucket

Grapple buckets perform a simple but essential task: they pick stuff up and move it around. Most models look exactly like the grabbing claws inside of a claw machine. However, the design of grapple buckets differs slightly based on the material they collect. This is why there are specific grapple buckets designed for picking up rocks, lumber, and brush.

Regardless of type, grapple buckets can pick up most non-uniform shapes, including small tree trunks, hay bales, rocks, large debris, and pallets. The tines on the bucket can also clear small brush piles by stabbing into them and grabbing them. Grapple buckets are mainly used to remove debris and other material off of land prior to soil preparation.

Post Hole Digger

Post hole diggers do exactly that: dig deep, narrow holes for posts. Similar to an auger, post hole diggers are long, metal corkscrews that dig holes for fence posts and columns. To use this attachment, plot the holes where they'll be dug, place the auger over the area in a straight position, then drill the holes.

Post hole diggers are mostly used to plant trees and build fences, decks, and sheds in soft to medium-density soils. You may require an auger to penetrate soils that are denser, rocky, or contain other aggregates since post hole diggers have breakout force in comparison to augers.

Pallet Fork

There's a reason why pallet fork attachments are compatible with multiple types of heavy equipment. By attaching these two-pronged forks to your tractor, you basically turn it into an outdoor forklift.

You can use pallet forks to move pallets of packaged soil and gravel, hay bales, bricks, and any other materials. You can even lift up small machines like lawnmowers when you need to see their undercarriages.

Overall, pallet forks are very useful tractor attachments for materials transportation. They're better at lifting material, whereas grapple buckets are better at grabbing material.


Seeders, also known as spreaders, spread any coarse material that's fed through their system. The top portion of a seeder has a seed box, which stores the seeds you wish to scatter. The bottom portion is a studded metal cylinder, which digs holes into the ground as the machine passes over the soil.

Once the tractor starts, seeds will shoot out of the seed box and land in the holes. Although seeders are used mostly for soil preparation and planting, they can also scatter fertilizer and salt when required.

How to Choose the Right Tractor Attachments for Your Landscaping Needs

Each tractor attachment performs a unique function. However, some will be more applicable than others to your landscaping needs. Here are a few considerations to run through before selecting an attachment.

Assess Your Project Requirements: Identify the tasks and challenges of your specific landscaping projects. These include space restrictions on site like fitting through gateways and fences, the type of terrain, the task you need to complete, specs, and seasonal factors.

Consider Your Tractor's Compatibility: The attachments you choose need to be compatible with your tractor's specifications. Larger tractor models will require larger attachments and your tractor's hitch needs to be compatible with the attachment you plan to use. In general, the attachment needs to fit the tractor and the tractor needs to fit the job site.

Evaluate Rental Options: Explore rental options through platforms like DOZR to access a wide range of tractors suitable for various attachments and landscaping tasks. DOZR's online rental equipment marketplace aggregates equipment rentals from various suppliers, so you can compare rates and book your rental all in the same place.

Tractor Attachments Summarized

From seeders to box blades, each of the tractor attachments listed above performs key landscaping maintenance tasks. To get the most out of your tractor and attachment choice, look at the job's requirements and each attachment's main function when choosing between your options.

Check out DOZR's rental equipment marketplace for tractor rentals and their compatible attachments!

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