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Foreman on his phone on a construction site
Foreman on his phone on a construction site
The Top 25 Construction Industry Influencers
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Tim Forestell
November 3. 2022

The Top 25 Construction Industry Influencers

There is a multitude of construction-related profiles, pages, and channels that are amassing followers online. Recently, Taylor White, the Head of Marketing at Ken White Construction, joined DOZR CEO Kevin Forestell on the Building Builders podcast to talk about the importance of social media marketing for construction companies.

That conversation inspired us to put together a list of 25 men and women in construction who are in influencing the industry. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own construction social media page, get business insights, or just trying to fill your feed with more content from the industry you love, look no further. Here's the list of the 25 top social media influencers in construction that you should check out online.

Matt Panella

MattBangsWood Instagram

Matt shared with DOZR that he started on social media to contribute to the industry and help others learn to build. Going on five years of being active online, he's yet to deviate from that goal.

"I want to leave a positive impact on this industry and know that I contributed as much as I could".

Now having accumulated over 100 million views across social media platforms, his content has been implemented in construction classrooms in high schools and colleges across the US. His team is also in the process of adding a Spanish option to every video for those facing a language barrier.

  • 276k YouTube subscribers: MattBangsWood
  • 92.5k TikTok followers: @mattbangswood
  • 45.7k Instagram followers: @mattbangswood
  • Podcast: Bred to Build

Listen and watch our interview with Matt Panella from the Building Builders podcast.

Kyle Stumpenhorst

Kyle focuses on letting his passion dictate his path, not the money. He specializes in custom post frame structures but wants the content he posts online to reflect the projects he's genuinely excited about.

A large goal of his is to educate his customers on the competitive advantages his business provided over the competition. He truly loves what he does, wants to share it with the world, and has amassed quite a following while doing just that. Social media has since become a staple for his company, driving significant income as consumers see the quality of their work and the passion he has for delivering a great product to his clients.

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As we heard from Kyle, "[using social media] was never about the potential income ... but now it's a large part of my business".

  • 1.8M TikTok followers: @rrbuildings
  • 1.1M YouTube subscribers: RR Buildings
  • 521k Instagram followers: @rrbuildings

Aaron Witt

Aaron is the CEO, or as he puts it "Chief Dirt Nerd", of BuildWitt, a marketing company in the construction industry. He founded his business in 2018 with the mission of making the Dirt World a better place, quitting his job and travelling around the country to photograph job sites and help others in construction with their advertising.

  • 470k TikTok followers: @aaron_witt
  • 252k Instagram followers: @aaronwitt
  • 90.8k YouTube subscribers: Aaron Witt

Matt Risinger

Matt Risinger Instagram

As the CEO and chief builder of Risinger Build in Austin, Texas, Matt has built a substantial social media following. Approaching one million subscribers on YouTube, his content explores the art behind building science, quality craftsmanship, and which tech to consider for construction projects.

  • 1M YouTube subscribers: Matt Risinger
  • 187k Instagram followers: @risingerbuild
  • 110.4k TikTok followers: @risingerbuild
  • Podcast: The Build Show

Rachel Metz

With the bulk of her audience on YouTube, Rachel focuses on showing off her DIY and home renovation projects. Looking to add some inspiration to your feed for room or patio makeovers, home renovations, and more? Subscribe to Rachel's YouTube channel as she shares complete project overviews and walkthroughs that are sure to fill your mind with new ideas.

  • 617k YouTube subscribers: Living to DIY with Rachel Metz
  • 45.9k TikTok followers: @rachel__metz
  • 26.1k Instagram followers: @rachel_metz

Carpentry by Mar

Based out of Chicago, Mar posts content with carpentry tips, tutorials, and methods that any level of woodworker can use to improve their skills. On his YouTube channel you'll find "How-to" videos that can help you with the installation of doors, windows, and baseboards.

  • 626k Instagram followers: @carpentry_bymar
  • 361.5k TikTok followers: @carpentry_bymar
  • 15.6k YouTube subscribers: Carpentry By Mar

Michelle Hands

When Michelle posted a picture on Instagram of her 8-months pregnant on the job site, she received a magnitude of attention she never imagined. In this now-famous picture, her bare belly read "I'm building two projects at once".

Michelle's intention was never to gain the same that she did from the post, but found herself in an excellent position to promote women in construction. She hopes to expose young girls to jobs in construction so that they know about the opportunities available to them.

"I try to convey to women that if I can do it, they can do it too. They shouldn't be afraid to try".

Sarah Listi

Sarah Listi ToolGirlsGarage Instagram

The co-host of Murder House Flip, Sarah's Instagram and TikTok accounts provide her followers with a wide variety of content. Filling your feed with tool reviews, woodworking videos, and renovation projects, Sarah is a great follow for any contractor.

  • 116k Instagram followers: @toolgirlsgarage
  • 23.9k TikTok followers: @toolsgirlsgarage

Paul Lemiski

A company that designs and builds custom wooden furniture, Canadian Woodworks has built a substantial following by showing off their work and teaching others about the art of woodworking. Heavily influenced by woodworkers Sam Maloof, Hal Taylor, and Scott Morrison, Paul's goal is to be recognized as a skilled craftsman and for his furniture to stand the test of time, being passed on to future generations. Following him will fill your feed with plenty of incredible designs you won't believe are handmade.

  • 398k Instagram followers: @canadianwoodworks
  • 201.2k TikTok followers: @canadianwoodworks
  • 42.2k YouTube subscribers: Canadian Woodworks

Nick Schiffer

Operating out of Boston, Massachusetts, Nick is the founder of NS Builders and has built up quite a following for his company through social media. The focus of his business is on custom homebuilding, remodeling, and fine craftsmanship, but that's not all you'll find on his social media.

Nick walks his followers through how they complete their projects and why they use the methods they do. They also answer consumers' questions and advise the best way to design your home.

After establishing the business in 2014, Nick has grown the company to one of the most well-renowned home builders in the area and has followers across North America.

Murray Kruger

Murray Kruger Construction Instagram

Based in Saskatchewan, Canada, Murray Kruger is the founder of Kruger Construction and one of the most widely followed influencers appearing on this list. His posts are generally short and to the point, featuring helpful educational content or product reviews.

Following his channels is an excellent way to learn more about tools, renovations, and methods of construction. His company prides itself on quality workmanship and that only becomes more obvious the more of his content you see.

  • 1M Instagram followers: @krugerconstruction
  • 602.6k TikTok followers: @krugerconstruction
  • 148k YouTube subscribers: Kruger Construction

Brad Leavitt

Working in the commercial, residential, and retail industries, Brad Leavitt of AFT Construction provides excellent content for business owners. You'll find advice on marketing, team building, customer service, and industry best practices on his profiles to help kickstart your company.

You'll also see posts of beautiful, modern homes and educational content on some important how-tos of construction that can inspire you with new ideas.

  • 144k Instagram followers: @aft_construction
  • 20.9k TikTok followers: @aft_construction
  • 4.05k YouTube subscribers: AFT Construction

Zack Dettmore

Based out of New Jersey and specializing in bathroom and kitchen renovations, Zack has extensive industry knowledge. Constantly posting helpful tips and tricks on his Instagram page, he's always trying to help his followers level up their projects.

On his YouTube channel, he provides his subscribers with tool reviews, project checklists, budgeting tips, and things you should watch out for on the job site. A great follow, Zack is one of the more helpful and educational influencers on this list.

  • 97.1k Instagram followers: @dettmore101
  • 11.2k TikTok followers: @dettmore101
  • 7.04k YouTube subscribers: Dettmore101

Bryan Baeumler

The host of the popular HGTV show "Island of Bryan", Bryan Baeumler is also an active social media user. Often posting about his family and team (and oh yeah, occasionally DOZR as well), he is widely known across North America for his ability to perform incredible renovations on seemingly any home, hotel, or resort. Follow himself, his wife, and his kids down to the Bahamas while they continue their renovations of the Caerula Mar Club in the fourth season of his show.

  • 297k Instagram followers: @bryanbaeumler
  • Host of the show "Island of Bryan" on HGTV

Mary Katherine Harbin

Joining Michelle Hands as one of the only two women on this list without extensive social media followings, Mary became well-known when she built an all-female paving crew. Recognizing the scarcity of women in the industry, she thought "If I can ... run a paver ... anybody can do this".

With her guidance, Maymead began actively recruiting women into the workforce and thought an excellent way to do this would be to make their newest crew consist of only women. This way the new female employees could be trained in a more friendly and unique environment.

While the crew has had great success, Maymead has no intention of forming more all-female crews. Mary simply wanted to take a step towards integrating her company and the construction industry together in a more progressive way.

  • Built an all-female paving crew
  • Heads up foothills division of Maymead Inc. in Tennessee
  • Has spent her entire career in the family construction business

Chip and Joanna Gaines

A builder married to an interior designer, Chip and Joanna Gaines have hosted many versions of the HGTV show "Fixer Upper". Currently working on a castle, they tackle challenging problems with the infrastructure while preserving its innate beauty.

  • 18.7M combined Instagram followers: @chipgains and @joannagaines
  • 24k TikTok followers: @joannagaines
  • Hosts of "Fixer Upper" on HGTV

Kate Campbell

Yet another HGTV personality, Kate has been featured on hit shows including "Decked Out" and "Disaster Decks" contributing to building creative and unique decks. A Canadian contractor, her content will take you through how to do many of the projects she works on from DIY gardening stations to home renovations.

She's a self-proclaimed advocate for women in the trades and a real estate investor, and she doesn't shy away from sharing her personal life and expert knowledge on social media, making her a great follow for anyone in the industry.

  • 58.6k Instagram followers: @katebuilds
  • 1.87k TikTok followers: @kate__builds
  • HGTV personality

Danny Wang

Both a designer and builder, Danny Wang Design is all about making your house look amazing. Within their content you'll find many before and afters and house/yard transformations. Following them on TikTok or Instagram will fill your feed with some of the most spectacular renovations you've ever seen, and have you wishing that they would do some work on your property.

  • 2.3M TikTok followers: @dannywangdesign
  • 858k Instagram followers: @dannywangdesign
  • 4.63k YouTube subscribers: Danny Wang Design

Scott McGillivray

A Canadian TV host, investor, entrepreneur, and author, Scott McGillivray is one of the most well-known personalities on HGTV. On his Instagram profile, you'll find pictures of projects and home safety tips, right alongside pictures of his wife and kids.

While you'll have to wait until 2023 to watch "Renovation Resort", you can watch his other shows right now across platforms like Crave TV, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

  • 291k Instagram followers: @scott_mcgillivray
  • Has been featured in seven TV shows
  • Will be on "Renovation Resort" with Bryan Baeumler in Spring 2023

Taylor White

The Head of Marketing of Ken White Construction, Taylor runs the social media profiles for the company. His content includes equipment reviews, answers to follower comments/questions, and going behind-the-scenes with his team.

Tune in to the Building Builders to hear Taylor talk more about his approach to digital marketing on social media and its vitality to his company.

  • 92k TikTok followers: @kwc2000
  • 78.5k YouTube subscribers: Ken White Construction
  • 31.7k Instagram followers: @kwc2000

Jason and Gretchen Black

artisansignaturehomes Instagram

Another duo joining the list, Jason and Gretchen Black are a construction power couple. A perfect match, Jason - the co-founder of Artisan Signature Homes - is a custom home builder while his wife Gretchen is an interior designer.

Leaving a career in corporate finance, Jason discovered a passion for building high-quality custom homes, and his work is only bolstered by the incredible designs of his wife on the interior.

  • 181.5k combined Instagram followers: @artisansignaturehomes and @gretchenblack
  • 20.6k combined TikTok followers: @artisansignaturehomes and @gretchenblack
  • 4.6k YouTube subscribers: Building a Better South

Skip Bedell

Skip is a home improvement contractor in New York and co-host of "Catch a Contractor", a featured NBC show. The owner of Big Dog Building and Remodeling, Skip and his team specialize in all aspects of interior and exterior home renovations. Skip loves completing the dreams of homeowners and you can often catch him on the "FOX & Friends" morning show on the Fox News network.

  • 7.7k Instagram followers: @skipbedell
  • 2.39k YouTube subscribers: Skip Bedell
  • Host of Spike TV's "Catch a Contractor"

Missy Guerrero Scherber

A mom of four, Missy still finds the time to run two businesses with her co-owner and husband Trevor. On her Instagram, she posts business updates and job site photos, as well as highlights the members of her team.

Another strong advocate of women in construction, Missy is paving the way for young women behind her to get into the industry and has been featured on the "Women in Construction Leadership" podcast.

  • 23.4k Instagram followers: @missyscherber
  • Owner of two businesses (Big Machine Hustle and Scherber Roll-Offs & Hauling)
  • Contractor of the year finalist

Brendan O'Sullivan

A second-generation carpenter and general contractor, Brendan founded Keystone Home Remodeling in the Greater Philadelphia Area with a focus on kitchen and bathroom renovations. Much of his content is showing off the work done by his team and anyone who follows him will clearly see their mission of delivering the highest quality product and experience to their customers.


Just as his username says, Omar is just a construction guy. Your average construction worker from Austin, Texas, Omar posts tips and tricks on both Instagram and TikTok. Though the account may be for a marketing purpose (run by a coffee shop owner), Omar is still a real guy that provides comedic and helpful content to his followers.

  • 360k Instagram followers: @justaconstructionguy
  • 229.7k TikTok followers: @justaconstructionguy
  • Last name: unknown

One More...


All of these influencers are more than worthy of a follow, but don't forget to check us out online as well! You can find us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, as well as tuning into our newly launched podcast. Whether you're looking for insight on equipment, business, or even looking to rent with us, we'd love to connect with you on social media.

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