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Two men working on the bed of a pickup truck
Two men working on the bed of a pickup truck
The Truck: Everything You Need To Know
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Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
April 7, 2020

The Truck: Everything You Need To Know

Construction workers working on truck

There are many different kinds of trucks that come in handy for construction, agriculture and landscaping.

The pickup truck is a powerful vehicle that can be used in construction, landscaping and agriculture. Most pickup trucks feature a four-wheel-drive capability that makes it ideal for travelling over uneven terrain. The open bed of a pickup truck allows for transporting material without needing to use a large piece of heavy machinery. The strong motor on a truck also allows it to be used to haul trailers.

Trucks with a dump body are useful in moving loose debris and soil while cargo vans can help contractors move smaller hand tools and equipment from site to site. Not typically considered to be a piece of “construction” equipment, trucks are a staple for any labour project.

pickup truck

Common Uses of Trucks

Different trucks have different uses. Pickup trucks are great for moving and hauling materials and trailers while cargo and cube vans give tradespeople a sheltered place to work if needed. Larger trucks like the 26’ 5-ton truck are made to haul materials and goods. It may be better suited for manufacturing or supply shipping as opposed to construction or agriculture industries. 

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The most basic function, however, of a truck is to drive and move materials and goods. More specifically, drive and more materials on public roads.

cube truck
Image borrowed from John Deere

Choosing the Right Truck for the Job

Searching for a “truck” on DOZR pulls up rental prices for a variety of truck types and sizes.

The truck types available for rent on DOZR include:

  • ½ ton pick-up truck
  • ¾ ton pick-up truck
  • 1-ton pick-up truck 
  • 2-ton pick-up truck with dump body
  • Cargo van
  • 16’ cube truck
  • 10’ truck 3 ton
  • 26’ truck 5 ton

Trucks are mainly used to move and haul materials, goods, products, dirt, soil, or rocks either to and from a site or around a site. They are public road-friendly and, with proper securing of materials, can be a helpful vehicle for bringing material from off-site to the project location. 

A pick-up trucks is a popular choice for construction workers and construction sites. Its powerful engines can be used to tow trailers and can easily maneuver dusty and muddy construction sites. Large open tuck beds can be used to move tools and materials to and from the site.

Most pick-up trucks have a four-wheel ability which makes them helpful for driving around unfinished construction sites with uneven or rough terrain. Landscapers can also use trucks to move in plants and other landscaping materials while electricians can use the space to move wires and tools.

pickup truck in florida

The Top Three Makes and Models of Trucks

There are three main manufacturers of trucks that are widely recognized for their power and hauling abilities: Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet


Ford Motor Company is an American car company founded by Henry Ford in 1903. The company remained a privately owned company – between the Ford family and investors – until 1956 when the first public sale of common stock was offered. Ford manufactures passenger cars and trucks as well as tractors. 

Henry Ford is known for conceptualizing the world’s first automated assembly line for cars in 1913. In 1914 he was the first to introduce a $5 a day wage for an eight-hour day. At the time the average was $2.34 for a nine-hour day.

original ford truck
A Model A – Chassis #30 – car: the oldest model of Ford car to be built. Image borrowed fromHemmings.

Over the years Ford grew absorbed a number of other car companies. In 1989 they acquired Jaguar shortly followed by Aston Martin in 1993. Hertz Corporation of car rentals followed a year later as well as Land Rover and Volvo. This profitability, however, was short-lived and the company sold the rights to Auton Martin, Land Rover and Jaguar by the end of 2008. 

The top-selling ford series of all time is the Ford F-Series. The very first F150 was introduced to the American people in 1948. The first generation of this series debuted from 1948 – 1952. A variety of sizes, the ½ ton F-1 pick-up truck and the cab-over F-8 represented the beginning of the Ford Truck Dynasty.

ford pickup
A Ford F150 from 1948. Image borrowed fromCNN Business.

The second generation took off in the following three years from 53’ – 66’. The Ford F-1 became the Ford F-100, F-2 and F-3 into the F-250 and the F-4 into the F-350. This marked the start of the commercial-truck spin-off; Heavy-duty trucks started being introduced with an assortment of “comfort” qualities like armrests, an optional automatic transmission and sun visors. 

It wasn’t until the fifth generation (1967-1972) that the truck started taking the same shape that would continue on to today. The fifth-generation F-150 featured the iconic FORD logo across the front of the hood. 

ford pckup truck

2019 is the thirteenth generation of Ford pick-up trucks. Still being called the Ford F-150, the classic truck now features a ½ ton diesel engine option, heavy-duty towing capabilities, military-grade aluminum-alloy cab and beds and a payload of up to 3,270 lbs. 

Ford was the inventor of the pick-up truck and continues to be a well known and respected brand by North Americans everywhere.

ford truck


Horace and John Dodge were two brothers who in 1900, founded the Dodge Brothers Company to sell bicycles. It took only two years for the brothers to become known as a seller of vehicle engines, transmissions and axles. Their reputation grew quickly and ferociously and was respected even though the company itself was quite young.  

Originally Dodge Brothers Company started by making engines and chassis for the Ford Motor Company as well as Olds Motor Vehicle Company. This inspired the two brothers to start playing with car manufacturing themselves. The very first car model from Dodge was introduced on November 14, 1914. It was called Model 30.

dodge truck
Image borrowed from the Fit My Car.

By the end of that same year, the company had manufactured almost 250 vehicles. Two years later Dodge was ranked second in overall sales of American cars. There were outsold only by Ford. 

After the death of the brothers, the success of the company slowed. Ownership passed down to Read & Co and then Chrysler. The company entered into a deal with the Graham Brothers and began building trucks. Over the next ten years, sales from dodge wavered and the company decided to focus on building reliable, safer and more efficient vehicles. Chrysler LLC continued as the parent company through all of this. 

In 1935 Dodge started selling ¾ ton and 1-ton trucks using the Chrysler engine instead of the Dodge engine. No truck, however, became such a success as The Dodge Ram.


First introduced in 1981 the Dodge Ram was created to be a lighter truck. Due to its continued popularity, the company has expanded the Dodge Ram into heavier models. In 1993 a huge upgrade came to the engine, with new manifolds, a higher compression cylinder and a heavy-duty overdrive automatic transmission. 

The fourth-generation arrived in 2009 with a continual drive to keep up with industry standards. The Dodge Ram was introduced with new suspension, four-door cabs, and a few other bells and whistles to keep the brand relevant. In 2010 the Ram broke away from Chrysler and began to take on its own brand.

ram truck
Image borrowed from Equipment World.

Since the separation of Ram trucks from the rest of Chrysler, the truck has grown in popularity and strength. Today Ram trucks are sold all over the world. It has started another new chapter as a young truck looking to build up the brand on its own. It is a strong truck and is growing in popularity around the world.


In 1911 William Durant founded Chevrolet Motor Company. Durant had a partnership with Louis Chevrolet – a recognized race car driver and the namesake of Chevrolet Motors. Four years after Chevrolet was founded, the partners split and Durant purchased Louis’ stock in the company and moved forward with the company under the Chevrolet name.

old chevy pickup truck
Image borrowed fromHemmings..

Over the years Chevy developed a number of different models of trucks. In 1947 the trucks were fitted with a horizontal grille up the sides of the truck bed which became synonymous with the Chevy name. The Chevy C10 and C/K Series came out in the ’60s and soon became some of the most popular Chevy trucks.

That is until 1999 with the introduction of the Chevy Silverado. The Silverado is available in body heavy and light-duty design. The 1999 Silverado features a 270 hp engine and 320 lb/ft torque. Third generation Silverados were introduced in 2013 and they continue to be updated with new design features, more powerful engines and higher torque power. 2018 marked the 100 year anniversary since the first Chevrolet truck was introduced to the world.

Today, Chevy remains a well known and respected name in the pick-up truck industry.

construction worker pickup truck
Image borrowed from Prince Auto..

Potential Hazards & Safety Protocols for Trucks

Trucks should be treated with the same care as any other vehicle or equipment type. The interesting thing about trucks versus other heavy equipment is that trucks mirror passenger vehicles more than it does commercial equipment. For this reason, the safety hazards are ones that anyone and everyone should be more aware of.

Always wear a seatbelt when driving a truck. Circle check the truck to make sure that all brake lights, signals and running lights are fully functional. Always adjust mirrors and check blind spots.

If a truck is not fitted with a reverse signal, use the double-honk system to warn people before backing up. If operating a truck with a dump truck body, operate the dump with care and check the dumping area for debris before unloading.

Be mindful when lowering the bucket to ensure that there is nothing to interfere with the hydraulic method.

pickup safety standards

Since trucks are mainly used for transporting goods and materials an important safety consideration is body mechanics when lifting and moving material. When lifting and moving:

  • Always lift with the legs and not the back
  • Ask for help if a load is too heavy to lift alone
  • Twist on the balls of the feet and do not twist the back to move material
  • Avoid pulling or pushing at an angle to protect your back and shoulders from injury
  • Follow road signs and adjust driving speeds depending on the truck load

The History of the Trucks

The term “pick-up” refers to the truck’s ability to haul and move heavy loads. 

The closest vehicle to the modern pick-up truck was designed by the Galion Allsteel Body Company who would install hauling boxes on the Ford Model T Chassis in 1913. Dodge came out with a ¾ ton pick-up which was entirely made of wood in 2014.

The very first popular pick-up truck was the Ford Model T Runabout which had a pick-up body. It was made of steel and featured an adjustable tailgate and heavy-duty rear springs. The Model T Runabout was factory produced in 1925.

Image borrowed from theVolvo Cars Museum.

Today the pick-up truck is mainly used as a passenger car and makes up about 18% of vehicle sales in North America.

The Truck: FAQ

Can a pick-up truck tow a car?

With the proper equipment, a pick-up truck can tow a car.

Can a truck carry a pallet of sod or a couch?

Trucks with a flatbed, trailer, or cargo hold are capable of transporting almost anything including a pallet of sod or a couch. It is important to judge the load capabilities depending on the weight restrictions of the truck.

Can I rent a truck?

Yes, trucks can be rented. All different sizes and types of trucks are available for rent on DOZR. From cube vans to pick-up trucks, the right truck for the job is available with various pricing options.

How long can I rent a truck for?

Truck rentals are available on DOZR by the day, week or month. Trucks can be rented for as long as it is needed. Search for truck rentals on DOZR to get access to 24/7 rental services and same-day delivery.

How much does it cost to rent a truck?

The cost to rent a truck varies depending on the length and location of a rental as well as the supplier of the rental truck. DOZR offers a credit account option to help make rentals affordable.

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