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soil roller compacting dirt
soil roller compacting dirt
The Ultimate Soil Compactor Spec Guide
6 minute read
Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
March 7, 2023

The Ultimate Soil Compactor Spec Guide

Used for setting the base and foundation for every construction project, soil compactors are an important piece of heavy equipment. One of the most valuable machines for compaction, these rollers flatten and compact the soil below it, increasing its load-bearing capacity and stability. Why soil compactors are composed of both padfoot and smooth-drum options, this spec guide will focus solely on smooth drum rollers.

In this guide, we'll define the three main specs used to evaluate soil compactor performance and provide smooth drum roller specs for the top seven manufacturers' models.

Soil Compactor Specs Overview

Drum width, maximum operating weight, and horsepower are the three main specs relevant to soil compactors.

All soil compactors have a metal drum that compacts material as it rolls. Drum width refers to the width of the drum equipped. Machines with larger drum widths can compact more area in fewer passes, which saves you time and money on site. You may also consider drum width when compacting in areas with limited space. This could include whether you're compacting soil on projects like residential homes and driveways or working on interstate and land development. The amount of space will impact the size of the drum.

Maximum operating weight refers to the weight of the soil compactor including the fuel, operator, and attachments. Generally, heavier machines exert more force onto the surface. They also tend to have wider drum widths. So, compactors with higher operating weights and bigger drums are better equipped for larger projects. Operating weight and compaction material should be considered together as some materials can't withstand the force exerted by heavier machines.

soil compactor
Smooth Drum Soil Compactor 

The horsepower spec measures the amount of power a machine's engine can generate. Horsepower determines the force of compaction and affects a roller's capabilities. Soil compactor models generally range from 45 to 215 HP.

Soil Compactor Brand and Specs

When you have a general idea of what the three soil compactor specs will look like for your project, you can compare the capabilities and specs of Ammann, BOMAG, CAT, CASE, Hamm, Sakai America, and Volvo soil compactor models.

Skip ahead to view each brand's 54", 66", and 84'' smooth drum roller specs:

Ammann Soil Compactor Specs

Ammann specializes in soil and asphalt roller production. Their two top models, the ARS 200 and the ARS 220, have 215 HP, which is the most powerful among manufacturers.

Out of Ammann's nine models, six of them have 83.9'' drum widths. All six models have different horsepower and operating weight specs, which range from 134 to 215 and 23,940 to 48,530, respectively. This ensures that Ammann models serve a variety of jobs whilst providing the largest drum width possible. So, regardless of size, every model can compact dirt with fewer passes.

ammann smooth roller
Ammann Smooth Drum Soil Compactor 

Innovative compaction technology, efficient equipment design, and biofuel use are additional bonuses found on Amman soil compactors. Overall, they're well-equipped to handle projects and materials that require various degrees of compaction.

Ammann Single Drum Roller Specs

Amman Soil Compactor Specs and Sizes
ModelDrum WidthOperating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)
Ammann ARS 3047"7,67058
Ammann ARS 5055"9,18258
Ammann ARS 7066"14,31075
Ammann ARS 11084"23,940134
Ammann ARS 13084"27,730134
Ammann ARS 15084"32,720154
Ammann ARS 17084"36,020154
Ammann ARS 20084"43,540215
Ammann ARS 22084"48,530215

BOMAG Soil Compactor Specs

BOMAG is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of compaction equipment. As the largest provider of single drum rollers, they're quite the specialists.

BOMAG offers 18 single drum rollers that fall into an impressive range of 7,165 to 57,056 lbs. Their extensive collection alone indicates that BOMAG compactors are fit for any size project and have a wide variety of products across every size.

Many of BOMAG's models come with an 84'' drum, ensuring that all of their machines can compact large sections of soil in one pass. They're also one of the only manufacturers who have three models, the BW 177 D-5, BW 177 DH-5, and the BW 177 BVC-5, with a 66.5'' drum. For compaction sites located in areas with restricted machine dimensions like trenches, BOMAG has the best selection of 66.5'' drum width models fit for work in these areas.

All 18 of BOMAG'S rollers are easy to operate. They have a variety of unique operation controls, including ECOMODE for fuel efficiency and BOMAG Telematics for equipment monitoring.

BOMAG Single Drum Roller Specs

BOMAG Soil Compactor Specs and Sizes
ModelDrum WidthOperating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)
BOMAG BW 124 DH-547"7,16545.6
BOMAG BW 145 D-556"10,47274
BOMAG BW 145 DH-556"10,62674
BOMAG BW 177 D-566"14,55174
BOMAG BW 177 DH-566"14,77174
BOMAG BW 177 BVC-566"15,43274
BOMAG BW 211 D-584"23,369127
BOMAG BW 211 D-5 SL84"23,435131
BOMAG BW 211 DH-584"24,008127
BOMAG BW 213 D-5 SL84"27,492134
BOMAG BW 213 DH-584"28,043154
BOMAG BW 213 BVC-584"30,468154
BOMAG BW 216 DH-584"35,274154
BOMAG BW 219 DH-584"42,770201
BOMAG BW 219 BCC-584"44,754201
BOMAG BW 226 DH-584"55,116201
BOMAG BW 226 DI-584"55,667201
BOMAG BW 226 BVC-584"57,056201

CAT Soil Compactor Specs

CAT offers 11 single drum rollers, most of which have 84'' drum widths. All of their models, but particularly the smaller ones weighing between 9,000 and 16,000 lbs, have high horsepower specs for their size. CAT's smallest model, the CS 34, has 74 HP. It's the only model at that size with more than 70 horsepower as other rollers brands in the same size category have 60 HP or lower.

CAT's other vibratory rollers have horsepower values ranging from 100 to 173. So, they'll perform well on projects of many sizes, as all models of various sizes are very powerful. Offering substantial power with 84'' drum widths ensures that CAT models can harness engine power to compact wide areas of dirt in less time.

cat smooth roller
CAT CS-563D Smooth Drum Soil Compactor 

Smaller CAT rollers like the CS 34 have machine widths as small as 4'6''. These are ideal for compacting material in tighter compaction sites.

CAT single drum rollers are a great option for multiple projects. However, their models are well-designed for smaller projects that require lots of power built into a compact machine.

Caterpillar Vibratory Soil Compactor Specs

CAT Soil Compactor Specs and Sizes
ModelDrum WidthOperating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)
CAT CS3450"9,79974
CAT CS44B66"15,895100
CAT CS10 GC84"23,136120
CAT CS54B84"23,265131
CAT CS11 GC84"24,775120
CAT CS56B84"25,346157
CAT CS64B84"26,569131
CAT CS12 GC84"27,900120
CAT CS68B84"31,572157
CAT CS74B84"35,624174
CAT CS78B84"41,241174

CASE Soil Compactor Specs

Even though CASE only has five single drum rollers, they're very capable machines. CASE is known for its industry-leading centrifugal force, which is defined as the force imposed on an object while it's in rotation. The higher the centrifugal force, the greater the compaction power.

CASE's SV207 is the smallest of the five rollers. It has a centrifugal force that ranges from 14,387- 29,450 lbs. Whereas the largest model, the SV217E, has a maximum centrifugal force of 74,861 lbs.

Four of the five models have 83.9'' drum widths, so you can choose the best centrifugal force and horsepower for your job site without forgoing drum width size. These compactors are also very powerful and suited to compacting rough soil, as all four models are over 134 HP.

The centrifugal force and engine capabilities of CASE rollers ensure that they're a great option for compaction on rugged job sites.

CASE Single Drum Roller Specs

CASE Soil Compactor Specs and Sizes
ModelDrum WidthOperating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)
CASE SV20766"15,40075
CASE SV211E84"25,630134
CASE SV213E84"27,730134
CASE SV215E84"33,420154
CASE SV217E84"36,500154

HAMM Soil Compactor Specs

HAMM is another soil compaction expert. They offer 12 single drum rollers, which is the 2nd largest portfolio behind BOMAG.

HAMM is one of only two brands that provide more than one model in the 66.1'' drum width category. Their smallest model, the HC 50i, has a drum width of 53.9''. If you're looking for small drum width availability, HAMM is a great brand to start with.

hamm soil compactor
Hamm Smooth Drum Soil Compactor 

HAMM also caters to the larger side of compaction capabilities. They're tied with Ammann for the industry leader spot in horsepower. HAMM's four largest models, the 180i, 200i, 250i C, and 250i C R, all have 214.7 HP. Whereas Ammann only has two 215 HP models, HAMM is your best bet for larger job sites that require serious compaction and horsepower.

HAMM Single Drum Roller Specs

HAMM Soil Compactor Specs and Sizes
ModelDrum WidthOperating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)
HAMM HC 50i54"11,45574
HAMM HC 70i66"15,56774
HAMM HC 70i VIO66"14,91774
HAMM HC 100i84"26,548114
HAMM HC 120i84"27,077114
HAMM HC 130i84"29,128160
HAMM HC 140i84"31,300160
HAMM HC 160i84"36,140160
HAMM HC 180i84"38,325214
HAMM HC 200i84"42,424214
HAMM HC 250i C84"53,063214
HAMM HC 250i C R84"53,515214

Sakai American Soil Compactor Specs

Sakai America has four soil rollers. They're the only brand offering two models with 54'' drum widths. The SV204D and SV204TF are both 73 HP models. However, the former weighs 10,305 lbs and the latter weighs 12,070 lbs. The SV204D is a great option if you're compacting material that can't handle the additional weight.

Compared to other brands, Sakai's models are lower in horsepower. The majority of models are 73 or 74 HP, while the highest available model only has 130 HP. If this range suffices for your project, then Sakai models will meet your needs on-site.

Sakai soil compactors also have solid gradeability specs. The SV204D has 52% gradeability, while the largest 500-Series model, the SV544, has 63% gradeability. Overall, Sakai America soil compactors are great options for smaller, rough terrain projects.

Sakai Single Drum Roller Specs

Sakai Soil Compactor Specs and Sizes
ModelDrum WidthOperating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)
Sakai SV204D54"10,30573
Sakai SV204TF54"12,07073
Sakai SV414D67"15,76574
Sakai SV54484"24,450130

Volvo Soil Compactor Specs

Volvo has three soil compactors, one for each standard drum width size: 54, 66, and 84 inches. Although Volvo specializes in asphalt rollers, their models are reliable machines with great compaction capabilities.

Volvo's largest model, the SD115B, has surprisingly high horsepower for its size. The SD115B is a 147.5 HP model, which is more powerful than other models in the 25,000-pound range.

Volvo Single Drum Roller Specs

Volvo Soil Compactor Specs and Sizes
ModelDrum WidthOperating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)
Volvo SD45B54"10,91074
Volvo SD75B66"15,40075
Volvo SD115B84"25,614147

Selecting a Soil Compactor

Among all seven soil compactor manufacturers, there will be a model that will fit your job site's requirements. Comparing horsepower, drum width, and operating weight specs will ensure that you make the right choice. For your next soil compaction project, consider using DOZR to rent soil compactors!

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Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
Kevin Forestell is CEO of DOZR and one of the co-founders. Kevin first got started as an entrepreneur when he founded Forestell Landscaping right after graduating from University. His love and passion for the industry and desire to help solve an equipment problem that contractors faced every day is what brought the founding team to start DOZR. Kevin is proud of the level of efficiency brought to the industry through DOZR and hopes that DOZR will help change the standard way equipment is rented.
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