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Best Tractor Brands
The Best Tractor Brands For Contractors and Landscapers
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Tim Forestell
December 6, 2022

The Best Tractor Brands For Contractors and Landscapers

Tractors are commonly used by contractors on a wide variety of landscaping, material handling, and snow removal projects. These machines have powerful motors and are manufactured with larger wheels in the back than the front which helps them achieve maximum torque even at slower speeds. This design is what makes tractors so great for landscaping, digging, and snow removal.

While they are primarily used as agricultural machinery, there are a few popular brands of construction tractors on the market. The seven brands that appear in this piece provide excellent options for any job site, which can make it difficult to choose which manufacturer to rent from.

We've put together this blog to help guide you in determining which tractor brand might work best for you. Based on a variety of factors including strength, engine power, features, and more, we'll walk you through the best and worst aspects of each manufacturer and you can decide for yourself who makes the best compact tractor.

Compact Tractor Brands

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Case IH

With some of the best-in-industry specs in horsepower and excellent fuel efficiency, Case IH is certainly in the conversation for the best tractor brand in North America. With nine different lines of models that each provide a selection of excellent options, Case IH (not to be confused with CASE) should be top of mind when you make your tractor rental decision.

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Combining performance and productivity, these high-powered tractors are great for contractors and farmers alike. Their Farmall Series provides eight variations of equipment that are designed to be some of the best tractors for small farms. From the value-packed utility Farmall A to the deluxe utility Farmall C, these machines provide cost-effective solutions for a wide range of operations. Hard-working, heavy-duty tractors equipped with high-capacity hydraulics, they're sure to help increase your landscaping or farming productivity.

The Maxxum and Puma series range from 116-250 hp and deliver the versatility and productivity that you need. These multipurpose workhorse tractors provide increased performance and fuel efficiency to keep your operation running smoothly all day long. With greater operator comfort and convenience, owning a Case IH tractor makes long days shorter and productive days even more efficient.

With many of their most powerful machines geared toward farmers, Case IH tractors should not be overlooked when it comes to their use in the landscaping industry as well. Providing options for any project: small, medium, or large, these are easily some of the best models on the market. You can rent a Case IH tractor with DOZR today.

John Deere

Perhaps the most well-known tractor brand in North America, John Deere provides a variety of compact and utility tractors for contractors to choose from. Also offering two models of tractor loaders, the 210L and the 210L EP, they have one of the largest selections of equipment on the market.

Within their lineup of compact tractors, John Deere manufactures four individual series, labeled simply the 1, 2, 3, and 4. These series are essentially mini-backhoes as they have a loader on one side and a digger on the back.

Their two smallest models in the 1 Series have engine power reaching only 23.9 hp to go along with lift capacities up to 754 lbs. This makes them great for small-scale jobs including grading, leveling, and snow removal.

John Deere's 2 Series provide commercial landscapers with an optional heated cab, a front blade, and a rear-mounted snow blower to clear sidewalks for municipalities. These two models are attachment-friendly, and capable of being equipped with a loader, backhoe, or blade to make them perfect for landscaping projects.

The 3 and 4 Series offered by John Deere consist of 11 models spanning 24.7-65.9 hp. Capable of more intense jobs than the first two series, they are made for similar projects on a larger scale.

Reaching lift capacities of up to 2,222 lbs, these tractors are great for agriculture and construction alike. With the Tractor Selector Tool, you'll have no problem finding the best John Deere tractor for you.

John Deere's utility tractor lineup is almost as extensive as their compact models, but with significantly more power. Reaching up to 250 hp, these machines are great for municipalities and property owners so you can haul materials, remove snow, and maintain your property. With five series and 13 models, they are designed for premium performance and comfort. Reliable, powerful, and efficient, these are great choices for any contractor.

Achieving a lift capacity of well over 6,000 lbs, John Deere's two tractor loaders, the 210L EP and the 210L, are some of their most popular machines. A key reason for their popularity is versatility. When equipped with a multipurpose bucket or another attachment, you can be prepared for whatever comes your way. With customer-inspired enhancements to help maximize productivity and uptime, these tractor loaders will lower your daily operating costs while making your team more efficient and effective.


Kubota's lineup of compact tractors provides more variety than some of the top competitors in the industry. From their smallest model, the BX1880 with 16.6 hp, to their biggest tractor, the L6060 with a 62 hp engine, Kubota tractors can handle small, tough landscaping projects. Providing excellent power, comfort, and versatility for models of this size, these are great options for any small job site.

Ideal for large properties, Kubota's line of utility tractors can keep up with bigger jobs. With high visibility and easy maneuverability, these seven series including the MX, M5, and M6S, are operator friendly and support almost any job you can think of. Though not quite as capable as Kubota's line of tractor loaders, if a compact model is just too small for your project, consider renting a Kubota utility tractor.

Kubota also manufactures tractor loader backhoes, which is their line of backhoes ranging from 17.7 hp to 46 hp. With their BX TLB Series made for minor jobs to their full-sized M TLB Series, Kubota tractor loader backhoes are great small to medium-sized landscaping and earthmoving projects.

Whether you're loading, digging, backfilling, or trenching, you can count on Kubota tractor loaders to get the job done. Built to last, these machines are dependable, versatile, and easy to operate. Providing power, performance, and durability, you can also attach and detach accessories quickly, often without leaving your seat, to maximize your productivity on the construction site.

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson tractors are robust and reliable, and are excellent options for any farm or construction site. The ultimate combination of rugged ability, hard work, and durability, there's a reason why this is one of the most popular brands in the industry.

Massey Ferguson front loader

Their high horsepower front loaders, including the MF FL.4124 and the MF FL.5033, provide over 5,000 lbs in lifting capacity at full height and are great for hauling hay, dirt, or other materials around the job site. Giving operators a multi-function joystick for total control while being easy to fit with the loader and attachments, these tractors are always a hit for contractors and farmers alike.

Their product line of utility tractors is tough and dependable, with all the features you'd expect from high-end equipment. Versatile enough to handle anything you can throw at it, these models are still simple to use and intuitive. Whether you've spent years on a tractor or it's your first day, you won't run into any problems with a Massey Ferguson.

With far too many series to mention in this piece, Massey Ferguson manufactures great construction and agriculture equipment. When you use their models, you'll be getting one of the most reliable and popular tractors available in the industry. Whichever model you choose, you can't go wrong with a Massey Ferguson.

New Holland

Though only one of their models is officially listed as a construction tractor, many of their agriculturally-focused machines can be used effectively by landscaping or general contractors as well.

The U80D tractor loader is specifically designed for use on any job site. With a Tier 4 Final certified engine, this model delivers 74 horsepower in an environmentally friendly way. Providing responsive power at both bucket and hitch, the U80D is great for loading, stacking, scraping, and leveling.

This construction model is also equipped with curved-arm loader linkage which provides bucket leveling and results in less spillback. Another feature of the U80D is its excellent reach and maximum dump height which allows for easy truck loading. Great for every contractor, New Holland's tractor loader is one of the most capable models in the industry.

If you do it all, from landscaping to farming, New Holland's Boomer series might be right for you. With nine machines ranging between 35-55 hp, these tractors are free from clutter and easy to operate.

Regardless of the horsepower, transmission, or operator package you choose, you're sure to find a model that delivers exceptional power, maneuverability, and simple maintenance, making New Holland tractors a great choice for simple jobs.


With 11 different series which consist of over 20 models, Mahindra Tractors are the best-selling tractor company in the world. Founded in India, they have a growing market in North America, and for a good reason.

With the goal of creating the ultimate tractor experience, Mahindra designs their equipment with operators in mind, which is a key reason why they lead all brands in total sales. Ranging from 19.4-120 hp and reaching a peak lift capacity of 9,460 lbs, Mahindra provides quality tractors for any project.

Their smaller models, like those in the eMax, Max, and 1600 Series give you the best of both worlds. Offering compact utility and a small footprint while also providing a competitive lift capacity, these machines are great for smaller projects.

Mahindra also has medium-sized tractor models including the 2600, 3600, 4500, and 5500 series. This series helps fill the role of being used for slightly larger projects with engine capabilities ranging from 37 to 70 horsepower and lift capacity from 2,600 lbs to 4,000 lbs.

Their largest line of tractors is the 9000 series but they also have the 6000, 7000, and 8000 series. Built for those who want nothing less than the best, Mahindra tractors maximize efficiency, comfort, visibility, and maneuverability.

Mahindra tractors are also designed with deluxe features to maximize comfort and productivity on the job site. And as one of the strongest, toughest, and most durable tractor brands on the market, if you're looking for high-quality performance, you can't go wrong with a Mahindra tractor.

SAME Tractors

Although only one of their series is made for the construction industry, SAME tractors provide contractors with excellent options for many job sites. These front loaders are compatible with a wide variety of attachments and combine incredible performance with outstanding reliability. With a maximum lift height surpassing 12 feet, self-leveling functionality, and three control systems to match any application, SAME front loaders are the perfect answer to a wide range of needs.

The SAME Explorer 110 HD provides over 100 hp with a Tier 4 F engine. The power offered by this machine helps operators work efficiently and reach greater speeds when moving between sites. Capable and versatile, this is a great front loader for contractors.

When working comfort and safety are essential, SAME has you covered. With the flat arms and hydraulic system laid out along the profile of the lifter, their tractors ensure an unimpeded, clear view of the work area. The hitching system is also designed specifically for quick, safe operation, as well as simplifying the changing of implements.

SAME tractors are built with supreme quality to increase their useful life. Due to their use in construction, these machines need to be able to handle high mechanical stress and strain; which is why they manufacture their tractors from innovative materials. This significantly reduces the machine's weight and maximizes the durability of the equipment. With outstanding build quality, comfort, and performance, you can't go wrong when using a SAME front loader.


Deutz-Fahr recognizes that farmers and contractors want economical, reliable tractors that are simple and efficient to operate. That's why they design their models to be powerful machines with seamlessly functioning transmissions, maximum hydraulic capacity, and comfortable cabs. Their ergonomic control layout is operator-friendly and intuitive, making driving one of these tractors as easy as riding a bike.

Peaking at 287 hp on their 9 Series models, Deutz-Fahr engineers have developed modern, intelligent, high-powered tractors that perform efficiently. Incorporating the most innovative technologies into their designs, these machines can compete with anybody in the industry. Also incorporating a panoramic windscreen and surrounding window, operators are guaranteed some of the best-in-class visibility, making maneuvering the job site that much easier.

A unique feature of Deutz-Fahr is their crawler tractors, equipped with tracks as opposed to wheels. Designed for specialized industries such as forestry. Up to six rollers with 40 segments each distribute the weight of these machines evenly in any terrain conditions. Boasting a revolutionary new design, the center-mounted headlamps allow unimpeded access to all parts subject to maintenance.

These machines combine a modern style with supreme functionality and are part of what makes Deutz-Fahr tractors great for use on any construction site.

Renting a Tractor

Many of the manufacturers above offer similar products, which makes the smaller features that much more important. Operator comfort, fuel efficiency, ease of operation, and maneuverability are just some of the features that will impact your renting decision, and you should take an in-depth look at each model before you rent to make sure it's right for you.

Whatever size, horsepower, or lifting capacity you need from your tractor, we hope that this blog has helped you to decide which brand of tractor is right for you. Still not sure? A great option is to rent from a variety of manufacturers before making a decision about which one you like best. This allows you to get familiar with your preferences and end up with the perfect model to use for every one of your projects.

Looking to rent a tractor? Search the DOZR marketplace for models by engine power to find your next tractor rental.

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