DOZR Rental Equipment Protection

Protection you need for the equipment you rent

DOZR’s Rental Equipment Protection Plan (REP) is an easy and affordable way to protect yourself from the unforeseen. Accidents happen, and with the REP you can be confident that you have coverage for the most common issues that may occur during your rental, such as accidental damage or theft.

Who Needs It?

DOZR’s REP is for everyone renting on the DOZR platform. The plan provides comprehensive coverage including many risks that may not be included in your existing insurance policy. When covered by DOZR’s REP you avoid the pitfalls of a claim on your existing insurance policy, such as increased premiums or cancellation of coverage.

The Coverage

When you purchase Rental Equipment Protection you are not held responsible for the full replacement value of damaged or stolen equipment, and will be covered up to a maximum of $500,000. If something goes wrong, you will be responsible for up to a $3,000 deductible per occurrence.

What's Covered?

Pollutant Cleanup & Removal
Other accidental damage
Fire Damage
+ More

What's Not Covered?

Mechanical Breakdown
Damage Resulting from Abuse or Neglect
Wear & Tear
Equipment in Transit
Equipment While Underground
Loss of Use
Missing Property
Criminal Acts Committed by the Renter

The Renter responsible for the care and safekeeping of the rental equipment from the time of delivery until retrieval by the lender. The Renter agrees to use their best efforts to protect the equipment from loss, theft, or damage at all times during the rental period, and until the equipment is returned to the lender.

The Cost:

REP: 15% of your rental fee
Peace of mind: Priceless

Interested in opting out?

In order to opt-out of DOZR’s Rental Equipment Protection Plan you must have $2 million in liability insurance, rental floater insurance to cover the replacement value of the rental unit, and add DOZR to your policy as additionally insured.

To opt-out, submit your certificates of insurance with DOZR listed as additionally insured prioir to the start of the rental to with your order number in the subject line. A representative will contact you to confirm receipt and remove you from the Rental Equipment Protection Plan coverage.