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Two contractors looking over a large-scale construction project
Two contractors looking over a large-scale construction project
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10 Best Construction Bidding Websites Reviewed
6 minute read
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Tim Forestell
November 20, 2023

10 Best Construction Bidding Websites Reviewed

Construction bidding websites have transformed the game for contractors, particularly those operating on smaller and medium scales. These platforms serve as digital ways to find, discover, and bid on a multitude of projects.

These online construction bidding sites are a great tool for contractors to find more projects at varying scales and level the playing field. They also provide access to more jobs for contractors who at one point might have had limited opportunities.

The Criteria for a Top Construction Bidding Website

For small and medium-sized contractors, not all bidding websites have the same value. Many of these contractors operate with limited resources and need platforms that offer a user-friendly interface, project diversity that caters to their scale and specialties, and dependable customer support. Such features are crucial for these contractors to compete effectively and expand their project portfolio.

Below we've covered what we believe are the 10 best construction bidding websites for small and medium-sized contractors. Many contractors surveyed or prompted on public forums made these recommendations based on their opinions about contractor bidding sites.

10 Best Construction Bidding Websites

1. BidClerk

Small and medium-sized contractors benefit significantly from BidClerk's intuitive interface and its extensive project listings tailored to various contractor scales. With more than 400,000 projects listed each year, there are many jobs to choose from.

  • Pricing: While there is a free demo on their site, there are no transparent pricing options.

  • Unique Features: Extensive project listings across various states, providing contractors with diverse opportunities. User-friendly interface for easy navigation including searching by state, region, status, sector, building type, and more.

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive platform, streamlining the process of finding and bidding on projects across different geographic areas.

2. Construction Bid Source

With a focus on localized projects and a user-friendly interface, Construction Bid Source stands out for small and medium-sized contractors seeking targeted opportunities within their operational areas. Its pricing model aligns well with the budget constraints of these contractors.

  • Pricing: Affordability and flexibility in subscription plans, catering to contractors focused on local and state-level projects.

    • Free: While this plan is $0, you don't get access email notifications or bid documents.

    • Monthly: Priced at $49.95 per month, the main value add is you now have access to email notifications and bid documents.

    • Sixth Month Plan: At $270 for six months, you have access to email notifications and bid documents. It's also an additional 10% savings than paying the monthly fee.

    • Annual Plan: At $540 for twelve months, you have access to email notifications and bid documents. It's also an additional 10% savings than paying the monthly fee.

  • Unique Features: While bids and contracts are not available for every state, they specialize in localized construction bids and government contracts, offering targeted opportunities for contractors.

  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface, facilitating access to construction bids and government contracts in specific regions. However, there are not as many filtering options, making it more difficult to find the applicable projects to bid on.

3. Dodge Construction Central

Offering solutions for general contractors, subcontractors, service providers, and more, Dodge Construction Central is a great platform for many contractors. Depending on your needs, they provide contractors access to comprehensive project leads, market analytics, and diverse bidding opportunities across different geographic scales.

  • Pricing: Offers tiered subscription plans with varying features and access levels, catering to contractors' specific needs and budgets. Prices are not transparent so you will need to go through a product demo or talk to a sales representative. On their free plan, you can search for projects in North America by state, county, action stage, and project type. Advanced filters become available depending on access level.

  • Unique Features: Provide content beyond just projects that are available to bid on. This includes market trends, networking opportunities, and more.

  • Ease of Use: Robust platform with in-depth market insights, aiding contractors in identifying and bidding on projects effectively.

4. BuildingConnected

An Autodesk company, BuildingConnect streamlines the bidding process by connecting contractors with relevant project stakeholders. Working as an all-in-one software, it provides access to hundreds of thousands of subcontractors looking for projects. With analytic tools and project management tools, it also helps subcontractors access more data that can help lead to more won bids.

Essentially, BuildingConnected is a platform built for general contractors to find highly qualified subcontractors looking to bid on projects.

  • Pricing: While the pricing structures are not available on the site, the product has many features worth the investment. This includes facilitating connections between contractors, project owners, and subcontractors, bid analytics and data, and more.

  • Unique Features: Streamlined bidding process, connecting contractors with relevant project stakeholders, enhancing collaboration.

  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface, simplifying the process of finding and engaging in bidding opportunities.

5. ConstructConnect

Built for general contractors and subcontractors, ConstructConnect is built to generate more leads and business. With data available about upcoming, active, highest value, and most popular projects, ConstructConnect helps contractors stay aware of current market demands.

With tailored subscription plans catering to different regions and project scopes, ConstructConnect is one of the best bidding software available. It offers a comprehensive suite of project leads and bidding opportunities with an intuitive platform aiding contractors in identifying relevant opportunities.

  • Pricing: Tailored subscription plans catering to different regions and project scopes. Offers a comprehensive suite of project leads and bidding opportunities.

  • Unique Features: Diverse project leads and bidding opportunities, customizable to contractors' geographic focus. You can search for projects by building use which is useful for contractors that prefer to stay niche. The database includes projects from all 50 states.

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive platform with comprehensive project data, building use, and value amount, aiding contractors in identifying relevant opportunities.

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6. GovWin

Focused on government contracting opportunities, GovWin provides specialized insights into local and state-level government projects across various industries, with tailored features and industry-specific data.

  • Pricing: Focuses on government contracting opportunities; pricing models might vary based on access to specific government bids and industry data.

  • Unique Features: Specialized in government contracting opportunities at the local and state levels across various industries. Not specific to construction.

  • Ease of Use: Tailored interface for government bids, providing industry-specific insights and opportunities.

7. Bidnet

The Bidnet platform specializes in government procurement data, bids, and RFPs, offering comprehensive access to government opportunities at the local and state levels, catering specifically to the government contracting sector.

  • Pricing: Pricing structures based on government procurement data and bids, offering access to localized government opportunities.
    • Limited Subscription: $0 and is limited to member agency bids.
    • Group Agency Subscription: $9 per state per month and billed annually. Has member agency bids, real-time alerts on bids, and more search filters.
    • State and Local Subscription: $36 per state per month and billed annually. Member agency bids, real-time alerts on bids, advanced search filters, daily bid notifications, and state and local bids.
    • Federal, State, & Local Subscription: $45 per state per month and billed annually. Member agency bids, real-time alerts on bids, advanced search options, daily bid notifications, state and local bids, and federal bids
  • Unique Features: Provides comprehensive government procurement data and bids at the local and state levels. You can filter projects by state, location, date, and more.
  • Ease of Use: Specific focus on government bids, facilitating access to government procurement opportunities.

8. Local Government Websites

Many local government websites offer localized opportunities for municipalities and state governments. This includes providing tailored projects and RFPs for contractors, often at no cost, but requiring navigation across various portals based on geographic locations.

  • Pricing: Often free access for contractors, offering a direct portal for local bids and RFPs.

  • Unique Features: Localized opportunities directly from municipalities and state governments, offering tailored projects and RFPs.

  • Ease of Use: Direct access to local opportunities but might require navigating different portals based on geographic locations.

9. Procore

While primarily a project management tool, Procore also serves as a platform for managing construction project bids, but also for bid submissions. Contractors can download bid documents that are posted by Procore clients.

  • Pricing: Typically used more for project management, but provides a platform for bid submissions. Pricing might vary based on additional services utilized.

  • Unique Features: Comprehensive project management tools, collaboration features, and bid submission capabilities within the larger product offering.

  • Ease of Use: Familiar interface for managing projects, although bidding might not be the primary focus.

10. Local Builders Exchange

Marketed as networking opportunities for contractors, local Builders Exchanges are more so about building relationships than they are a bidding platform. However, many contractors swear by using these networks and relationships to start bidding on more projects.

  • Pricing: Memberships to these networking groups often have annual fees. These fees depend on the type of member you become, ranging from general members to industry affiliates to honorary members.

  • Unique Features: This process takes a relationship-building approach, rather than just bidding on projects. You can use these relationships to find work before it becomes available or create a demand for your business. Limited to areas where Builders Exchanges Network has members.

How Do Construction Bidding Websites Work?

These websites help contractors in the process of finding projects that fit within their expertise and geographic reach. They level the playing field, take out the guesswork, and help enable these contractors to compete with larger firms that might have more relationships or awareness of projects.

How to Win Bids on Construction Bidding Websites?

Success for small and medium-sized contractors on these platforms hinges on strategic approaches. Crafting compelling proposals that highlight their expertise and value, precise cost estimations, and prompt responsiveness are critical factors. These strategies allow these contractors to showcase their capabilities effectively and win bids against larger competitors.

How Much Do Construction Bidding Websites Cost?

Cost transparency is paramount for small and medium-sized contractors working within limited budgets. We've tried to share the costs for each site above but many of the websites keep their prices transparent.

Before using any site, you should understand the pricing models, subscription fees, or additional costs associated with these platforms. You won't need every website and it's best to find the one that works for your needs and specialization so you can allocate resources efficiently.

What is the Best Overall Construction Bidding Site?

The best bidding site for small and medium-sized contractors resonates with their needs by offering a balance of project diversity, usability, affordability, and strong support. For example, while some of the above options are across North America, some offer subscriptions for a single state so you don't have to overpay.


For small and medium-sized contractors, construction bidding websites represent more than just opportunities; they signify a way for contractors of any size to win bigger projects and scale their growth. Emphasizing the critical role of these platforms in leveling opportunities and encouraging growth for contractors of all sizes.

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