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10 Construction Industry Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

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Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
February 15, 2021

10 Construction Industry Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow 

Social media isn’t just a great place to showcase your projects and show off your latest equipment. Social media, Instagram especially, can help you connect with other people in the industry, learn about new trends and grow your knowledge within construction. Of course, it is also a great business opportunity to connect with like-minded people in the industry. 

Here are 10 construction and industry Instagram accounts that you need to be following.


For Construction Tech Updates & The DirtStrories Podcast

DOZR Hub Instagram Account

Stay in touch with a leader for ecommerce for construction rentals by following along with DOZR. Producer of the DirtStories podcast, you can get the latest updates on interviews as well as articles from DOZR. Article topics include the “How It’s Built” series from DOZR, industry insights, sustainable trends in the construction industry and on-the-job tips for contractors and business owners. 


For Construction, Design and Landscaping Enthusiasts

Scott McGillivray Instagram

Having hosted an income property show on HGTV, Scott’s social media account is full of stories, DIY tips and reno photos. If you’re looking to follow a contractor account with a more personal story touch, Scott’s Instagram account is for you.


For Construction, Contractors & Those Looking for Insights on Running a Family Business

Missy Scherber instagram

Missy and her husband run a successful excavating and contracting business. T.Scherber Contracting and Missy are based in Minnesota, USA. On her account, Missy shared stories about running a business with her husband, the process of growing a business during the challenging year that was 2020 and provides an interesting perspective on benign a woman in the industry. Lately, Missy is sharing stories about her new HQ for their business. Join the journey of growing a business by following her. 


Photography-Focused Account to Tell Stories About Construction

Blue Collar Photography instagram

This industry is all about equipment and the people who build our world. Get your daily dose machinery and operators with the beautiful photos from Kjell Gerber. His ability to capture the uniqueness of the construction industry in a photo is inspiring. From construction technology to excavators dumping dirt to the men and women who keep those machines moving, @bluecollar_photographer has it all.


Video-Based Content For the Comedian Contractor

Daily Contractor Instagram

The construction industry is a serious job. But it’s also a whole lot of fun. Explore the playful side of the construction industry with the videos from Daily Construction. With videos coming in from different contractors all over the world, Daily Construction never gets old. The video content also diversifies your Instagram feed so there’s always something new to view.


Epoxy Flooring For Those Who Love To See The Process

Tim DCVA Instagram

There’s something so satisfying about nicely finished floors. If aesthetically pleasing flooring and finishes are for you, then you need to follow Tim Seay. Tim’s craftsmanship in combining concrete and epoxy will change the way you look at flooring. 

He does us all a favour and puts together videos that show the entire process. Don’t start watching unless you have some time to kill; It’s way too easy to become obsessed with his videos.


Log Buildings & Behind-The-Scenes Look at a Unique Building Trend

Langberg Log Homes

Turn back time with the incredible log homes created by Langberg Log Homes from Rocky Mountain House in Alberta Canada. Not only can you see some beautiful buildings made from logs, but this account gives an inside look at the process that goes into constructing a log home. The care, attention to detail and stunning finishes will grow your obsession with this building trend. 

If you’re looking for longer-form content, they also have a YouTube channel.


Tips, Tricks & Infographic-Focused Educational Content

Building Science Fight Club

Curious about the “why” in construction? Building Science Fight Club by Christine Williamson is here to help you learn more about the science behind why things are built the way they are. It’s a great account to get some additional learning in the industry in small bite-sized chunks that aren’t too overwhelming.


All About Women In Trades

Trade Women of IG

Get to know some of the women in trades who engage on social media. With plenty of user-generated content, Trades Women of IG is a great account to learn some personal stories and connect with women in construction. If you’re looking for information on what support systems are out there for women in the industry, they also have a lot of inter-industry connections. Send them a message and they’ll be sure to put you on the right path.


Hardscape Landscaping & Almost-Too-Beautiful Designs 

Heart Grit Harscape Instagram

Landscaping is more than dirt, plants and grass. Learn more about the rock side of landscaping with this hardscaping-focused account. With a focus on sharing stories from masons in the industry as well as some tips and tricks when it comes to hardscaping, your inner mason will be inspired by the beautiful works displayed on this account.

Is there an account out there that you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
Kevin Forestell is CEO of DOZR and one of the co-founders. Kevin first got started as an entrepreneur when he founded Forestell Landscaping right after graduating from University. His love and passion for the industry and desire to help solve an equipment problem that contractors faced every day is what brought the founding team to start DOZR. Kevin is proud of the level of efficiency brought to the industry through DOZR and hopes that DOZR will help change the standard way equipment is rented.
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