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Construction worker walking carrying material in front of scaffolding
Construction worker walking carrying material in front of scaffolding

10 Amazing Construction Photos

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November 25, 2021

There's nothing like an impressive construction photo. We love kick-ass projects, inspiring people and impressive machinery captured in a single moment. Social media - Instagram in particular - has provided a place for contractors to highlight the beauty and wonder within this industry. We've found 10 of our favorite photos on Instagram that really capture the heart and soul of our industry. 

1. Nothing Prettier Than a Telehandler

JCB telehandler on a construction site at sunset

This photo is from @Watling_JCB.

It features the 555-260R JCB rotating telehandler. This machine has a 360-degree rotating boom with a lift capacity of 5,500kg. It's hard to believe that this machine is so powerful when it looks so dang beautiful in this photo. The sunset peaking through the clouds and the obvious use of construction lights literally shine a spotlight on this machine. This photo is pure and simple equipment. That's why we love it. 

2. POV Of A Day At Work

Photo of a construction worker in the cab looking out at a construction job site

This photo is from @connor_the_digger_driver.

He is an operator based in Birmingham, England and loves his job as an excavator operator. At the end of the day, people are at the center of construction. We love this photo because it offers a unique perspective of what it's like to look out from a cab at a construction site. So many photos are looking up at machinery or people in machinery. This photo is such a great way to remember that those crazy machines you see every day are being run by your friends and family. 

3. Frightful Weather

excavator covered in frost and ice in winter

This photo is from @caterpillarwrenching.

It was actually taken, however, by Eric McIntyre and shared by Cat on their page. If you could ever feel a photo, this would be it. Eric captioned this photo, "it looks colder than it is" but we're not sure we believe him. This monster machine is the CAT 6060.

4. Mans Best Friend

dog chasing child on a small john deere tractor

This photo is from @JohnDeere.

Known for its powerful machinery and homey vibes, John Deere is a great construction brand to follow if you're looking for some wholesome machinery photos. This photo encompasses the lifestyle that is construction and machinery. For us in the industry, our jobs don't stop when we get home. The work ethic, the pride, the precision and the community follow through to all parts of our day. This ecstatic child and his furry friend portray this feeling perfectly. 

5. Kick the Dust Up

skid steer dropping material into dump truck with dust flying

This photo is from@Calbuilder

Calbuilder is the Instagram account for California Construction Co, a general contractor and designer in the Bay Area of California. Specializing in new construction, remodels, additions and outdoor living space, the Calibuilder Instagram highlights their projects and quality reno work. We love this picture from them because it highlights the dirt that goes along with beautiful projects. Plus, who doesn't love a tracked skid steer in action?

6. Excavator in Action

excavator driving through forest with large log

This photo is from @anvil_builders.

This CAT 325 is a 49,604 lb machine with 172 HP. Fitted with GradeAssist, Lift Assist and Payload, CAT claims that this machine can improve operational efficiencies by 45%. Whatever the bonuses are of this machine, we love that this picture highlights the power, fun and skill that comes with being an operator. Everyone loves a good wheelie but a wheelie in an excavator is next level.

This photo was taken in California during a cleanup project after the California wildfires. These fires devastated communities across the state and contractors, including Anvil Builders, have been working endlessly to help clear debris and rebuild homes. 

7. Get It


Missy Scherber, @missyscherber on Instagram, shows that routines are powerful in this pic at Caterpillar World HQ.

When we interviewed Missy for a DirtStories, she shared with us that one of her favorite books is Grit by Angela Duckworth. She spoke about the value of persistence in growing a business and being successful. In the post attached to this picture, she breaks down her morning routine and how it helps her feel empowered. We love this commitment to growth and how a positive morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. 

8. Backlit Beauty

excavator hauling dirt back lit by a sunset

@bluecollar_photographer took this picture and shared it on his Instagram. 

This account is run by Kjell Gerber who takes photos for BuildWitt. Projects, people and machines are captured with his camera and his photos are honestly incredible. Moving dirt, laying pipes, cutting grass, welding and contractors having fun on the job are all captured in his photos. If you are loving these industry pictures, then Kjell is definitely worth following. 

9. Mine Mine Mine

excavator loading a rock truck in the mountains

This photo is shared by @gritoperators and tagged to Keaton Turner (@keatonsturner on IG).

Keaton works at Turner Mining Group and shared this photo with a reminder that perspective is key to a happy and positive life. We love the great attitude - especially when paired with an awesome picture of mine work in action.

10. Attachments in Action

auger on skid steer drilling hole with sand flying

This photo is from @caterpillarinc

We believe that attachments make all the difference - especially when you have the perfect attachment for the job. Skid steers are already a really powerful machine. We love this photo because it highlights the diversity of projects it can work on - all with the power of attachments. The timing of the flying dirt from the auger is the cherry on top. 

Best Construction Photos

The construction industry really is beautiful. We love seeing photos that highlight the diversity of this industry and the different projects, machines and people that make construction what it is. Follow us on Instagram @DOZRHub for equipment images, latest blogs and DOZR insights. Tag us in your photos so we can see and share. 

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