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White construction pick up truck driving down a road
White construction pick up truck driving down a road

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Work Truck Clean

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Tim Forestell
December 3, 2021

Keeping your work truck clean is important. Your vehicle is your work environment so regular cleaning makes a big difference. A clean truck makes drivers and passengers safe, saves time on finding tools, and provides a positive image about your company if your truck is spotless. 

construction workers unloading materials from a pick up truck

When cleaning your work truck don’t forget that washing commercial vehicles entails cleaning both inside and out. As many areas like floor mats, truck cabs, and truck beds can still be full of dirt and debris from the construction site. 

Here are 5 tips for cleaning your truck both on the inside and outside.

1. Use Organizing Containers

Being organized helps you find the exact tool you need exactly when you need it. Pens, mints, gloves, water, nails and screws and hand tools can get lost or messed up easily. Using small containers to keep things separate are a great way to keep things organized and easy to find. 

It is also ideal to have a separate trash can in your work truck so garbage doesn’t end up mixed in with your tools and personal items. By having both a trash can and containers, garbage and other tools can be stored safely. 

construction pick up truck organized
Image borrowed from Nissan USA.

Landscape companies are notoriously good at keeping things organized both in the cab and the bed of their trucks. Containers to separate tools and personal items and to keep garbage secure keep things organized.  

2. Focus on Both the Outside & Inside

If your personal truck is also a work truck, it is important to keep the truck clean as this reflects on the company's image. The state of your truck can impact the quality of work people associate with your company. When a truck is clean, people tend to associate it with quality work being completed. 

When cleaning the outside of the truck, car shampoo must be used. The chemicals in these soaps remove tough dirt and grease from the exterior. For cleaning areas like the tires, use washing soap, wheel cleaners and a pressure washer to remove the grit that comes from the brakes or driving in rough, dirty environments. 

The cleaning process for the interior of the truck is much different than exterior cleaning. Microfiber towels and some soap or cleaning spray are all you need to remove grit and dust. Cleaning products like Armor All, Clorox Wipes, or even Megular’s Ultimate Interior Cleaner are great for removing messes inside the truck. These products make the work truck shine like it's brand new as they are well-known for making vehicles spotless. 

3. Vacuum The Inside for Mud, Dust & Other Debris

When you believe that the truck is clean on the inside, there is going to be some dirt in areas that were missed. A small vacuum cleaner like a Hoover, handheld Dyson or a Shopvac that can clean off seats or under floor mats is the best way to get any pesky dirt cleaned up. Vacuums are able to pick up smaller materials like crumbs, dirt, mud, and more that have been carried in by your work clothes, boots, tool bag or lunch box. Many of these small vacuums are also portable so you can bring it along with you to the job site, cleaning the truck as frequently as you please. 

Vacuuming is an easy way to make a truck look really clean. 

vacuuming dirty work truck
Image borrowed from the Spruce.

4. Use a Spare Pair of Shoes When Driving

To avoid tracking dirt into the truck right from the beginning, you should bring a change of shoes with you to work. Driving in different shoes eliminates the possibility of tracking mud all throughout the work truck. You can keep your work boots in a storage container in your cab to keep them secure when driving to reduce the risk of dropping mud and dirt on your freshly vacuumed mats. 

It’s a great feeling to take your work boots off at the end of the day, too, so changing into comfortable shoes for the drive home is a great way to unwind before you even get home. 

5. Set a Day in Your Schedule for Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your truck should not be a hassle. Breaking down big truck cleaning projects into smaller projects can make it much more manageable. Spending even 20 minutes every week doing a quick clean-up can make keeping your truck clean super manageable.

To help with cleaning your truck, pick a date and time each week that never changes. This will help keep you on track with actually cleaning every week. This weekly cleaning schedule will allow you to stay on top of the mess and limit how much clutter builds up. 

You can schedule deeper cleans with your regular maintenance schedule to really keep your truck in tip-top shape. 

Cleaning Truck Rentals

When renting a truck it is expected that this truck will be returned in the same condition when it was rented to you. Cleaning rentals is easy. Remove any garbage or large debris off the carpet, and take the truck through a carwash if it is extremely dirty or dusty after your rental. This shows the rental company that you value their property and will leave you in good standing for future rentals. 

Keeping your Truck Clean

Having a clean truck makes work easier, is safer and may give you an extra boost of pride in your wheels. You can drive in comfort, locate tools easily, and not have to worry about clutter. Following some of these ways to clean your truck will allow your work vehicle to be spick and span maintaining a good image of your truck and company alike. 

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Tim Forestell
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