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site supervisor showing great qualities in 2022
site supervisor showing great qualities in 2022
5 Qualities of A Great Site Supervisor
3 Minute Read
February 4, 2022

What Makes A Site Supervisor Great?

In the construction industry, a well led crew can accomplish endless success. What is the difference between a high quality performing crew and an average one? The site supervisor. Their qualities as a leader play a key role in determining how well their crew will perform. These are 5 qualities of a great site supervisor that enhance project efficiency and workplace attitude.

Organization of Manpower and On Site Resources

An organized site supervisor translates to an organized crew. In terms of efficiency on the job, a leader that keeps its team organized and plans ahead will be the most successful. When workers are not properly filled in, or two people have been assigned to do a one man job it impacts efficiency on site. Allocating resources and manpower in an effective way can make a site run smoothly. 

Avoid these mistakes by practicing the following strategies:

  • Create an agenda and try to follow it closely as possible
  • Plan and delegate duties based on workers’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Create charts and notes for projects that crew members can refer to

Strong Machine Operation Knowledge

Knowing how to operate all equipment that is being used on site is essential for site supervisors. This knowledge provides reliability and security for crew members that may be new to operating certain machinery. Questions can be answered on-site and any issues can be resolved quickly. Operating equipment is the bread and butter of construction and having a leader that is strong in this category is beneficial for crew members and project efficiency.


Communication On-Site

One of the worst mistakes a site supervisor can make is leaving its crew to wonder and question things. Being a communicative leader ties in with being an approachable leader. The more communicative you are, the more approachable you are and vice versa. Good communication between a site supervisor and crew results in better productivity and workplace relationships. 

To enhance communication as a leader, try implementing the following strategies:

  • Share all job related information, thoughts, and ideas with crew members
  • Encourage input from your crew and engage with it
  • Be clear and concise
  • Build a culture within your crew where everyone feels confident and comfortable

Problem Solving

In construction, the plan does not always stay the same. Weather, delivery dates, and supply chains can all shift and change for construction.  These changes affect a project or a crew. Something that separates the great site supervisors from the average ones is the ability to adapt and overcome obstacles. Having a plan and an agenda is fantastic, but the ability to work through unforeseen circumstances makes the difference. 

A problem solver usually:

  • Identifies any problems and communicates them to crew members
  • Encourages their crew to partake in problem solving and values their thoughts, ideas and opinions
  • Evaluates the ideas and articulates a solution
  • Take action to ensure that the same problem doesn't happen more than once

Leadership and Confidence

In order to be a great leader, you need leadership qualities. Who would have thought? 

But what does it mean to be a leader?  A real leader sets the example for their crew and motivates them with their positive attitude. As a site supervisor, you are responsible for your crew and the work they complete. All of the qualities listed above play a part in being a leader and are the difference between great and decent site supervisors.

The Best Qualities a Site Super Can Have

The qualities of a site supervisor determine how well their crew members will perform.  Organization, operation knowledge, communication on the job, problem solving and leadership are the qualities that great supervisors use to maximize team success.


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