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Articulating Boom Lift Specs
Articulating Boom Lift Specs
The Ultimate Articulating Boom Lift Spec Guide
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December 20, 2022

The Ultimate Articulating Boom Lift Size Chart and Spec Guide

Also commonly referred to as cherry pickers and knuckle boom lifts, articulating boom lifts are valuable pieces of equipment on any construction site. One of the most popular pieces of equipment on construction projects, these aerial lifts provide vertical and horizontal reach for a variety of tasks. In particular, these machines are great for more complex environments as they have multiple joints, allowing them to maneuver around obstacles.

Available with both electric and diesel-powered models, articulating boom lifts are effective on any kind of terrain. Boom lifts allow for a higher reach than aerial platforms like scissor lifts but typically have a smaller working platform. Normally, these articulating lifts can only carry up to two people and have platform capacities of 660 lbs.

As a popular piece of heavy equipment, it makes sense that there are several articulating boom lift manufacturers in North America. Some of the suppliers provide significant variety in their models, spanning a wide range of working heights, while some are more focused and specialized in their product lines.

Important Articulating Boom Lift Specs

Before we take a deep dive into the specifications of every model for the top brands in North America, we need to decide which ones are the most important for articulating boom lifts. In this article, we'll focus on four main specs: maximum working height, maximum horizontal reach, unrestricted platform capacity, and operating weight.

First and foremost is the working height of the lift. This measures the peak distance the boom lift can reach and normally factors in the platform height and an additional six feet to account for the height of the worker. This is the most important spec to consider when choosing your boom lift rental as this is typically the main reason a specific boom lift is rented and is the primary differentiator between manufacturers.

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Maximum horizontal reach measures how far out the bucket can extend, rather than how far up. This is important if there are obstacles preventing you from getting close to the target area, and you'll need to park the machine further away to reach it. As a general rule, the higher the maximum working height of the boom lift, the higher the horizontal reach will be.

Unrestricted platform capacity is the load limit the lift can bear within its full working range. This spec is similar across brands but can be relevant if you want the ability to carry some extra materials in the bucket. Some models also have a restricted platform capacity, which is the maximum load possible on the platform within a restricted working range.

Finally, we have the operating weight of the machine. Quite simply, this measures the total weight of the lift, not including fuel, operators, materials, etc. This is important if you're working on soft terrain or trying to limit the force applied to the environment. Keep this spec in mind when you're working on sports fields, golf courses, or any other job site where it might be best to limit the weight of your machine.

Articulating Boom Lift Brands

Skip ahead to the following brands and their spec charts:


One of the most popular aerial lift brands in the industry, Genie's articulating boom lift selection consists of 18 models. With excellent fuel efficiency, their electric models can run an entire day on one charge or, in their hybrid mode, can operate for up to a week on just a single tank.

Genie's largest lift, the ZX-135/70, is the second-tallest articulating boom lift on the market. Reaching an incredible height of 141 feet to go along with a horizontal reach of almost 70 feet, this machine is built to handle your biggest jobs. Genie also provides some of the best platform capacities in the industry with some of their mid-sized lifts offering up to 660 lbs of load-bearing ability.

Building machines of incredible size and capacity, there are few brands in the industry able to match the prowess of Genie boom lifts. With restricted lift capacities of up to 1,000 lbs, these models can meet any contractor's project needs. Offering the second widest selection of products of any manufacturer, we're confident that you'll find a model that's best for you.

Genie Articulating Boom Lift Specs

Genie Articulating Boom Lift Sizes and Specs
ModelPlatform HeightWork HeightHorizontal ReachMachine WidthMachine LengthMax Platform Capacity (lbs)
Genie Z-30/20 N RJ29' 2"35' 2"20' 6"3' 11"11' 6"500
Genie Z-30/20 N30' 0"36' 0"21' 5"3' 11"11' 6"500
Genie Z-33/1832' 10"38' 10"18' 3"4' 11"13' 8"440
Genie Z-34/22 N34' 6"40' 6"22' 3"4' 10"13' 9"500
Genie Z-34/22 DC34' 6"40' 7"22' 3"5' 8"13' 5"500
Genie Z-40/23 N34' 7"46' 7"22' 3"6' 1"13' 6"500
Genie Z-40/23 N RJ34' 6"40' 6"22' 3"4' 10"13' 9"500
Genie Z-45 XC34' 6"40' 6"22' 3"4' 10"13' 9"500
Genie Z-45 HF34' 6"40' 6"22' 3"4' 10"13' 9"500
Genie Z-45 DC/Genie Z-45 FE34' 6"40' 6"22' 3"4' 10"13' 9"500
Genie Z-45/25J DC34' 6"40' 6"22' 3"4' 10"13' 9"500
Genie Z-60 DC/Genie Z-60 FE59' 7"65' 7"36' 7"8' 2"26' 9"500
Genie Z-62/4061' 11"67' 11"40' 9"8' 2"30' 3"500
Genie Z-80/6078'84' 0"60' 0"8' 2"37'500
Genie ZX-135/70135'141' 0"69' 9"8' 2"42' 5"600


Another brand of boom lift you'll often see on construction sites, JLG's lineup of models are excellent rental options. With 10 models offering working heights from 40 ft booms all the way up to an industry-leading 150 ft boom lift, they offer machines for any application.

All JLG articulating boom lifts are designed to work in difficult spaces where you must go up-and-over obstacles. Many of their models also provide tight turning bases that allow them to maneuver easily in compact spaces, making working on a crowded job site a little less hectic. This is especially true for their smaller models, such as the 340AJ; so if working in small spaces is a priority, consider renting a JLG boom lift.

When using a JLG boom lift, one thing to be mindful of is operating weight. Their tallest models are also some of the heaviest in the industry, so make sure the terrain you'll be working on can handle an increased load.

Reaching platform capacities of up to 660 lbs, these boom lifts are durable, reliable, and bound to increase your productivity. Providing everything from compact, maneuverable models to the best working height in the industry, JLG has everything you're looking for and more.

JLG Articulating Boom Lift Specs

JLG Articulating Boom Lift Specs
ModelPlatform HeightWork HeightHorizontal ReachMachine WidthMachine LengthMax Platform Capacity (lbs)
JLG E300AJP29' 5"35' 5"20' 1"4' 0"18' 10"500
JLG H340AJ/JLG 430AJ33' 10"39' 10"19' 11"6' 4"18' 2"500
JLG E400AJPN40' 0"46' 0"22' 5"4' 11"22' 0"500
JLG 450AJ45' 0"51' 0"25' 0"7' 9""21' 7"500
JLG E450AJ45' 0"51' 0"23' 9"5' 9""21' 2"500
JLG 450AJ HC345' 0"51' 0"25' 0"7' 9"21' 7"440
JLG 600AJ60' 7"66' 7"39' 9"8' 2"29' 0"500
JLG 600AJN Narrow60' 7"66' 7"29' 9"7' 0"29' 0"500
JLG 600AJ HC360' 7"66' 0"40' 7"8' 6"30' 0"500
JLG 800AJ80' 5"86' 5"51' 10"8' 2"36' 6"500
JLG 800AJ HC380' 5"86' 5"52' 4"8' 2"36' 6"500
JLG 1250AJP125' 0"131' 0"63' 2"8' 2"47' 6"500
JLG 1500AJP150' 0"156' 0"75'8' 2"49' 8"600


Known for their quality and reliability, Skyjack provides boom lifts with tight turning radiuses and excellent lift capacities. With their control system, Skycoded, their machines are the easiest to troubleshoot and repair. This limits project downtime and lowers total cost, which is always among the top priorities for contractors.

Although they have a limited portfolio of only five models, they focus on delivering the best quality to their customers in each lift. Offering premium fuel economy and a reduced footprint, their SJ30 ARJE model is electric, and both machines marked AJ+ are eco-friendly. This is partially due to their decreased weight, allowing greater flexibility to work on sensitive surfaces.

Skyjack also provides systems to maximize your productivity and ease of use. With their EasyDrive feature, the controls of the lift are always oriented to the position of the operator. This reduces confusion and allows the driver to easily reposition the bucket and move the machine.

They also equip their models with the SkyRiser system, which ensures that the platform can travel vertically in a straight line, without drifting. This helps operators minimize the amount of repositioning needed to stay close to a building facade, increasing productivity. Though they don't reach the incredible heights of some of the others in the industry, all of their models are reliable, efficient, and productive machines that are worthy of rental consideration.

Skyjack Articulating Boom Lift Specs

Skyjack Articulating Boom Lift Specs
ModelPlatform HeightWork HeightHorizontal ReachMachine WidthMachine LengthMax Platform Capacity (lbs)
Skyjack SJ30ARJE29' 6"35' 6"20' 7"3' 11"6' 6"500
Skyjack SJ45 AJ+45' 0"51' 0"22' 9"7' 6"19' 8"660
Skyjack SJ46 AJ46' 3"52' 3"24' 9"7' 6"20' 10"500
Skyjack SJ60 AJ+60' 0"66' 0"37' 11"8' 0"28' 2"660
Skyjack SJ8585' 0"91' 0"56' 0"8' 2"38' 2"500


Combining a superb range of motion with power and precision, Snorkel's articulating boom lifts are incredibly versatile at height. Robust and reliable, their lifts reach up and over obstacles easily. Designed tough and tailored specifically to the rental industry, their models are simple to operate and maintain.

The new Snorkel 600AJN lift features a double articulating boom. A 60 ft boom lift, this model is designed for use in tight spaces. Only seven feet wide, offering zero tail swing, and equipped with pivot steering, it provides outstanding maneuverability for crowded job sites. To go with its incredible performance, high-capacity batteries give this machine a clean, long-lasting performance to minimize downtime on the job.

Providing five electric models, including the A38E ad A46JE, there's no shortage of options if you're looking to reduce your environmental footprint. Great for any small-medium sized job, Snorkel provides a variety of excellent options for your next boom lift rental.

Snorkel Articulating Boom Lift Specs

Snorkel Articulating Boom Lift Specs
ModelPlatform HeightWork HeightHorizontal ReachMachine WidthMachine LengthMax Platform Capacity (lbs)
Snorkel MB20J20' 7"26' 7"8' 6"2' 8"7' 11"475
Snorkel MB26J26' 2"32' 2"9' 10"3' 4"9' 2"475
Snorkel A38E38' 4"44' 3"20' 0"4' 11"13' 5"475
Snorkel A46JE/Snorkel A46JRT46' 3"52' 3"24' 11"5' 8"18' 4"500
Snorkel A46JRTE46' 11"52' 11"24' 11"6' 10"18' 8"500
Snorkel AB60J59' 9" 65' 9" 43' 1"7' 11.5"29' 2"500
Snorkel 600AJN Narrow60' 2" 66' 2"44' 6"7' 0"30' 4"600
Snorkel A62JRT61' 8"67' 8"36' 6"8' 0'28' 2.5"500
Snorkel AB80J79' 11"85' 11"59' 5"8' 6"32' 2"500
Snorkel AB85J84' 6"90' 4"61' 11"8' 6"41' 2"500


The third and final brand on the list to surpass 100 feet in operating height, Haulotte may not be as well known as its top competitors, but they are still one of the best articulating boom lift manufacturers on the market.

Their six electric models, including the HA32, SIGMA, and HA61 Series are economical and environmentally friendly, allowing you to decrease your footprint while increasing your productivity. The HA32 models are designed specifically for indoor usage, while all their other lifts can be used on outdoor terrains.

Although they provide rapid lift speeds, Haulotte boom lifts can be somewhat limited when it comes to platform capacity. As they only reach capacities of up to 550 lbs, if you need the capability of carrying extra equipment with you, it may be best to look elsewhere.

All of Haulotte's lifts are designed to maximize their reach and limit tail swing. This gives you best-in-class horizontal reach and competitive working heights while allowing for work in confined spaces. Offering quality models for projects of all sizes, Haulotte deserves to be considered for your next boom lift rental.

Haulotte Articulating Boom Lift Specs

Haulotte Articulating Boom Lift Specs
ModelPlatform HeightWork HeightHorizontal ReachMachine WidthMachine LengthMax Platform Capacity (lbs)
Haulotte HA32 CJ31' 9"37' 9"23' 2"3' 11"17' 7"550
Haulotte HA32 CJ+31' 9"37' 9"24' 1"3' 11"18' 6"500
Haulotte SIGMA 46 PRO45' 6"51' 6"26' 5"5' 9"21' 10"500
Haulotte HA46 RTJ O/HA46 RTJ PRO45' 11"51' 11"27' 3"7' 7"22' 2"500
Haulotte SIGMA 4646' 9"52' 9"27' 5"5' 9"21' 8"500
Haulotte HA61 RTJ O/HA61 RTJ PRO61' 7"67' 7"40' 0"7' 11"28' 10"500
Haulotte HA61 LE61' 9"67' 9"38' 1"7' 10"27' 8"550
Haulotte HA61 LE PRO62' 8"68' 8"39' 0"7' 10"28' 0"550
Haulotte HA80 RTJ O/HA80 RTJ PRO80' 1"86' 1"57' 5"8' 2"38' 8"550
Haulotte HA100 RTJ PRO97' 9"103' 9"70' 10"8' 4"38' 5"550
Haulotte HA100 RTJ PRO130' 2" 136' 2"65' 11"8' 2"43' 0"500


The final articulating boom lift supplier on this list is MEC. The biggest difference between this manufacturer and the rest? MEC only provides one model of articulating boom lift: the 45-AJ.

The 45-AJ model has a working height of 51 feet and a platform capacity of 500 lbs. This model is loaded with features, including onboard diagnostics, a tri-entry bucket, steel covers, and more. Choosing three proportional joysticks instead of the footswitch system gives operators better visibility and maneuverability, making your team safer and more productive on the job site.

Since they only have one model, MEC isn't nearly as commonly used as many other manufacturers on this lift. However, they are a trusted brand in the aerial lift industry and have extensive expertise in building telescopic and scissor lifts. A list of aerial list brands of any kind just wouldn't feel right without including MEC.

MEC Articulating Boom Lift Specs

MEC Articulating Boom Lift Specs
ModelPlatform HeightWork HeightHorizontal ReachMachine WidthMachine LengthMax Platform Capacity (lbs)
MEC 45-AJ 45' 0"51' 0"25' 1"7' 7"23' 10"500

Renting an Articulating Boom Lift

Although many of these brands are similar in their product offerings, there are some key differentiators outside of just their specs. One example of this is boom lift attachments: Genie, JLG, and Skyjack each provide an extensive line of accessories you can pair with your model to maximize your productivity. When searching for your rental, pay close attention to detail, not all models with similar specs perform the same.

With more than 80 models available, searching for the perfect articulating boom lift rental is never easy. We hope this spec guide has helped you decide which brand you need or at least given you a starting point for your search.

Whether you're looking for a 30-foot, 80-foot, or 150-foot articulating boom lift, you can find your next machine on the DOZR Marketplace today. Not sure if an articulating lift is the right one for the job? Check out our straight boom lift brand comparison to find a man lift that best fits your project.

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