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Mini excavator working on a field
Mini excavator working on a field
Comparing All Mini Excavator Brands: A Comprehensive Guide
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June 20, 2023

Comparing All Mini Excavator Brands: Your Ultimate Guide

Differentiating between mini excavator brands, sizes, and specs can be challenging, without considering all the other factors at play. Determining which mini excavator brand has the best cab comfort, visibility, model selection range, steering controls, engine capabilities, and other key features, will help you in choosing the mini excavator model that is right for you.

We know there are several prevalent mini excavator brands in North America and figuring out the model or brand to pick from can confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, we've put together this mini excavator comparison guide to make sure you choose the right one. As a note, while we've made this blog to be as all-encompassing as possible, it is recommended to contact a DOZR representative when renting equipment or a representative from a local dealer or rental company to help you make an informed decision.

Essential Factors to Consider When Comparing Mini Excavator Brands

Some of the immediate factors to consider will immediately come to mind when comparing mini excavator brands, such as durability, history, and price point. However, there are so many more factors to consider that will equally impact your job site and business.

Popular attachment availability, engine capabilities, and maintenance accessibility are some of the many other factors that should be taken into account. Each of these factors works to optimize your job site in different ways. This showcases the importance of knowing everything you can about mini excavators, to ensure you pick the brand that is right for your need.

Something that is equally as important to consider is if you are renting the best machine for the job. Look into these articles if you're not sure which machine is best for your project:

Best Mini Excavator Brands

While the best-known brands, such as Bobcat, Kubota, Caterpillar, and John Deere, are well-known for a reason: trust and reliability. And due to their positive industry recognition, service network, and reputation, they are able to dominate the markets in brand awareness.

However, there are many other mini excavator brands that may suit your needs just as well. These lesser-known brands are able to often able to target unique customer requirements that well-known brands may not be able to cater to. Additionally, these brands are sometimes able to easily incorporate customer suggestions and adapt their equipment to match their market's needs.

Skip ahead to each of the brands below by clicking on them:


As one of the most iconic companies, Bobcat needs little introduction. With a reputation for creating some of the best-designed excavators, Bobcat has excelled in the industry since 1947. Having revolutionized the construction and agricultural industry with the first skid-steer loader, they have continued to grow their product line up to include mini excavators and are under the Doosan Group.

Being one of the go-to brands for mini excavators has helped them in growing their selection, having 24 different mini excavator models on the market. With numerous attachments and growing popularity, you're unlikely to struggle to find spare parts or mechanics that service your machine. This can be incredibly beneficial if you are going to be using this machine on different job sites and will need to be customizable.

The R2-Series of Compact Excavators has all of its newest features and redesigned old features. This includes the newest redesigned engine, which has been enhanced to better performance in all seasons, quieter operation, and simplified routine maintenance. This redesign doesn't just make the mini excavator more functional as an operator but also allows you to take more time between servicing your machine (including oil and fuel filters).

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Additionally, to allow for precision and quickness when working in a tight space, Bobcat compact excavators include additional controls and multi-function metering. With a rocker-styled thrumb switch, rather than foot pedals, you're able to better control boom swing and metering. These joysticks allow for more natural control over your machine by letting you switch between second auxiliary hydraulics and boom offset. Bobcat is also one of the few companies with electric mini excavators (the E10e and E19e).

With Bobcat's history and industry reputation, they are one of the best choices for purchase with easy customization and smooth operation, without sacrificing power or speed.


CASE is another brand with lots of history and a reputation for reliability and efficiency in construction, landscaping, and many other job sites. Having introduced their first mini excavator in the 1980s, they've continued to expand and enhance their lineup. Through using advanced technology they've enhanced fuel efficiency and operator comfort.

One of the newest and most notable mini excavators on their current lineup is the new CX42D Mini Excavator. With 3 power modes, proportional hydraulic controls to attachment settings, and critical machine data this machine is an asset on any site. In addition to the standard multifunctional auxiliary hydraulics and a standard 2nd auxiliary circuit, the CX42D Mini Excavator allows for an optional 3rd auxiliary circuit. This added auxiliary circuit allows you to access more attachments, turning your mini excavator into an all-purpose beast.

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CASE's C Series Mini Excavators are able to be conveniently transported and have the ability to work indoors, due to their zero emissions output. Using electric technology helps to simplify daily checks because, without diesel, engine oil, coolant, or emissions, the electric series of mini excavators have proven to be incredibly easy to both own and operate. Not only is it beneficial to operators and workers on site to have reduced downtime with electric technology, but it also improves communication on site.

With their history in the industry, they are able to offer a wide range of mini excavator models and attachments that cater to different needs and applications. Offering diesel or electric, zero tail swing or conventional, 2-way, 4-way, or 6-way blades, are just some of the customizations you choose for your mini excavator. CASE delivers a comprehensive mini excavator lineup that continually delivers smooth and smart solutions designed to work on any job site profile.

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Caterpillar is best known for their reliability and quality on every job site. Continually known for keeping their customers in mind they have a variety of features for any and every job site. Having the most number of models on this list, with 24, and a weight ranging from 1 to 10 tons offered in North America, it's clear why Caterpillar is so well known.

Caterpillar has an exclusive Cat Stick Steer system that allows operators to switch from traditional pedals and lever travel to stick steer travel to driving simply with the joystick at the click of a button. Providing operators with control and comfort, by using the left-handed joystick (as if using a skid steer) or using the right-hand joystick to control the attachment chosen. Demonstrating one of the many ways that Caterpillar creates their mini excavators with the customer in mind.


Another new feature that was created with customers in mind is The Cat Inspect App. This app provides quick and easy digital inspection of your mini excavator to help with tracking and monitoring its conditions. The app helps you keep a close eye on your machines and their operations while managing a fleet of machines.

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With a newly redesigned heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system that guarantees comfortability in any season. As well as new Bluetooth compatibility that allows operators to respond to calls and listen to music safely. Comfortably working year around helps ensure that the weather doesn't stop you or create delays on your job sites.

Another feature that the cab has is its newly designed LCD monitor that provides easy-to-read machine information including the machine's hydraulic work mode, attachment flow and pressure settings, and more. Enabling the operator to be consistently more aware of the status and conditions of their machines while working.

Develon (Previously Doosan)

Develon was Korea's first large-scale machinery factory and has grown into a global leader in the construction industry. Having produced excavators and loaders since the early 1970s, they have lots of experience and have continued to grow and become experts in the area.

Develon is another company like Bobcat, which is a company under the Doosan Group, that has shifted away from foot pedals and towards joysticks. While traditionally foot petals were used, it has become increasingly common to use the left joystick to control your mini excavator. Using these simple thumb switches on your joysticks to control auxiliary hydraulic functions on your right and, your left joystick for the rest of your machine, provides more comfort, and control and improves multifunctioning.

One of the most notable features of Develon is how they strive to help increase productivity on your site through their durability. The integrated slew brakes they've implemented provide infinite brake positioning meaning that loading and positioning will be significantly easier.

Automatic glow plugs are mini heaters that warm the diesel engine, creating durability by reducing the wear and tear on the mini excavator's engine and starter. By warming up the temperature of the fuel in cold weather. All of these features were created with the intent to help you make more money and spend less money long term.

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Unlike tractor loaders or backhoes, the Develon mini excavators have zero tail swing and provide unrestricted rotation. This increases flexibility and a lower chance of hitting other objects or surfaces within your job site. However, this isn't a trait exclusive to Doosan as many companies provide the option between zero radius tail swing and conventional tail swing.

Develon's cabs are unlike many others, as operators sit on the side of the mini excavator rather than being located in the center. This shift has the goal to provide the operator with a more clear view of the arm or attachment being used. They've further improved visualization with an expansive glass area and increased ventilation to help decrease visual obstruction. Having optimal visualization of your machine and surroundings helps with safety on-site and productivity.


Having introduced their first mini excavator, the UHO3 in 1970, Hitachi helped pioneered the compact construction machinery sector. They have continued to innovate and expand their mini excavator lineup to incorporate new technology, improved performance, and operator comfort features. With a range of operating weights from about 1 ton to 8 tons, they are able to provide options for different job site requirements that will suit your project.

Hitachi has improved their durability from previous models and other brands in multiple ways. Most notably with strengthened front joints and the D-frame being reinforced, improved swing posts, and cylinder guards. Reinforcing the arm of a mini excavator means that it is less likely to be broken down or need replacing. By increasing the durability Hitachi strives to make their mini excavator more resistant to wear and tear, as well as reduce the need for frequent repairs.

Working towards a more environmentally friendly machine without sacrificing power, Hitachi has continued to take steps towards an energy-saving system and fuel efficiency. By pairing all new engines with an electronic governor, while working with the HHH hydraulic system you are able to use less fuel than with Hitachi's older models, without sacrificing power.

While the ECO mode is becoming increasingly standard, not all brands pair it with auto idle and isochronous control features. If fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability are important to you then you should look into electric vs non-electric machinery.

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When looking into Hitachi's cab it's clear that they have prioritized cab comfort and an operator-friendly experience. Their newest model, the ZAXIS 65USB, was created with the intention to create a comfortable, safe, and extremely user-friendly mini excavator.


Beginning with the cab that has been widened from previous models, they also increased ventilation with air conditioning to make it more comfortable and functional all year around. There was also an increase in legroom due to the new foldable foot pedals. Increasing the comfort of the cab helps to ensure focus on their surroundings to prevent job site accidents.


With Hyundai Construction Equipment having a strong presence in the construction machinery industry it was natural for them to produce their first mini excavator, the Robex 15-7, in 1992. By committing to continually improving their mini excavator lineup, they've proven to be a trusted choice worldwide.

Hyundai’s 9A compact excavator series, also called mini excavators, combine power, efficiency, and reliability with the ability to work productively in confined spaces. Ranging in operating weight as low as 1.9 tons up to 10 tons. Standard features such as large dozer blades, quick-couplers for attachments, and auxiliary hydraulic piping let you take on a variety of jobs with precision and control.

All mini excavators by Hyundai have a boom swing function that allows them to swing 75 degrees to the left and 50 degrees to the right for efficient work in congested areas. While select models offer zero-tail swing to allow for even more flexibility in tight spaces, there are also models that offer conventional tail-swing. The 9A series machines all feature a boom swing function to improve productivity in confined workspaces.

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One interesting aspect of the 9A series is that models R17Z-9A, R25Z-9AK, and R30Z-9AK are powered by Kubota engines, and the R35Z-9A, R55-9A, R60CR-9A, and R80CR-9A are powered by Yanmar engines. Another feature of all 9A series mini excavators is that the large dozer blade is a standard feature that provides added versatility, efficiency, and stability.

Hyundai took on a different method when helping operators to become more comfortable and aware in their cabs. Rather than creating physical comfortability, they increased the information about the machine available to the operators through the monitor.

The advanced LCD cluster on the Hyundai R55-9A, R60CR-9A, and R80CR-9A allows the operator to select machine preferences. This monitor also displays engine rpm, oil and water temperature, and information for all onboard electronic devices. Button selections control auto idle mode, engine power mode, and travel speed.


JCB was founded in the United Kingdom in 1945 and has grown to be one of the top mini excavator brands. Has been at the forefront of introducing eco-friendly features to mini excavators. JCB continues to contribute towards a more sustainable construction industry through mini excavator developments, including the development of both hybrid and electric models.

JCB has proven to listen to what operators need and has simplified the servicing process and increased service intervals by 500 hours. By moving the position of the engine on the mini excavators, like the 8018 CTS, it becomes possible to group routine service checks within a remote service panel.

JCB was also of the first manufacturers to introduce a tilting cab on a mini excavator. Features like this that provide unmatchable access to the engine and hydraulic parts, showcase why JCB is a successful brand. Listening and growing their equipment to be optimal for all job sites with operators in mind.

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To simplify operation JCB merged the auxiliary and boom offset to be one pedal, with a changeover button on the joystick to allow you to switch between functions. Models like the 8025 ZTS and larger all offer proportional auxiliary controls via foot pedals and 8045 ZTS and larger. This allows for an increase in productivity by allowing operators to operate the swing and boom at the same time. The compact excavator by JBC uses both pedals and joystick controls to maximize productivity and control.

While most compact excavator cabs are infamous for being cramped and uncomfortable with JCB's models 8008 CTS to the 8085 ZTS, both cabs and canopy alike are created to reduce noise levels by helping to minimize vibrations. In addition to both heating and air conditioning to provide a functional environment in all weather conditions. Further breaking the stereotype of a cramped cab, spacing is improved by a left control pod that lifts out of the entry and exit and a wide door to provide unrestricted access.

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John Deere & Company

While John Deere might have a smaller operating weight range at 1.7 to 8 tons, they have a large following, and for good reason. Having recently won three 2023 AE50 awards for innovative product engineering from ASABE, it's easy to see the role that Deere plays in the industry.


With mini excavators that pack powerful might, there are few jobs that Deere mini excavators aren't suited for. From the 17G with its variable-width undercarriage and a foldable blade that allows it to pass through tight entryways to the 60G. Its flexibility in functionality without having to sacrifice its power makes it an ideal machine.

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Their cabs are equipped with standard climate-controlled, to help keep the glass clear and help the operators to focus on the task at hand. Equipped with a mechanical quick-coupler and auxiliary hydraulics, every model can be paired with our mini excavator attachments for exceptional versatility and productivity for all applications. While it is possible to use another brand's attachment on a Deere mini excavator you'll need to consider a few factors including mounting mechanism, compatibility, and more.

With their zero-tail-swing design, their mini excavators are able to maximize performance and maneuver in tight places such as urban and residential areas. The compact stature of the mini excavator enables simplified transport between job sites, perfect for “dig-and-go” projects.


KOBELCO mini excavators continue to prove that great things can come in small packages. These machines pack full-size performance into a highly portable frame. Entering the mini excavator market around the 1970s they have continued to improve their line up focusing on enhancing performance and fuel efficiency. A minimal rear swing radius with zero tail overhang allows for excellent handling in confined spaces while a simple design makes routine maintenance easy.

The KOBELCO SK35SR-7 mini excavator brings superior performance and ultimate comfort to a versatile machine that powers through any small-space project. It has an increased digging force and up to 24% fuel consumption reduction in ECO mode, empowering operators to get more done, more efficiently. Having a machine with such a high level of efficiency on-site helps to decrease downtime and increase productivity.


Another model which deserves recognition is the SK25SR-6E. It packs full-size performance into a compact package. A standard LCD display puts vital information like operating hours, fuel consumption, and water temperature right in front of you where you need it.

Plus, zero tail overhang allows for excellent handling in confined spaces while a simple design makes routine maintenance fast and easy to undertake. Furthermore, making this a fantastic machine in confined spaces.

The next generation SK45SRX-7 offers the agility of a mini, but with 37 hp and plenty of torque to get you through even the toughest jobs. The new hydraulic system shortens the digging cycle time and travel speed is faster, making it an asset for any job site.

Focusing on operator comfort it's equipped with our exclusive iNDr Cooling System. This system works to keep it running quietly and efficiently. The control center features ergonomic lever angles with wrist rests and a new best-in-class suspension seat.


Following Kobelco up with another long-standing Japanese company that entered the mini excavator segment in the 1970s. Known for their incorporations of innovative technologies, as well as their commitment to environmental sustainability. Having 6 different models that range in operating weight from 3.5 tons to 10 tons, they do have a smaller range in comparison to other brands in this guide.

One feature that showcases a minor way they are committed to helping you save on fuel and the environment is through their Power and Economy modes. Power (P) mode for heavy workloads and economy (E) mode for lower fuel consumption. Both can be chosen easily on the monitor panel to match the performance of the application. They have also improved their engines and hydraulic technology to improve operating efficiency and lower fuel consumption by up to 5%.

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One final way they have used the next technology to assist in fuel consumption is through the auto deceleration and auto idle shutdown functions that are provided as standard. The auto-deceleration function automatically reduces the engine speed a few seconds after the work equipment lever is moved to the neutral position. This function automatically stops the engine after a preset time to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.

Some of the features they provide for cab comfort include a high-definition 3.5" LCD color monitor that provides excellent visibility. This high-definition LCD color monitor offers excellent visibility even when viewed in bright light and from off-center. Komatsu offers both an enclosed cab and a canopy cab.


Established in 1972, Kubota is one of the most successful companies to sell agricultural machinery. With 13 different models on the market ranging from 1-8 tons for the weight class, they have a broad range of models capable to take on any project.

The most popular series is the U and K series, keeping in mind the most notable difference between them is the tail swing. Mini excavators from the Kubota U series offer generally smaller dimensions with zero tail swing in lower models and almost zero tail swing in higher HP models.

Having a machine with a small amount of tail swing means that your machine won't extend beyond the side of its tracks. This is an advantage if you are working in a tight space with sensitive surroundings, such as doing remodeling indoors, and more.

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One of the most notable advantages, when you are buying a Kubota, is its diesel engine. Prevailing as the world's number one commercial industry diesel engine, with a max travel speed of 2.5 miles per hour, the 2 speed-travel pedals allow for easy maneuvering between high and low gears depending on the operator's preference. Their 13HP engine allows them to deliver optimal power and dependability, with low noise and vibration levels & great fuel efficiency.

Additionally, Kubota adopts a "3 pump system," which uses individual pumps for the boom, arm, and swivel. Having separated pump systems allows for smooth and more efficient cooperation between the systems for optimal performance. This is another reason that the Kubota's engine is such an optimal engine system for your mini excavator.

New Holland

New Holland is best known for its high-quality agricultural equipment and continues to remain one of the most trusted brands among farmers internationally. We will be focusing on the C series which is their newest line-up, with 6 new models, with a range from 1.7 to 6.0 metric tons. These machines have versatility and provide a range of options including canopy and cab models, short and zero and conventional radius tail swing, and more.

New Holland's mini excavators remain compliant with Tier 4 emissions regulations. New Holland has matched each model's size and capacity to the perfect power unit. This means that you are guaranteed both excellent performance and fuel economy.

Some of the benefits of having a well-matched engine will deliver the required power without excessive energy wastage, resulting in reduced fuel costs and lower environmental impact. Lowering the cost of maintenance and repair because your engine will perfectly align with the machinery's specifications and lower the chance of strain or overworking.

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One of the most beneficial new features available on all models is Auto-Shift. With two-speed drive, the mini excavator will automatically shift into a low range, maintaining the forward speed, the operators don't need to do anything. The speed will return to high once this load is reduced. This feature was created with the intent to help the operator to focus on other factors such as his environment, and more to prevent any accidents.

No matter the model, primary controls on New Holland mini excavators allow operators to choose their preferred method of operation, allowing for both gripped and plam-down operation. Additionally, there are fold-up travel pedals in each model, not including the E17C.

When considering cab operations in a New Holland mini excavator compared to other brands, it is important to consider the conditions inside, seeing as you'll be spending so much time there. New Holland has Bluetooth that allows you to control your mobile phone and music while in the cab. However automatic control climate control can only be found on the standard E57C and E60C models.

The E17C is the only mini excavator with a canopy option only, while E26C, E30C, and E37C are all offered with both canopy or a full cab, and E57C and E60C are cabs only. Similar to the JCB, New Holland has simplified the entrance by allowing the left-side console to shift out of the way and locking the hydraulics at the same time. Both features work to prevent accidental operation and increase comfort when operating the machine.

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Since 2006, SANY America has prided itself on investing in and growing across the U.S. From their 272-acre facility in Georgia, which employs more than 300 Americans, to their growing dealer network that stretches from Maine to Washington. While they may be younger compared to some of the other brands on this list, they've remained dedicated to building business across the U.S. and their equipment is made for the U.S. market.

Knowing that their market demands flexibility and adaptability they've geared up to minimize operating expenses and maximize uptime. Their mini excavators range in size from 1.8 tons to 8.8 tons. Offered in a variety of machine configurations, these mini and small-sized excavators can fit your application, job site, and transportation requirements.

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All machines feature standard auxiliary lines to run powered attachments, and SANY has teamed up with attachment suppliers to offer a wide variety of solutions from buckets to breakers. This means they help to guarantee their customer's adaptable machines for any project they are ready to tackle.

Another feature that all SANY mini excavators are equipped with is hydraulic pilot controls, pattern-change valves, auxiliary flow circuits and work light packages. The SY35U through the SY80U offers spacious standard enclosed, climate-controlled cabs and digital displays with onboard diagnostics—all of which improve the operator experience.

However, the SANY cab may have some great features like the hydraulic pilot controls to deliver smooth responsive control. Allowing experienced operators to feel the increase in pressure and resistance on the spool. As well as LED lights on the exterior of the excavator provide visibility in low-light conditions. These are both beneficial features but are not exclusive to the SANY brand.


Takeuchi Manufacturing's strong commitment to innovation and engineering guarantees their mini excavators are fitted with advanced features that are an asset on any job site. With 28 models on the market, they offer 2 speeds to make adaptability in different environments optimal. These machines are designed to offer superior performance in tight spaces while maintaining high lifting capacity and maneuverability.

With the intent to simplify the maintenance system, Takeuchi Manufacturing redesigned the rear hood and right side cover to open higher overhead. This provides exceptional access when performing inspections and maintenance points. High flow capabilities of the primary auxiliary circuit will allow you to operate a broader range of hydraulically driven attachments, such as mowers, mulchers, and plate compactors.

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Takeuchi Manufacturing is another well-known brand on this list that has shifted towards a more environmentally sustainable engine. Their newest engine the EPA Final Tier 4 Emission Compliant engine, adheres to the new EPA and cuts particular matter (PM) emissions by 90%.

It also cuts the nitrogen emissions of the engine by 45%. By making the engine more environmentally friendly and reducing pollution, you are able to protect the environment. This contributes to preserving ecosystems, wildlife, and natural resources.

The controls within the machine are unlike many others within this guide. With an electronic dial-type throttle control that allows the operator to quickly adjust engine speed, and the automatic engine idle feature. This reduces engine speed to low idle automatically should the machine idle for more than several seconds. However, the LED monitor is standard in providing machine vitals, flow adjustments, and more.


With one of the widest ranges for weight capacity ranging from 2 tons to 10 tons, Volvo is known best for its mini excavators and articulated haulers. Keeping to date with their newest excavator models, we should be able to see lots of new technology soon shrunk to fit into their mini excavator. With best-in-class visibility, new 12V and USB ports, and superior break-out/tear-out force and lifting capabilities, the next mini excavator will be one to keep an eye out for.

One key factor that not all brands are able to match is the mechanical and hydraulic universal quick couplers, which allow attachments to be changed quickly and efficiently. Volvo's hydraulic quick coupler design allows their mini excavators to be matched to both Volvo attachments and a range of offerings from different brands. This provides you the chance to expand your machine's offers beyond to find the best attachment, with being locked in by a brand.

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By decreasing service and maintenance in multiple ways, Volvo is able to simplify owning a mini excavator. With greasing intervals at 50 hours, there is no need to re-grease between jobs. Additionally, daily service points have been grouped together under the engine hood, making them easily accessible for straightforward maintenance.

With a best-in-class cab that's been designed for superior operator comfort and less fatigue, it's hard to ignore Volvo as a brand. The ECR35D and ECR40D are equipped with a spacious operator environment offering excellent all-around visibility and an adjustable suspended seat and console. Most machine functions and settings are easily accessed through a keypad and monitor. This allows for maximum control of your mini excavator.

Additionally, the joystick controls within the cab allow the operator to simply adjust the direction and amount of hydraulic flow being sent to the attachment. This will help increase efficiency and decrease wear and tear on your machine by ensuring the correct speed and power for optimal operation.

Wacker Neuson

As one of the brands best known for its compact construction equipment, it'd be impossible not to mention Wacker Neuson. With a diverse range of compact machines, Wacker Neuson continues to be a popular choice among contractors and operators as a brand.

With 13 different models, there are 2 wheeled models, 4 zero track models, and 7 conventional tracked models. With 803 Duel Power, the ET16, ET18, ET20, ET24, ET35, ET42, and ET58, are all tracked excavators with a traditional tail swing while the EZ17e, EZ17, EZ26, EZ36, and EZ50 are tracked zero tail excavators, providing a wide range of options.


Cab operation was created with maximum operating comfort and visibility standards in mind. The windshield system is optimal and ventilation allows for use in any weather. The ET16 has one of the largest cabins in its class. Noted for its large entryway, heater, individual adjustment seat, and armrest adjustments.

Models like the ET18, ET20, and ET24 have doors on both sides. Models that can lift heavier loads such as the ET35, EZ36, ET42, EZ50, and ET58, have one door. Additionally, there are numerous other ways to adapt your mini excavator to your liking when purchasing or renting.

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One of the ways Wacker Neuson has remained a popular choice is by continually improving their accessibility for maintenance and ensuring they have high-quality components, which leads to longer service life. Some of the ways they have reduced maintenance and service costs are no battery maintenance and the elimination of typical maintenance work on machines like changing oil and filters.

The new battery system specifically designed by Wacker Neuson for Wacker Neuson allows for extremely high battery service life and an increase in performance for the average workday. Reducing the cost and time spent on servicing your mini excavator, allows you to focus on your project.


After being established in 1914, Yanmar's reputation has been built on its reliable power solutions and technology in multiple industries. With a wide range of operating weights from 1 to 11 tons, with an impressive dig depth from 5' to 15', across 9 different models.

With one of the most renowned engines for its reliability and fuel efficiency, they have features that appeal to everyone and any industry. With their ECO mode and auto-deceleration that is great for the environment and your wallet. You'll spend less time filling up and spend less time hooking up attachments with their Quick Coupler technology.

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One of the ways they ensure the reliability of their machines is through the SMARTASSIST Remote. This system helps to monitor your machine to help stay on top of maintenance intervals, identify issues and provide support at all times. It can be found on ViO20-6, ViO25-6A, ViO30-6b, ViO35-6B, ViO45/50-6B, ViO55-6B, ViO80-1/82, SV100-2B, C30R-S, and V4-7. Solutions like this are what have continually helped Yanmar maintain its reputation of being a solution-oriented brand.

Comparing Mini Excavator Models within Each Brand

There can be notable differences in specifications and capabilities within each brand, depending on the model of the excavator. When looking at each brand here are some of the factors you should be sure to consider and take into account.

Consider the size and specs of your mini excavator before you commit to it. Making sure that you are picking a size that offers the perfect balance between maneuverability and power for your project.

Another key component to consider is the engine's power, fuel efficiency, and accessibility. Access to the engine for easy maintenance can be essential if you do the maintenance and inspections yourself. Make sure you have a complete understanding and guide to inspections on mini excavators.

However, if you will be out-sourcing your maintenance then this shouldn't be high on your list of priorities. It will remain high on your list to find a brand that offers the balance you need between power output and fuel consumption, to ensure optimal performance.

Checking the availability and compatibility of popular mini excavator attachments offered by the brand you choose and their compatibility with other brands. Having a broad range of compatible attachments allows for the versatile use of your mini excavator, increasing its usefulness across different applications.

How to Choose the Right Mini Excavator for Your Project

When choosing mini excavator brands it's important to pay attention to what will apply to your project or projects. Make sure you consider a few factors that will help you choose the right mini excavator. These factors are not limited to project requirements, budget, future use, operator comfort and training, and brand support and services.

Make sure you keep in mind where you are willing to spend and where you are willing to save more. If you're willing to spend more to fill up and hoping to spend less on the upfront cost then Hyundai, Doosan, CASE, Bobcat, or Deere, may be one of the right brands for you.

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If you're willing to spend a bit more initially but save some money to fill up and help the environment then brands like Hitachi, Volvo, Komatsu, Yanmar, JCB, or Kobelco, that prioritize fuel efficiency and sustainability may be better.

Ensure you consider your operator's comfort in the machine you are renting or buying for your site. Making sure the features you are excited to use, are useable by your operator. Additionally, keep in mind the availability of training programs and resources to ensure they are trained on how to use the equipment properly and safely.

These are important investments, which is why it's important to be informed before making a purchase or rental decision. Although every brand offers mini excavators that will get the job done, certain brands may provide the advantage of increased efficiency, while being more cost-effective, or a better size option for you. To help you make the right rental decision for your mini excavator, search the DOZR Marketplace for your next mini excavator rental or call a DOZR sales representative.

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Tim Forestell is one of DOZR’s co-founders and CCO. Tim got started in the industry as VP Operations for Forestell Landscaping before founding DOZR with Kevin and Erin. Aside from the amazing team at DOZR, his favourite thing about DOZR are the customers. Working with DOZR renters every day gives him a peek at the evolution of different projects and hearing stories about projects being developed from start to finish.
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