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Mini Excavator with a bucket attachment working on a road project
Mini Excavator with a bucket attachment working on a road project
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The Ultimate Mini Excavator Spec and Size Guide
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Tim Forestell
June 12, 2023

The Ultimate Mini Excavator Size Chart and Spec Guide

Great for jobs like landscaping, home renovations, installing pools, demolishing small buildings, and much more, the mini excavator is a valuable piece of equipment for any job site. Mini excavators go by many names including mini ex, compact excavator, mini digger, mini hoe, and small excavator, though most manufacturers list their selection as either mini or compact excavators.

When choosing the best mini excavator for your project, it's important to consider all your options. There are 16 popular brands that manufacture mini excavators, providing over 100 current models and growing. Coming in a range of sizes spanning approximately 2,000-22,500 lbs, mini excavators vary greatly in size, maximum dig depth, maximum dump height, and engine power. The specific features you choose to prioritize for your project will determine which model is best for your team.

This article serves as a complete mini excavator spec guide. We'll break down the size ranges for this equipment as well as provide an overview of the most important specs for every current model from the top brands in the industry.

Skip ahead to the following brands and their size charts:

  1. Bobcat

  2. CASE

  3. Caterpillar

  4. Doosan

  5. Hitachi

  6. Hyundai

  7. JCB

  8. John Deere

  9. Komatsu

  10. Kubota

  11. New Holland

  12. SANY
  13. Takeuchi

  14. Volvo

  15. Wacker Neuson

  16. Yanmar

The Sizes of Mini Excavators

There are three main size ranges of mini excavator models: small, medium, and large. The distinguishing factor between these three categories is the operating weight of the machine with small models ranging from 2,000-10,000 lbs, medium from 10,000-20,000 lbs, and large models exceeding 20,000 lbs.

Small mini excavators make up more than half of the industry-wide selection of models. These machines generally range between 5-10 feet in terms of dig depth, 6-11 feet in dump height, and 10-40 horsepower (hp). The smaller models on the market are excellent options for projects that require the ability to work in tight spaces or when the foundation is fragile and a lower operating weight is needed.

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The medium-size range of compact excavators is substantially larger and more powerful than its smaller counterparts. These models reach dig depths and dump heights up to 15 feet 9 inches and 21 feet 1 inch respectively, to go along with engine power topping out at 74hp. Capable of handling most projects, this range of machines can at times outperform the large class while maintaining a lighter weight.

The large range of mini excavators achieves dig depths of over 17 feet and a maximum dump height of 19 feet 2 inches and varies between 69-74hp. Although only eight models of this class are on the market, they are extremely capable machines and are best for jobs requiring power not reached by the lighter weight ranges.

The Most Important Mini Excavator Specs

Before doing our deep dive into the specs and sizes of each brand's selection of mini excavators, we want to focus on providing the most useful information for choosing the right machine. In today's guide, we focus on four main categories of specs: operating weight, maximum dig depth, maximum dump height, and engine power.

Along with overall engine power, operating weight is the main dictator of the amount of stress applied to the surrounding environment. However, operating weight does not factor in attachments to the machine, fuel, or the operator. For this reason, lighter equipment is better if it still gets the job done, and is often used in situations requiring minimal disturbance such as working on golf courses or funeral homes.

Maximum dig depth is an important measurement for mini excavators. This spec shows how deep the excavator can dig with the boom, stick, and bucket all extended downwards. Maximum dump height is how high the bucket can be safely dumped. This is especially important when loading materials onto vehicles such as dump trucks, as you need to be sure your machine can clear the sides of the truck.

Horsepower is the total amount of power the machine's engine can generate. This can determine the effectiveness of a piece of equipment and the speed at which it can achieve movements such as lifts, dumps, or driving. However, engine power is occasionally misleading because more efficient hydraulic systems can provide similar results even at lower total horsepower.

Looking for specs on equipment that can do similar jobs to a mini excavator? Check out our in-depth backhoe spec guide.

Specs and Sizes for Every Brand of Mini Excavator


The largest selection in the industry, Bobcat has a whopping 22 models of mini excavators. That's over 20% of the total number of machines on the market!

Bobcat E50 Mini Excavator

With models ranging from 2,593-19,600 lbs, they provide machines for any reasonably sized project. However, they do not manufacture any large compact excavators. Bobcat is an excellent choice if you know the exact specs required for your project, as they're likely to have a model that will fit you perfectly.

Bobcat Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

Bobcat Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
Bobcat E102,5936' 0"6' 0"10.2
Bobcat E10e2,6486' 5"6' 0"NA
Bobcat E194,1477' 10"8' 5"14.8
Bobcat E19e4,2128' 5"8' 5"NA
Bobcat E204,3068' 5"8' 10"13.9
Bobcat E266,4899' 6"10' 10"24.8
Bobcat E328,49712' 10"12' 11"24.8
Bobcat E358,59012' 10"12' 11"24.8
Bobcat E358,82412' 10"12' 11"33
Bobcat E4210,66612' 5"13' 8"42.6
Bobcat E439,83010' 5"12' 7"42.6
Bobcat E5011,89412' 8"13' 11"49.7
Bobcat E6012,64614' 10"15' 2"55
Bobcat E8819,60015' 2"16' 6"65


Another smaller selection of only six models, these mini excavators consist of four small and two medium-sized machines. The biggest advantage of using a CASE model is the exceptional horsepower on their two machines between 12,000-14,000 lbs. This equipment is designed for smooth responsiveness and use in confined spaces on job sites, so a CASE mini excavator is always worth a look.

CASE Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

CASE Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
CASE CX15E3,1866' 9"7' 8"21
CASE CX17C3.9107' 9"8' 10"16.8
CASE CX26C5,5208' 8"9' 11"24.8
CASE CX30C6,3068' 2"9' 7"24.8
CASE CX37C8,35011' 3"11' 10"24.4
CASE CX42D9,25910' 1"12' 0"43.3
CASE CX57C12,32013' 4"13' 9"66.9
CASE CX60C13,76013' 1"13' 5"64.7


With 18 models available, Cat is the second largest manufacturer on our list and the first that offers large, mini excavators. Exceeding 20,000 lbs on five of their machines, they have all but three of the eight models on the market that fall under the large class of equipment. Ranging from 5 feet 8 inches to 17 feet 1 inch in dig depth and reaching over 19 feet in dump height, Cat is the most versatile brand in the industry.

CAT Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

Caterpillar Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
CAT 300.9D2,3995' 8"6' 6"13
CAT 301.53,9137' 8"8' 1"21
CAT 301.7 CR4,2227' 9"8' 3"21
CAT 301.84,4737' 9"8' 5"21
CAT 302 CR4,9877' 9"8' 5"21
CAT 302.7 CR6,7258' 3"9' 8"23.6
CAT 303 CR7,8178' 8"10' 5"23.6
CAT 303.5 CR9,2399' 3"11' 5"23.6
CAT 3049,86710' 6"12' 0"45
CAT 305 CR12,68811' 3"12' 2"45
CAT 306 CR15,76612' 2"14' 2"55.9
CAT 307.517,90513' 5"17' 5"54.8
CAT 308 CR20,38513' 6"15' 7"69.5
CAT 309 CR21,47713' 6"15' 7"69.5
CAT 31022,45117' 1"19' 2"69.5

Develon (previously Doosan)

One of four manufacturers on the model to provide a large-class machine, Develon mini excavators are excellent choices for any project. Providing horsepower among the best in the industry, especially in their DX62R-3 and DX63-3 models, they are an excellent choice for any project.

Develon Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

Develon Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
Develon DX27Z-76,1738' 8"9' 6"24.7
Develon DX35Z-78,80710' 8"11' 9"24.7
Develon DX42-79,87711' 5"NA47.1
Develon DX50Z-711,97111' 5"12' 6"48.8
Develon DX55R-711,96311' 10"12' 11"48.8
Develon DX62R-313,77913' 6"16' 11"58.6
Develon DX63-313,77913' 6"16' 11"58.6
Develon DX89R-721,02513' 5"18' 9"65


With 8 models ranging from 3,790-18,735 lbs, Hitachi mini excavators are excellent performers on small and medium-sized jobs. Providing dig depth exceeding that of most competitors, these machines are especially useful for jobs where you need to dig deeper while still avoiding the heaviest class of compact excavators.

Hitachi Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

Hitachi Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
Hitachi ZX17U-5N3,7907' 2"8' 3"14.5
Hitachi ZX26U-5N5,5608' 6"10' 6"20
Hitachi ZX30U-5N6,6809' 2"10' 6"23.3
Hitachi ZX35U-5N7,58410' 0"11' 4"23.3
Hitachi ZX50U-5N10,56011' 7"13' 4"36.3
Hitachi ZX60USB-5N13,38212' 4"13' 8"53.1
Hitachi ZX75US-718,60015' 3"16' 8"64
Hitachi ZX85USB-719,50014' 10"16'64


Manufacturing eight models ranging from 2 tons to 10 tons, Hyundai's mini excavators are great for residential and commercial projects that require maneuverable, versatile equipment that fits in confined spaces. Their 9A series of compact excavators have zero-tail swing options and well-designed booms. The large blade attachments and quick couplers make them efficient at switching out attachments and increasing versatility.

Hyundai Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

Hyundai Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
Hyundai R17Z-9A3,9207' 2"8' 4"15.8
Hyundai R25Z-9AK5,3607' 11"9' 7"23.2
Hyundai R30Z-9AK6,6258' 2"9' 6"23.2
Hyundai R35Z-9A8,47010' 3"11' 3"23.7
Hyundai R55-9A12,57012' 6"13' 3"65.1
Hyundai R60CR-9A13,45011' 9"12' 11"63
Hyundai R80CR-9A19,29013' 7"15' 6"65.1
Hyundai HX85A20,29014' 1"16' 3"65


Another manufacturer providing a large model as an option, JCB is often at the top of their weight classes when it comes to dig depth and dump height. The most notable feature of JCB's selection is their model that reaches a by-far-industry-best 21 feet 1-inch dump height. If you're looking to clear a two-story fence or wall for your dump, the JCB 86C-2 is not only the best but also the only option for you.

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All 11 models provided in their selection are excellent options and are among industry leaders in overall performance. JCB mini excavators have the second largest variety of any brand and are a great choice for any project.

JCB Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

JCB Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
JCB 18Z-13,8568' 5"8' 7"15.7
JCB 19C-IE4,1939' 2"9' 2"12
JCB 19C-I4,2119' 2"9' 2"15.7
JCB 35Z-I7,84011' 5"11' 7"24.7
JCB 48Z-I10,56511' 7"13' 1"47.9
JCB 50Z-I11,08911' 11"13' 5"48.3
JCB 55Z-I11,83012' 7"14' 0"47.9
JCB 85Z-218,29812' 2"16' 5"64
JCB 86C-218,96014' 10"21' 1"64
JCB 90Z-219,62115' 9"17' 9"74
JCB 100C-221,49516' 8"18' 6"74

John Deere

One of the smaller selections on the list, John Deere's models tend to fall slightly behind the industry average across the board when it comes to the specs on our list. Their best-performing model is also their largest, coming in at 13,620 lbs. This model exceeds its closest competitors by reaching a dig depth and dump height of 12 feet 4 inches and 13 feet 8 inches, respectively.

John Deere also manufactures a variety of excellent mini excavator attachments to augment the capabilities of your machine.

John Deere Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

John Deere Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
John Deere 17G3,7907' 2"8' 3"14.5
John Deere 26G6,1108' 6"10' 0"20
John Deere 30G7,2209' 2"10' 6"23
John Deere 35G8,13510' 0"11' 4"23.3
John Deere 50G10,84711' 7"13' 4"35.9
John Deere 60G13,62012' 4"13' 8"53


Known for their large excavators, Komatsu is one of the most prominent heavy equipment manufacturers in the world. With six models currently being offered, Komatsu has a wide range of mini excavator models that fit the needs of small residential and commercial projects perfectly. Designed for long days, these machines offer operators comfort and are extremely reliable.

Komatsu Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

Komatsu Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
Komatsu PC30MR-57,1439' 1"10' 7"24.4
Komatsu PC35MR-58,53211' 4"11' 9"24.4
Komatsu PC45MR-511,00112' 0"12' 2"38
Komatsu PC55MR-511,61812' 6"12' 9"38
Komatsu PC78US-1118,18815' 3"18' 3"68
Komatsu PC88MR-1119,22415' 0"15' 8"68


Providing the third-widest variety of machines on the market, Kubota has a machine for any small-medium sized job you're working on. Reaching peaks of over 15 feet in maximum dig depth and 17 feet in dump height, they provide powerful and dependable equipment while ensuring great operator comfort. Easy to operate, maneuver, and control, Kubota is a brand you should keep in mind in your search for a compact excavator.

Kubota Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

Kubota Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
Kubota K008-52,0255' 8"6' 8"10.3
Kubota U10-52,6465' 11"7' 3"10.3
Kubota U173,6937' 7"8' 0"16.1
Kubota KX018-43,7377' 10"7' 10"15.3
Kubota U27-45,6889' 5"10' 0"20.9
Kubota KX030-46,2729' 7"10' 4"24.7
Kubota KX033-47,42010' 6"11' 7"24.8
Kubota US35-48,4889' 9"11' 1"24.8
Kubota KX040-49,19511' 3"12' 10"40.4
Kubota U48-510,84810' 8"12' 9"40.4
Kubota U55-512,24711' 11"13' 1"47.6
Kubota KX057-512,34612' 9"13' 8"47.6
Kubota KX080-418,59615' 1"17' 3"66.6

New Holland

The featured aspect of New Holland mini excavators is the horsepower available for their two medium-class machines. Both weighing in around 12,000-13,000 lbs provide best-in-class engine power and generally outperform competitor machines with similar specs. Unfortunately, New Holland does not provide a maximum dump height for any of their models, so that column is left blank in the table below.

New Holland Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

New Holland Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
New Holland E15X2,8996' 7"7' 5"21
New Holland E17C3,9107' 3"8' 5"16.8
New Holland E26C5,5207' 11"9' 7"24.8
New Holland E30C6,3068' 2"NA24.8
New Holland E33C7,1109' 11"10' 9"24.4
New Holland E37C7,99010' 3"11' 3"24.4
New Holland E57C12,05012' 6"13' 3"66.9
New Holland E60C12,94011' 9"12' 1"64.7


Operating in North America since 2006, SANY is a China-founded equipment manufacturer and one of the most popular mini and large excavator brands in the world. With five products currently being manufactured, SANY's mini excavators offer a wide range of versatility for small and medium-sized projects. 

SANY Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

SANY Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
SANY SY16C4,0237' 9"8' 8"19.6
SANY SY26U6,0859' 3"10' 2"20.4
SANY SY35U8,49910' 2"11' 4"24.4
SANY SY50U11,68411' 3"12' 6"39.0
SANY SY60C13,44813' 0"13' 4"56.9


Coming in with the third-largest selection on the list, Takeuchi is one of only four brands to surpass 15 and 17 feet in dig depth and dump height, respectively. These machines are consistently high performing and reliable and provide a wide variety of models for small-medium-sized projects. Takeuchi mini excavators also have engine power on par with industry leaders, a great addition to already-impressive specs.

Takeuchi Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

Takeuchi Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
Takeuchi TB210R2,5355' 9"7' 0"11.7
Takeuchi TB2163,9007' 10"8' 11"15
Takeuchi TB216H4,2777' 10"8' 11"14.9
Takeuchi TB20e4,2557' 10"8' 11"NA
Takeuchi TB2254,9938' 6"9' 5"19.6
Takeuchi TB2306,3609' 4"10' 7"24.4
Takeuchi TB235-27,41810' 8"11' 10"24.4
Takeuchi TB335R7,97010' 6"11' 7"24.4
Takeuchi TB2408,57011' 4"12' 7"35.8
Takeuchi TB250-210,95712' 5"13' 3"39
Takeuchi TB350R10,98011' 9"12' 11"41.7
Takeuchi TB26012,12512' 9"13' 10"47.6
Takeuchi TB257FR12,67512' 9"12' 9"52.3
Takeuchi TB37014,85013' 5"14' 11"56.9
Takeuchi TB29018,63015' 0"17' 3"69.2
Takeuchi TB280FR18,81014' 11"14' 8"69.2
Takeuchi TB2150R34,21519' 9"23' 6"114
Takeuchi TB215036,64618' 0"20' 5"114


With a rich history in construction equipment manufacturing, the Sweden-founded Volvo is as reliable as they come. Manufacturing a wide range of products, Volvo's mini excavators are great options when working on small-scale landscaping, demolition, and construction projects. With 11 models ranging in size from 3,748 lbs to just under 21,000 lbs, they are sure to have a mini that suits your needs. Also, they have one of the few wheeled mini excavator models with the Volvo EW60E, making them great for road-working projects.

Volvo Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

Volvo Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
Volvo ECR18E3,7488' 4"8' 0"16.1
Volvo EC20E4,3328' 8"8' 7"16.1
Volvo ECR25D5,7378' 9"9' 2"20.9
Volvo EC27D6,0198' 2"10' 2"20.9
Volvo EC35D7,78211' 1"11' 0"24.8
Volvo ECR40D8,55411' 5"11' 0"24.8
Volvo ECR5011,13312' 2"12' 5"41.8
Volvo ECR5812,87513' 0"13' 1"48
Volvo EC60E15,44012' 1"13' 7"59
Volvo EW60E12,90011' 9"15' 3"63
Volvo ECR88D20,94413' 7"16' 3"55

Wacker Neuson

With a wide selection of 12 models, including at least one in all three weight classes, Wacker Neuson mini excavators are competent machines. They provide three series of mini excavators to suit any project: tracked conventional tail (ET), zero tail (EZ), and wheeled (EW). Although there are distinct advantages to each, perhaps the most important competitive edge comes with the EZ series. With minimal rear overhang, you can easily work in confined spaces or near obstacles.

Wacker Neuson Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

Wacker Neuson Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
Wacker Neuson 803 Tracked2,2695' 9"6' 7"13.3
Wacker Neuson EZ17 Tracked3,8008' 2"8' 0"18.5
Wacker Neuson ET20 Tracked4,4208' 10"8' 11"18.5
Wacker Neuson EZ26 Tracked5,6689' 0"10' 0"21.2
Wacker Neuson EZ36 Tracked8,19711' 6"10' 11"24.4
Wacker Neuson ET42 Tracked8,88911' 8"11' 8"43.6
Wacker Neuson EZ50 Tracked10,68612' 0"12' 0"43.6
Wacker Neuson ET58 Tracked11,13813' 2"12' 7"44.9
Wacker Neuson ET65 Tracked13,40012' 6"12' 10"56.3
Wacker Neuson EW65 Wheeled14,89211' 9"16' 4"56.3
Wacker Neuson ET90 Tracked19,20215' 4"16' 7"74.3
Wacker Neuson EW100 Wheeled21,35214' 1"NA73.8


Focused on efficiency, performance, and reliability, Yanmar manufactures nine mini-excavators ranging from 1 ton to 10.5 tons. With better fuel economy and zero tail swing on the ViO models, they work well in small, confined spaces.

Yanmar Mini Excavator Sizes and Specs

Yanmar Mini Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (lbs)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightEngine Power
Yanmar SV08-1D2,4385' 4"6' 9"10.3
Yanamr ViO17-1E4,0237' 7"8' 6"14.5
Yanmar ViO25-6B5,90810' 0"9' 2"20.4
Yanmar ViO35-6A8,21411' 3"11' 2"24.4
Yanmar SV409,51511' 10"11' 11"39
Yanmar ViO50-6A10,79212' 3"12' 1"39
Yanmar ViO55-6A12,24713' 6"13' 3"47.6
Yanmar ViO80-1A18,13615' 4"15' 2"56.9
Yanmar SV100-2A21,55015' 9"16' 10"72

Renting a Mini Excavator

As mentioned, operating weight, dig depth, dump height, and engine power are the most important factors to consider when choosing the right piece of equipment for your job site. We hope this guide has helped you figure out what size of mini excavator you need.

Whether you're searching for a small, medium, or large compact excavator from Bobcat, Cat, Takeuchi, JCB, John Deere, New Holland, Kubota, Wacker Neuson, Hitachi, CASE, or Doosan, you can find your next mini excavator rental from DOZR.

Not convinced that a mini excavator will be the best option for your project? Check out our backhoe spec guide to help you in picking out the perfect backhoe rental.

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