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The Ultimate Excavator Spec Guide
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Tim Forestell
November 29, 2022

The Ultimate Excavator Size Chart and Spec Guide

Updated July 26, 2023.

Valuable machines and equipment for land clearing, excavation, demolition, utility work, grading, construction, and more, excavators are popular pieces of heavy equipment for many large projects. Also commonly called diggers, these machines are versatile, coming in both tracked and wheeled forms, and are extremely powerful. When looking to buy or rent an excavator, it's important to choose the model with the right specs as it will affect your efficiency.

There are 15 popular excavator brands, providing hundreds of models. Although most manufacturers have a wide range of weights and specs available, we will be focusing on the upper ranges of weight classes, drawing the line at a minimum of 10 tons. If you're looking for a smaller, more compact excavator, you can check out our mini excavator spec guide.

This piece is meant to serve as a complete excavator spec guide. We'll break down the size ranges for each popular brand as well as provide an overview of the most important specs for every model.

Skip ahead to the following brands and their size charts:

The Sizes of Excavators

Excavators are typically categorized into three main size ranges: small, medium, and large. These categories are determined by operating weight, which is generally a good indication of the power and capability of the machine. Small models range from 10 to 25 tons, medium from 25 to 50 tons, and large models exceed 50 tons lbs. There are also a select few that exceed 500 tons. This size of excavator is made for intense mining projects.

Small models make up a little less than a third of the market. These machines generally range between 15 to 22 feet in terms of dig depth, 18 to 24 feet in dump height, and 50 to 170 horsepower (hp). The smaller models on the market are excellent options for projects that require heavy lifting and some ability to work in tight spaces.

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Excavator, 20 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled
Excavator, 25 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled
Excavator, 30 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled

Significantly more impressive in their dig depth and dump height specs, the medium range of excavators are great choices for most projects. Variations of these models can reach dig depths and dump heights exceeding 30 feet, to go along with engine power topping out at 359 hp. This range of machines can at times outperform some large-class models while maintaining a lighter weight and are extremely valuable machinery for the job site.

The large range of excavators achieves dig depths of over 40 feet, a maximum dump height of 37 feet, and varies between 300 - 2000hp, depending on the industry they're typically used in. This class provides the widest selection of weights to choose from, and the upper tier of models is generally used for only the most extreme projects like quarrying and mining.

The Most Important Excavator Specs

Before diving into the specs and sizes of each brand's selection of excavators, we need to talk about what you should be looking for in an excavator. In this guide, we focus on six main specs: operating weight, maximum dig depth, maximum dump height, maximum reach, bucket capacity, and engine power.

Operating weight generally indicates the overall capabilities of a machine, including breakout force, and bucket capacity. The weight of the equipment, along with horsepower, also dictates the amount of stress applied to the surrounding environment. As a general rule, lighter equipment is better if it is capable of getting the job done as they generally have lower ground pressure and are more fuel efficient.

Maximum digging depth depicts how deep the excavator can dig with the boom, stick, and bucket all extended downwards. This is perhaps the most important spec for these machines, as dig depth is often the primary reason for buying or renting an excavator. Maximum dump height is how high the bucket can be safely dumped. Unfortunately, not all brands provide this spec on their website, though its importance varies depending on the project.

Maximum reach (sometimes listed as maximum reach at ground level or maximum digging reach) reflects how far the arm of the excavator can reach across the surface of the ground. This is vital for job sites where you cannot get the machine too close to where you need to dig. If there are obstacles or obstructions which require you to keep the machine further away from the dig site, max reach is an important spec to consider.

Are these excavators too big for your liking? Check out our in-depth mini excavator spec guide.

Bucket capacity is the amount of material you can fit into the bucket of the excavator. The higher the bucket capacity the fewer amount of shovels it takes to finish your project, making your job faster and more efficient. The bucket capacity is affected by the bucket attachment equipped on the machine which is why some brands don't provide an exact number.

The amount of power a machine generates is reflected in its total horsepower. This indicates the effectiveness of a piece of equipment and the speed at which it can achieve movements such as lifts, dumps, or driving. A more efficient hydraulic system can make up for lost horsepower, but more power is usually better.

Specs and Sizes for Every Excavator Brand


With 18 models spanning every size category, CASE excavators are some of the most versatile on the market. Built for speed, power, efficiency, reliability, comfort, and responsiveness, the new E Series models include seven new powerful machines like the CX140E, CX170E, and CX365 E SR, that will boost your team's productivity on the job site.

Many of CASE's models offer better horsepower than their closest competitors, giving these machines extra power for your project. This power makes difficult jobs that much easier, and gives operators one less thing to worry about.

Their CX750D model provides a best-in-class dig depth to go along with excellent engine power to provide faster cycle times and pure performance. Promising to help you move more dirt, this machine is one of the best on the market and can compete with any model in its weight class.

CASE also provides specialized models like the CX290D Material Handler, with reduced dig depth and horsepower. This model is equipped with additional guarding on the cab and undercarriage to protect the operator and the excavator while working on tough waste and scrap handling applications. CASE excavators are all great options for your construction site, and with their vast selection, you're sure to find a model perfect for you.

CASE Excavator Specs and Sizes

CASE Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
CASE CX140E14.519' 10"21' 0"28' 9"NA102
CASE CX130D15.218' 3"21' 0"28' 9"NA102
CASE CX145D SR16.119' 9"22' 9"30' 8"NA102
CASE CX160D19.219' 11"21' 8"30' 4"NA112
CASE CX170E19.221' 4"21' 8"30' 4"NA121
CASE CX190E20.521' 4"21' 8"30' 4"NA121
CASE CX210D24.521' 7"22' 3"31' 5"NA160
CASE CX220E26.021' 9"22' 3"32' 6"NA162
CASE CX245D SR28.521' 10"25' 0"34' 7"NA160
CASE CX250D 28.522' 8"22' 2"32' 0"NA177
CASE CX260E28.524' 4"22' 2"28' 7"NA179
CASE CX300E33.524' 10"23' 3"29' 10"NA259
CASE CX300D33.623' 4"23' 3"33' 0"NA207
CASE CX290D MH36.111' 11"NA38' 0NA177
CASE CX365E SR39.321' 1"26' 7"36' 8"NA205
CASE CX350D41.226' 8"23' 9"34' 1"NA268
CASE CX490D54.730' 2"25' 3"36' 5"NA362
CASE CX500D ME55.921' 4"23' 6"34' 7"NA362
CASE CX750D79.232' 4"25' 7"38' 2"NA512


No matter what type of work you do, CAT excavators deliver top performance, unmatched versatility, and excellent fuel efficiency. Outstanding durability and safety technology to go along with simple operations that will help your team reach the next level of productivity.

Cat Excavator Specs

The largest selection of models on the market, most of CAT's models fall under the small and medium weight classes. Although this makes them somewhat limited in terms of competing for bigger sizes, unlike Komatsu or Hitachi, there are many options for more reasonably sized projects. Many of these models, particularly the 395 - Tier 4, provide some of the best-in-class horsepower, placing them among the most efficient excavators available.

The CAT 340 Long Reach is one of their most impressive models, reaching over 40 feet in both dig depth and dump height, along with a mind-boggling max reach of almost 60 feet! And it does all of this while only weighing 48.4 tons. This isn't even their only excavator with over 40' of digging depth; so if you're looking to maximize depth, dump height, reach, and horsepower while still keeping the operating weight low, you should consider renting a CAT excavator.

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Excavator, 20 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled
Excavator, 25 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled
Excavator, 30 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled

CAT also offers a selection of wheeled excavators, which are great for the transportation of materials between job sites. These models take a downtick in horsepower and reach, and you should almost always choose a tracked excavator if it's compliant with your job requirements.

Caterpillar Excavator Specs and Sizes

Caterpillar Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
CAT 313 GC15.219' 8"21' 0"28' 4"0.6973
CAT 31315.219' 8"21' 0"29' 4"0.69108
CAT 315 GC17.019' 6"23' 6"28' 5"0.6998
CAT 31517.019' 6"23' 6"28' 5"0.69108
CAT M31618.2NANA29' 4"1.05148
CAT 317 GC19.021' 0"20' 6"29' 6"0.99121
CAT M31419.8NA23' 0"28' 4"0.99134
CAT M31519.8NA25' 2"29' 6"0.99148
CAT 31720.121' 0"20' 6"29' 6"0.99130
CAT M31822.0NANA30' 2"1.19174
CAT M31923.2NANA30' 2"1.19174
CAT M32023.2NANA30' 5"1.28174
CAT 320 GC24.222' 0"21' 3"32' 3"1.31146
CAT 32024.822' 1"21' 4"32' 4"1.56172
CAT M32226.5NA24' 7"33' 4"1.70174
CAT 32327.522' 1"12' 3"32' 4"1.71172
CAT 32628.222' 4"21' 1"33' 2"2.01201
CAT 32531.422' 0"25' 9"32' 1"1.56172
CAT 330 GC34.023' 8"22' 8"35' 1"2.01201
CAT 33034.623' 9"22' 8"35' 1"2.30273
CAT 33538.522' 11"26' 1"34' 11"2.01273
CAT 33640.626' 11"24' 6"38' 7"2.77NA
CAT 34041.426' 11"24' 6"28'  7"3.08346
CAT 340 Straight Boom44.321' 8"33' 6"NANA314
CAT 340 Long Reach48.442' 8"41' 9"59' 3"1.22314
CAT 34952.625' 1"24' 4"38' 5"4.03424
CAT 35052.626' 11"24' 3"39' 1"4.03413
CAT 35255.323' 7"23' 1"37' 1"3.27424
CAT 340 UHD64.024' 8"25' 2"39' 1"2.97314
CAT 352 Long Reach64.442' 8"39' 4"64' 4"1.56425
CAT 352 UHD75.721' 8"24' 6"38' 9"4.08425
CAT 37479.128' 1"27' 7"43' 2"4.32484
CAT 395103.7731' 9"30' 4"48' 3"6.80542

Develon (previously Doosan)

Offering 14 models spanning 16.1-90.5 tons, Doosan excavators can handle most projects. Updated comfort features and intuitive controls make these machines a favorite of operators, and excellent fuel efficiency and versatility make them loved by managers who want to keep costs low.

Some models, like the DX420LC-7, come equipped with multiple power modes to match any application, providing better control over machine performance. A one-touch power boost can momentarily increase hydraulic power when you're in the middle of a difficult task, and the fine swing minimizes the bucket's shaking as you turn.

With powerful digging, fast cycle times, and unbeatable operator comfort, it's hard to go wrong when renting a Doosan excavator. Coming in around the industry average on dig depth and horsepower, they may not be the most expansive brand on the market, but they certainly make high-quality, reliable, and productive machines.

Develon Excavator Specs and Sizes

Develon Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
Develon DX140LC-716.117' 3"NA27' 11"0.67100.6
Develon DX140LCR-717.019' 7"NA27' 11"0.67109.4
Develon DX170LC-519.219' 11"NA28' 10"0.86127.3
Develon DX180LC-521.620' 0"NA29' 7"0.92138.1
Develon DX225LC-7X26.021' 7"NA31' 9"1.20162.3
Develon DX225LC-726.321' 7"NA31' 9"1.20162.3
Develon DX255LC-728.922' 4"NA32' 9"1.44185.1
Develon DX235LCR-729.521' 10"NA31' 7"1.20170.3
Develon DX300LC-734.724' 0"NA34' 10"1.66266.9
Develon DX350LC-741.224. 8"NA35' 11"1.95280.3
Develon DX420LC-748.925' 0"NA36' 9"2.51337.9
Develon DX530LC-757.524' 0"NA37' 6"3.81387.6
Develon DX490LC-761.125' 6"NA38' 11"3.14387.6
Develon DX800LC-790.527' 5"NA42' 5"5.10528.6


Following up one excavator powerhouse with another, Hitachi is the only brand that competes with Komatsu in providing the heaviest and most powerful machines on the market. Built on reliability and comfort, Hitachi excavator models are high-performing, heavy-duty models built to handle the toughest jobs.

Hitachi Excavator Specs

Their vast selection of small and medium-sized machines are built with the same toughness as their monstrous mining excavators and come equipped with fuel-efficient engines and excellent safety features. With a reduced tail swing, some of these smaller models, like the ZC85USB-5N, ZX130-6, and ZX160LC-6, come specifically designed for those congested areas contractors so often work in. Efficient, reliable, and durable machines, these models can help you tackle tough jobs with confidence.

Moving to their breathtakingly large excavators, Hitachi offers a class of mining models ranging from 126.8 to 924.8 tons. Each of these models comes with two variations, an electric engine or a Tier 4 Final engine. With state-of-the-art safety features, advanced hydraulics, and simple controls, these excavators can be operated safely and easily. Providing efficient power options, you can handle any and every job with the reliable, productive, and extremely capable models of Hitachi excavators.

Hitachi Excavator Specs

Hitachi Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
Hitachi ZX758.915' 1"NA22' 8"NA53
Hitachi ZX889.414' 10"NA25' 3"NA53
Hitachi ZX13015.119' 9"NA28' 9"NA100.4
Hitachi ZX13515.719' 7"NA29' 1"NA100.4
Hitachi ZX16019.621' 3"NA30' 7"NA110.4
Hitachi ZX21025.121' 11"NA32' 7"NA163.6
Hiatchi ZX24528.021' 8"NA33' 2"NA159
Hiatchi ZX25029.825' 0"NA35' 9"NA177
Hitachi ZX30034.025' 9"NA37' 0"NA249.4
Hiatchi ZX34539.624' 9"NA37' 7"NA249.4
Hitachi ZX35040.026' 9"NA38' 10"NA270.9
Hiatchi ZX49054.927' 0"NA41' 0"NA362.1
Hitachi ZX69075.630 0"NA45' 4"NA462.7
Hiatchi ZX89093.331' 4"NA48' 10"NA512
Hiatchi EX1200215.026' 7"NA50' 4"NA760
Hitachi EX2000215.026' 7 "NA50' 4"NA1000
Hitachi EX2600282.227' 1"NA54' 6"NA1500
Hitachi EX3600403.328' 3"NA59' 10"NA1944
Hitachi EX5600600.828' 11"NA66' 3"NA1500
Hitachi EX8000924.827' 7"NA73' 2"NA1944


With great horsepower and a wide range of models spanning 14.8-103.3 tons, Hyundai excavators are excellent options for your project. Hyundai's HX series of crawler excavators offer fuel-efficient fast cycle speeds to go along with versatile equipment performance. An impressive hydraulics system increases the efficiency of the machines overall, generating extra power from their already-strong engines.

With precision control, these excavators are operator-friendly and allow for digging and dumping exactly where you want them. With variations like the HX220A LR (long reach) model managing up to 38 feet 7 inches of dig depth on a medium-size machine, they are more than capable of taking on the challenges of a job site.

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Excavator, 20 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled
Excavator, 25 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled
Excavator, 30 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled

Whether you need an excavator for construction, road work, handling materials, demolition, laying pipe, moving earth, dredging, or digging trenches, Hyundai provides excavation equipment for you.

Hyundai Excavator Specs and Sizes

Hyundai Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
Hyundai HX130A LCR14.816' 8"NA25' 5"0.6572
Hyundai HX140A L16.819' 9"NA28' 10"0.80131
Hyundai HX145A LCR17.019' 6"NA28' 9"0.80131
Hyundai HX160A L19.529' 9"NA29' 7"0.80152
Hyundai HX180A L21.519' 9"NA29' 7"0.95152
Hyundai HX210A L25.221' 9"NA32' 2"1.20170
Hyundai HX235A LCR27.121' 11"NA32' 6"0.67 - 1.75170
Hyundai HX220A L27.322' 1"NA32' 9"1.20170
Hyundai HX220A LR28.038' 7"NA50' 0"0.68170
Hyundai HX260A L30.822' 6"NA33' 5"1.53227
Hyundai HX300A L36.124' 1"NA34' 10"1.66 - 2.42255
Hyundai HX350A L41.724' 2"NA36' 7"1.88304
Hyundai HX380A L44.024' 8"NA36' 7"2.12359
Hyundai HX480A L58.025' 6"NA39' 6"2.88395
Hyundai HX520A L60.425' 0"NA39' 6"3.41395
Hyundai HX900L103.328' 10"NA45' 8"4.71 - 7.59615


With seven excavators in their product portfolio, JCB has a diverse range of small and medium-sized excavators. They have one wheeled model, the Hyrdarig 110W, which is best suited for roadwork projects, and six tracked models.

The 245XR and JZ141 have reduced tail swings for small, tight spaces and all of the other models have conventional tail swings. JCB models are relatively small in comparison to many others on this list, capping out at 31 tons. However, they are still great, reliable machines for many small and medium-scale projects.

JCB Excavator Specs and Sizes

JCB Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
JCB Hydrarig 110W12.614' 6"28' 10"25' 6"0.43109
JCB 131X16.319' 10"23' 0"28' 7"1.1674
JCB JX14117.819' 10"23' 0"28' 5"1.1674
JCB 150X17.119' 10"23' 0"28' 7"1.16109
JCB JS16021.520' 7"22' 7"29' 9"1.29130
JCB 220X27.521' 11"21' 4"31' 8"1.63173
JCB 245XR30.821' 9"26' 1"32' 1"1.66173

John Deere

One of the most trusted heavy equipment providers in North America, John Deere's lineup of excavators lives up to the company's reputation. With 17 models listed as "mid-sized", which ranges up to 45 tons, and "full-sized" which reach 94.4 tons, these machines have some of the most impressive specs in the industry.

Designed to accelerate your profitability and productivity, their mid-sized models provide power when you need it. With special features including reduced-tail-swing, grade management, and super-long front options, it's easy to find an excavator that fits your job requirements. With operator-friendly controls and a single-pedal propel system, these machines are great choices for small to medium-sized projects.

Although John Deere only has three full-sized models, the 470, 670, and 870 P-Tier excavators, they are designed to handle jobs that smaller machines can't. Reaching up to 36 feet and 7 inches in digging depth to go along with 512hp, these are powerful machines with industry-leading specs. With smooth, one-of-a-kind efficiency, they're perfect for jobs like digging out building foundations, moving materials in a quarry, or trenching and placing pipe.

John Deere Excavator Specs and Sizes

John Deere Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
John Deere 75G9.015' 1"18' 1"22' 2"NA56.9
John Deere 85G9.814' 10"16' 8"24' 9"NA56.9
John Deere 130 P-Tier14.819' 9"21' 5"28' 5"NA98
John Deere 135 P-Tier17.020' 0"23' 8"28' 8"NA101
John Deere 160 P-Tier19.821' 4"21' 0"30' 1"NA122
John Deere 190G W21.719' 2"21' 2"30' 10"NA173
John Deere 200 G-Tier22.623' 2"22' 9"32' 1"NA146
John Deere 210G LC26.021' 11"23' 7"32' 0"NA159
John Deere 250G LC28.125' 0"24' 10"35' 3"NA188
John Deere 245 P-Tier28.421' 9"27' 2"32' 6"NA159
John Deere 300G LC34.625' 10"24' 9"36' 5"NA223
John Deere 345 P-Tier39.424' 10"28' 5"36' 10"NA249
John Deere 350 P-Tier40.526' 10"23' 9"35' 9"NA271
John Deere 380 P-Tier42.726' 10"23' 9"35' 9"NA271
John Deere 470 P-Tier56.527' 2"25' 6"40' 3"NA367
John Deere 67- P-Tier77.130' 0"27' 4"44' 8"NA463
John Deere 870 P-Tier94.436' 731' 11"48' 7"NA512


Only offering three total models, the HD512LC-7, HD514MR-7, and the HD823MR-7, Kato has the second-fewest excavators in their lineup of the brands on this list. Be that as it may, we've chosen to include them for good reason. With built-in error-prevention features, high-power digging and quick response systems, and easy maintenance, these machines are more than capable of handling smaller jobs and may come at a more reasonable price point.

These models are built for operator comfort and easy manipulation. Going out of their way to put your needs first, Kato may not have quite the variety of some other brands but are without a doubt worth considering in your search for an excavator.

Kato Excavator Specs and Sizes

Kato Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
Kato HD512LC-714.218' 4"21' 0"NANA105
Kato HD514MR-715.518' 2"21' 11"NANA105
Kato HD823MR-727.021' 1"22' 8"NANA172


Kobelco is a manufacturer that specializes solely in excavators in the North American market. They have three types of excavators, the SR Series, conventional excavators, and specialty excavators.

Their SR Series stands for short rear-swing, meaning that the SR models have a reduced tailswing, making them better for small, confined spaces. Their conventional excavators have a regular tailswing and are built for medium and large-scale projects. They are denoted below by the "LC" in the model name.

Lastly, Kobelco has their specialty line of excavators including long reach, high and wide, and demolition. Long-reach models are made for projects like dredging and shoring, high and wide are used for forestry and hard terrain that require an undercarriage with lots of ground clearance, and demolition excavators have cabs that can tilt and built with reinforced materials for heavier projects.

Kobelco Excavator Specs and Sizes

Kobelco Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine PowerTailswing
Kobelco SK75SR-79.315'18' 7"22' 7"0.4670Short
Kobelco SK75SR-7 Offset Boom9.714' 1"17' 10"21' 3"0.4670Short
Kobelco SK85CS-71014' 7"17' 0"24' 7"0.4670Short
Kobelco SK130LC-1116.419' 7"20' 11"28' 10"0.8896Conventional
Kobelco SK140SRLC-716.419' 7"23' 4"28' 11"0.88105.4Short
Kobelco SK140SRLC-7 Offset Boom16.817' 2"19' 6"25' 9"0.88105.4Short
Kobelco SK140SRD-7 Car Demo22.5NA20' 4"29' 9"NA96Short
Kobelco ED160BR-7 Blade Runner18.519'23' 11"28' 11"0.5105Short
Kobelco SK170LC-1119.721' 3"23' 4"31' 2"1.0123Conventional
Kobelco SK210LC-112522'22' 8"32' 6"1.05160Conventional
Kobelco SK210LC-11 Long Reach26.423' 10"22' 10"33' 11"1.05160Conventional
Kobelco SK210LC-11 High & Wide28.222' 8"24' 0"33' 11"1.05160Conventional
Kobelco SK210D-11 Car Demo33.725' 6" 25' 6"36' 4"NA160Conventional
Koebleco SK230SRLC-728.521' 7"25' 4"31' 10"1.8164Short
Kobelco SK260LC-1130.123'22' 7"33' 10"1.31178Conventional
Kobelco SK260LC-11 Long Reach31.925' 2"23' 11"36' 0"1.31194Conventional
Kobelco SK260LC-11 High & Wide32.524' 1"25' 0"36' 0"1.31194Conventional
Kobelco SK260DLC-11 Scrap37.1NA13' 0"42' 10"NA194Conventional
Kobelco SK270SRLC-730.523' 1"28' 5"33' 7"1.8164Short
Kobelco SK300LC-1134.623' 7"23' 4"35' 8"1.88265Conventional
Kobelco SK350LC-1142.124' 1"24' 9"36' 11"2.09265Conventional
Kobelco SK350DLC-11 Building Demo47.2NA46' 4"68' 11"NA265Conventional
Kobelco SK380SRLC-741.822' 11"26' 9"35' 10"1.878265Short
Kobelco SK390LC-11 High & Wide42.125' 11"26' 5"39' 3"2.09265Conventional


Providing models in every size range Komatsu supplies three models over 500 tons, the PC5500-11, PC7000-11, and PC8000-11. They also have one of the largest selections overall. Because of this, there is no doubt that Komatsu's lineup of excavators is one of the best in the industry.

Komatsu Excavator Specs

Although Komatsu provides some massive pieces of heavy equipment, they also produce some of the smaller models on the market like the PC78US-11, PC88MR-11, and PC130-11. These popular excavators, with reasonably modest specs, are designed specifically for compact versatility.

A short tail swing offers extra maneuverability while high-flow hydraulics with proportional joysticks allow for excellent adaptability to the job site. The cabs offer high-end operator comfort, with an air suspension seat, Bluetooth radio, and a high-resolution monitor.

Komatsu provides the second-largest model on the market, the PC8000-11, which weighs just under 850 tons with an engine power of over 2000hp. This machine allows you to cycle through large loads and is customizable for your operation. Equipped with a sustainable engine and rigorously designed and engineered for durability and performance, this model - and its similarly large counterparts - are ready to take on any job you can imagine.

Komatsu Excavator Specs and Sizes

Komatsu Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
Komatsu PC789.114' 4"NA22' 3"0.2667.9
Komatsu PC889.613' 9"NANA0.2667.9
Komatsu PC13014.117' 5"NA26' 10"0.7897.2
Komatsu PC13817.317' 3"NA26' 10"1.0090.9
Komatsu PC17020.418' 10"NA28' 10"1.24114
Komatsu HB 21525.620' 10"NANANA148
Komatsu PC21026.620' 11"NA31' 10"1.57165
Komatsu PC23827.420' 11"NA31' 10"1.57156
Komatsu PC24027.922' 0"NA32' 10"1.85177
Komatsu PC29035.822' 2"NA34' 3"2.13196
Komatsu PC36039.723' 7"NA35' 10"2.56257
Komatsu HB36542.223' 7"NA35' 10"2.56269
Komatsu PC39044.523' 3"NA35' 82.91257
Komatsu PC49053.925' 0"NA36' 10"4.15359
Komatsu PC65072.127' 5"NA42' 0"4.98436
Komatsu PC1250130.025' 5"NA44' 10"11.9758
Komatsu PC2000222.529' 11"NA50' 3"17.91046
Komatsu PC3000288.829' 11"NA51' 2"21.01260
Komatsu PC4000437.826' 2"NA54' 8"29.01875
Komatsu PC5500586.328' 7"NA62' 5"38.01260
Komatsu PC7000750.227' 8"NA64' 3"50.01500
Komatsu PC8000844.828' 4"NA69' 5"55.02010


The largest selection of machines available on the market, Liebherr crawler excavators are available in tunnel and demolition versions to cover special requirements for these applications. Only coming in behind Hitachi and Komatsu in operating weight range, they also provide some of the heaviest and most capable machines in the industry.

Liebherr demolition excavators are tailored perfectly to the job requirements. With as little as 9 feet 9 inches of dig depth but well a maximum dump height reaching well over 30 feet, these machines are some of the most effective you'll find. Their tunnel excavators are equally well designed, with specially made accessories to the equipment which enables the operator to work through a single operation without ever changing the attachment.

Productive, reliable, and comfortable, Liebherr excavators always get the job done. Although their heaviest models are somewhat limited in engine power in comparison to other brands, the average horsepower on their machines hovers around the industry average and does not detract from their quality. If you need an excavator that meets specific job requirements and can handle the toughest environment, keep Liebherr near the top of your list while you conduct your search.

Liebherr Excavator Specs and Sizes

Liebherr Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
Liebherr R 914 Compact18.116' 10"19' 11"25' 10"0.65121
Liebherr R 914 Rail22.014' 7"23' 5"25' 9"1.05121
Liebherr R 920 Compact23.517' 3"21' 10"27' 7"1.24255
Liebherr R 91823.918' 3"20' 1"28' 8"1.50161
Liebherr R 92225.720' 10"21' 5"31' 2"1.96161
Liebherr R 92427.120' 10"21' 5"31' 2"2.16173
Liebherr R 926 Compact28.820' 1"25' 10"29' 7"1.96175
Liebherr R 92833.521' 0"22' 3"31' 4"2.42201
Liebherr R 93034.421' 9"22' 11"32' 8"2.81241
Liebherr R 936 Compact38.421' 0"24' 2"33' 5"2.81255
Liebherr R 93439.322' 1"22' 10"34' 0"3.27268
Liebherr R 93843.022' 10"22' 1"32' 4"3.92295
Liebherr R 94550.622' 10"22' 1"34' 9"3.92295
Liebherr R 95665.523' 5"23' 2"36' 5"4.58335
Liebherr R 960 SME68.023' 0"23' 5"35' 5"4.84335
Liebherr R 940 Demolition70.49' 9"33' 6"36' 6"2.62268
Liebherr R 950 Demolition83.613' 9"33' 0"38' 11"1.63295
Liebherr R 97285.523' 5"25' 9"38' 1"7.19443
Liebherr R 978 SME88.423' 7"25' 9"38' 3"6.54443
Liebherr R 992106.424' 5"27' 1"46' 7"8.89563
Liebherr R 992-E107.012' 2"37' 1"43' 0"3.07335
Liebherr R 998 SME111.824' 1"27' 11"30' 8"9.42563
Liebherr R 998 SME-E114.924' 11"26' 8"45' 6"9.42544

Few companies have the number of models available that Link-Belt does. With their X4S, X4, Spin Ace, Heavy Duty, Long Front, and Material Handling models, they have six types of excavators for specialized jobs. They also have a full product list of excavator-like equipment for forestry projects.

The Spin Ace series are excavators with short tailswing, built and engineered for projects in small spaces. The X4S and X4 series are built to be more fuel efficient. The Heavy Duty excavators are built for mining, piping, land-clearing, and projects that require moving heavy materials. Link-Belt's Long Front excavators are for projects that require a lot of reach like dredging, sloping, and more.

The material handler excavators are made for scrap yards and landfills and have higher and wider undercarriages to protect them from getting damaged.

Link-Belt Excavator Specs and Sizes

Link-Belt Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine PowerTailswing
Link-Belt 130 X414.619' 10"21' 11"28' 9"0.98102Conventional
Link-Belt 145 X4 Spin Ace16.819' 9"23' 11"28' 8"0.98102Short
Link-Belt 160 X419.221' 4"21' 11"30' 9"1.14112Conventional
Link-Belt 170 X4S19.721' 4"21' 11"30' 9"NA120Conventional
Link-Belt 190 X4S21.521' 4"21' 11"30' 9"NA120Conventional
Link-Belt 210 X424.421' 10"21' 7"32' 6"1.75160Conventional
Link-Belt 220 X4S24.620' 1"21' 7"30' 11"NA160Conventional
Link-Belt 210 X4 Long Front25.939' 5"35' 2"51' 2"0.98160Conventional
Link-Belt 245 X4 Spin Ace28.421' 10"26' 2"32' 4"1.75160Short
Link-Belt 250 X428.424' 4"23' 2"35' 5"2.43177Conventional
Link-Belt 210 X4 Heavy Duty28.517' 3"26' 11"32' 5"NA160Conventional
Link-Belt 260 X4S28.624' 4"23' 2"35' 5"2.43177Conventional
Link-Belt 250 X4 Long Front31.847' 9"38' 8"60' 0"0.95177Conventional
Link-Belt 300 X433.524' 10"24' 3"36' 7"2.43207Conventional
Link-Belt 300 X4S33.824' 10"24' 3"36' 7"NA253Conventional
Link-Belt 250 X4 Heavy Duty34.217' 3"27' 9"33' 10"NA177Conventional
Link-Belt 250 X4 Scrap Loader36.612' 9"NA42' 5"NA177Conventional
Link-Belt 300 X4 Heavy Duty36.618' 3"27' 10"35' 1"NA207Conventional
Link-Belt 250 X4 Material Handler37.511' 10"NA38' 0"NA177Conventional
Link-Belt 355 X4S39.524' 5"27' 10"36' 11"NA205Conventional
Link-Belt 350 X441.226' 9"24' 8"39' 0"2.93268Conventional
Link-Belt 350 X4 Long Front44.146' 3"39' 8"61' 3"1.4268Conventional
Link-Belt 380 X4 Material Handler51.817' 1"NA50' 5"NA268Conventional
Link-Belt 490 X456.530' 2"26' 6"43' 6"4.05362Conventional
Link-Belt 750 X459.132' 4"27' 7"47' 5"5.86512Conventional
Link-Belt 600 X4 Material Handler63.123' 5"NA55' 1"NA362Conventional


Only reaching a peak weight of 60.1 tons, SANY excavators cannot compete with the heaviest models of some of their competitors, but that's not their goal. Making 11 reliable models, some of which provide the best horsepower on the market at their weight, these machines are not to be overlooked.

Designed to provide power and performance without high operating costs, these machines offer selectable working modes that match performance output to the job at hand. Efficiency features can help save up to 10% on fuel costs, while the excellent cooling system ensures clean and quiet operation in any conditions.

Find Your Next Equipment Rental on DOZR
Excavator, 20 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled
Excavator, 25 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled
Excavator, 30 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled

Powerful, robust, reliable, and capable, consider SANY's lineup of excavators for any small to medium-sized projects you might have.

Sany Excavator Specs and Sizes

SANY Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
SANY SY75C8.014' 7"18' 0"21' 4"NA57.7
SANY SY80U9.714' 11"17' 10"23' 11"NA73
SANY SY95C10.114' 2"17' 1"21' 10"NA72
SANY SY135C16.418' 1"20' 3"27' 2"NA103.3
SANY SY155U17.617' 11"22' 2"27' 4"NA105
SANY SY215C26.021' 8"21' 11"33' 10"NA163.6
SANY SY225C27.021' 8"21' 11"33' 10"NA163.6
SANY SY265C29.822' 0"22' 0"33' 7"NA194.4
SANY SY265C LONG REACH34.743' 8"41' 1"57' 9"NA190.4
SANY SY365C40.523' 11"23' 5"36' 5"NA275
SANY SY500H60.125' 3"25' 1"39' 5"NA400


Providing a wide variety of models, variations, and attachments, Volvo excavators are great for projects of all sizes. With the perfect combination of power and stability, you can trust these machines to consistently perform at a high level.

Perhaps the best trait of Volvo's lineup is its industry-leading bucket capacities. Sometimes limited in depth and reach, these machines can still hold higher volumes of material than it's closest competitors, allowing you to work more quickly and efficiently.

Although many of the specs seem fairly similar and lack variation, Volvo provides options for longer arms and mono vs two-piece booms that can help you dig deeper and dump higher. Optimized for maximum productivity and profitability, don't overlook these high-quality excavators when you make your renting decision.

Volvo Excavator Specs and Sizes

Volvo Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
Volvo EWR130E14.216' 9"23' 4"28' 5"0.95121
Volvo EC140E14.418' 3"18' 9"27' 5"0.33 - 1.01121
Volvo ECR145E15.918' 2"21' 6"27' 5"0.33 - 1.07121
Volvo EWR150E17.016' 9"18' 1"28' 5"0.95141
Volvo EW160E17.918' 8"19' 4"30' 6"1.02156
Volvo EC160E18.119' 11"19' 11"29' 6"0.39 - 1.26148
Vovlo EWR170E19.818' 10"21' 8"30' 9"0.90154
Volvo EW180E20.019' 8"21' 5"32' 9"1.14175
Volvo EC200E22.522' 3"21' 8"32' 9"0.36 - 1.44154
Volvo EC220E22.722' 1"20' 4"32' 7"0.63 - 1.88173
Volvo EW220E24.420' 8"22' 10"33' 4"1.30173
Volvo ECR235E26.122' 2"24' 10"32' 5"0.47 - 1.88173
Volvo EC250E28.723' 2"21' 8"33' 11"0.73 - 2.30225
Volvo EC250E Hybrid30.023' 2"21' 8"33' 11"1.00 - 2.00225
Volvo EC300E33.324' 1"24' 1"35' 4"0.68 - 2.69253
Volvo EC300E Hybrid34.324' 1"21' 11"35' 2"1.00 - 3.00253
Volvo ECR335E37.622' 4"24' 5"35' 3"1.24 - 2.69241
Volvo EC350E39.324' 11"22' 4"36' 10"1.10 - 2.50303
Volvo EC380E41.722' 3"22' 4"34' 7"1.09 - 3.31303
Vovlo EC380E Hybrid43.924' 10"22' 4"36' 10"1.09 - 3.70308
Volvo EC480E50.225' 8"22' 10"39' 10"2.03 - 4.32373
Volvo EC530E57.925' 8"23' 4"40' 0"3.14 - 5.00456
Volvo EC550E60.025' 3"23' 4"40' 0"3.14 - 6.00456
Volvo EC750E81.023' 8"23' 0"37' 7"4.30 - 6.70516
Vovlo EC950F100.629' 4"26' 7"46' 0"5.00 - 10.0603


XCMG currently manufactures eight medium and large excavators. The XE210U model comes with regular reach but can be equipped with a long-reach boom. Most of their excavators are considered medium size, ranging from 17 tons to 43 tons. However, they do have one model, the XE950G which is 100 tons and made for heavy-duty projects like mining and quarries.

XCMG Excavator Specs and Sizes

XCMG Excavator Specs and Sizes
ModelOperating Weight (tons)Max Dig DepthMax Dump HeightMax ReachBucket Capacity (cu yds)Engine Power
XCMG XE155U17.519' 9"25' 7"28' 9"0.85121
XCMG XE155UCR18.818' 2"24' 5"27' 3"0.85121
XCMG XE210U2521' 11"27' 2"32' 7"1.57173
XCMG XE210U SLR2538' 1"39' 6"50' 7"1.57173
XCMG XE250U30.122' 10"28' 5"33' 8"1.57194.5
XCMG XE300U35.823' 3"29'35' 7"2.1232
XCMG XE360U4324' 4"30' 2"36' 11"2.2338

Renting an Excavator

With all the available options, searching for an excavator is never easy. After reading through this guide, we hope it has helped you decide on the type of excavator you need. Whether you're looking for a small, medium, or large excavator from John Deere, Volvo, Liebherr, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, Caterpillar, Sany, Doosan, CASE, or any other, you can find your next excavator rental with DOZR.

Not convinced that an excavator is the best option for your project? Check out our backhoe spec guide to help you pick out the perfect backhoe rental.

Find Your Next Equipment Rental on DOZR
Excavator, 20 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled
Excavator, 25 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled
Excavator, 30 ton+ image
13 ton - 80 ton
High Reach, Long Reach, Wheeled
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