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Yellow bulldozer pushing dirt on an earthmoving construction site
Yellow bulldozer pushing dirt on an earthmoving construction site
The Ultimate Dozer Spec Guide and Size Chart
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Tim Forestell
January 16, 2023

The Ultimate Dozer Spec Guide and Size Chart

Dozers are great machines for medium and large-scale earthmoving projects. But how do you pick the right size and model for your job site? The dozer size charts for each manufacturer and supplier below should help you decide.

Important Dozer Specs to Consider

There are a few ways to determine what dozer, also commonly called a crawler or bulldozer, to rent or purchase for a project and that's by determining what specs are most important for you to get the job done. The most important specs are typically operating weight, horsepower, blade width, and whether the dozer has low-ground-pressure (LGP) functionality.

Operating weight is an estimate of how much the machine will weigh once the operator, cab, and fuel have been considered. Horsepower gives a good understanding of the pushing force a dozer will have. Blade width signifies how efficient a dozer can be while blade capacity, measured in cubic yards, refers to how much it can push, depending on the blade.

Both blade width and capacity are directly proportional to both the operating weight and horsepower of the machine, as well as the blade type. It's also important to note that there is a range for both operating weight and blade width depending on the different tracks, cabs, or blade attachments a dozer may have.

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15,000 lbs - 200,000 lbs

Nowadays, most small, medium, and large dozers have both standard and LGP options because of how important it is on so many sites. This specification allows heavy equipment to spread its weight evenly across the ground and increase performance on soft and wet terrain.

Now that we've covered the most important specs to consider, here are some dozer size comparison charts for companies including Caterpillar, John Deere, Case, Kubota, and Liebherr.

Comparing Dozer Size Charts and Specs

Caterpillar Dozer Sizes and Specs

With 11 current models of Caterpillar dozers, CAT produces the most expansive list in the North American market. CAT dozer sizes are all broken down into small, medium, and large models. However, small is a relative term for crawler dozers as the smallest one is just under 18,000 lbs.

Small dozers that Caterpillar makes include the D1, D2, and D3 dozers; their medium bulldozers are the D4, D5, D6, D7, and D8; while the D9, D10, and D11 models are all considered large bulldozers. These big models all have operating weights above 100,000 lbs.

CAT D4K dozer on a construction site with an equipment operator controlling the machine
The CAT D4K dozer is now referred to as the CAT D2 dozer.

All of the small and medium-sized CAT dozer models are available with either standard or LGP tracks. Their large models only have standard tracks. Blade width is dependent on both the size of the machine and whether you're using an S-blade, U-blade, S-U-blade, or angle blade, as will be the case with all suppliers to follow.

CAT Dozer Specs and Sizes
ModelMax Operating Weight (lbs)HorsepowerBlade WidthBlade Capacity (cu yds)Track Width
CAT D119,29580104" - 124"1.99 - 2.17Standard or LGP
CAT D219,06692109" - 124"2.42 - 2.59Standard or LGP
CAT D321,810104109" - 126.7"2.86 - 3..06Standard or LGP
CAT D430,8821304.26 - 4.98Standard or LGP
CAT D542,2631704.6 - 5.5Standard or LGP
CAT D652,7152155.0 - 7.5Standard or LGP
CAT D765,6442658.0 - 22.0Standard or LGP
CAT D888,69835412.9 - 27.9Standard or LGP
CAT D9110,225452171" - 184"17.8 - 21.7Standard or LGP
CAT D10154,700600Standard
CAT D11229,800850219.8" - 263.9"35.6 - 57Standard

It's also important to note that some of the blade capacities may be higher due to CAT's waste-handling blades.

John Deere Dozer Sizes and Specs

Another popular dozer brand is John Deere. With 8 models being produced currently, all John Deere dozer sizes would be considered small and medium. However, these machines still get the job done.

John Deere 700K dozer sitting idle on a job site
An older generation of the 700L dozer, the John Deere 700K has very
similar specs to the new model.

With blade widths and capacities competing with Caterpillar and the others listed below, Deere crawlers are efficient and fill in the size gaps quite nicely if looking for a medium-sized dozer. However, their machines are not typically used for waste handling which is why you'll see the discrepancy in the blade capacity.

John Deere Dozer Specs and Sizes
ModelMax Operating Weight (lbs)HorsepowerBlade WidthBlade Capacity (cu yds)Track Width
John Deere 450K18,7528097" - 124"2.1 - 2.6Standard or LGP
John Deere 550K21,00092105" - 124"2.4 - 2.6Standard or LGP
John Deere 650K22,343104105" - 128"2.6 - 2.9Standard or LGP
John Deere 700L32,088135121" - 145"4.4 - 5.1Standard or LGP
John Deere 750L40,040175129"5.6Standard or LGP
John Deere 850L51,365225129" - 194"5.2 - 8.0Standard or LGP
John Deere 950K73,700265153" - 204"8.6 - 11.2Standard or LGP
John Deere 1050K96,100350157" - 202"9.0 - 14.0Standard or LGP

The John Deere 650, 750, and 850 are some of their most popular sizes, especially for larger, more commercial earthmoving projects.

Komatsu Dozer Sizes and Specs

While Komatsu dozer sizes include small, medium, and large dozer models. They also produce surface mining dozers like the D375A and D475A. Komatsu considers large to be anything over 65,000 lbs.

The great thing about Komatsu is that any of these models are available with a variety of customizations. Let's take the Komatsu D85PX-18 WH dozer for example.

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Dozer, 50,000 lbs+ image
15,000 lbs - 200,000 lbs
Dozer, 80,000 lbs+ image
15,000 lbs - 200,000 lbs

The "PX" refers to the track width which would be a low-ground-pressure model. If instead, it has an "EX", that means the Komatsu dozer will be equipped with standard tracks. Lastly, the "WH" in the model name refers to the type of job it's used for, which in this case would be "waste handler".

The Komatsu D65, D85, and D155 are the only dozers available with waste handler capabilities. All Komatsu dozers, other than the surface mining models, are available with standard tracks or LGP. The Komatsu D475 is the only model that competes with the CAT D11 for size and strength.

Komatsu Dozer Specs and Sizes
ModelMax Operating Weight (lbs)HorsepowerBlade WidthBlade Capacity (cu yds)Track Width
Komatsu D3720,50389107" - 125"2.5 - 2.79Standard or LGP
Komatsu D3922,817105107" - 128"2.89 - 3.14Standard or LGP
Komatsu D5131,438131120" - 132"3.5 - 4.4Standard or LGP
Komatsu D6143,167168128" - 152"4.41 - 4.98Standard or LGP
Komatsu D6551,960217134" - 158"4.8 - 7.3Standard or LGP
Komatsu D7152,690237152" - 169"5.8 - 6.6Standard or LGP
Komatsu D8568,530264132" - 172"7.7 - 9.2Standard or LGP
Komatsu D15594,421354182" - 228"12.3 - 15.7Standard or LGP
Komatsu D375163,340609188" - 205"24.2 - 28.8Standard or LGP
Komatsu D475254,195890207" - 255"35.6 - 58.9Standard or LGP

For simplicity's sake, all Komatsu bulldozers listed above are written in their simplest form. However, when navigating their products, you can use the above to determine which model to purchase or rent.

CASE Dozer Sizes and Specs

Like John Deere, CASE dozers are widely considered to be great for small and medium-sized earthmoving projects. With operating weights ranging from just over 15,000 lbs to 84,000 lbs, these dozers won't wow you with their range but will with their performance.

CASE Dozer Specs and Sizes
ModelMax Operating Weight (lbs)HorsepowerBlade WidthBlade Capacity (cu yds)Track Width
CASE 650M16,8396890" - 120"1.58 - 2.15Standard or LGP
CASE 750M20,6669296" - 120"1.69 - 2.15Standard or LGP
CASE 850M23,250112104" - 124"2.16 - 2.62Standard or LGP
CASE 1150M32,637127120" - 132"3.77 - 4.16Standard or LGP
CASE 1650M39,557150130" - 156"4.28 - 6.33Standard or LGP
CASE 2050M84,733214135" - 157"4.94 - 7.98Standard or LGP

All CASE models are available with either standard tracks or LGP, making them great for every terrain. However, their blade width and blade capacities are lower than their competitors. This makes them great for smaller earthmoving projects and construction sites where companies like John Deere, Caterpillar, and others might be too big.

Liebherr Dozer Sizes and Specs

Although not the most frequently seen brand in North America, Liebherr dozers are great options for small, medium, and large-scale earthmoving, leveling, and clearing projects. With 7 dozers, or what they call crawler tractors, their machines span strength between the smaller brands like John Deere and CASE, and the more prominent brands like Caterpillar and Komatsu.

Liebherr Dozer Specs and Sizes
ModelMax Operating Weight (lbs)HorsepowerBlade WidthBlade Capacity (cu yds)Track Width
Liebherr 71634,833132124" - 138"3.82 - 4.32Standard or LGP
Liebherr 72645,856170130" - 145"4.38 - 5.06Standard or LGP
Liebherr 73656,218217148" - 166"5.36 - 7.27Standard or LGP
Liebherr 74669,446258145" - 178"7.85 - 9.42Standard or LGP
Liebherr 75694,799353156" - 176"11.67 - 15.43Standard or LGP
Liebherr 766119,784422170" - 181"17.79 - 22.23Standard or LGP
Liebherr 776161,354768180" - 217"24.20 - 28.80Standard

Manufacturing their 8th generation of bulldozers, Liebherr's crawlers come equipped with both standard or LGP options except for their biggest model, the Liebherr 776.

Renting a Dozer

We hope these bulldozer size charts have been helpful in determining what dozer model you should pick for your next project. With DOZR Marketplace, you can rent dozers of all sizes and specs. With access to prices and inventory from equipment rental companies across North America, you are sure to find the right size. Begin your dozer rental search now.

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