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stadium aerial view

HIB: Super Bowl LVI SoFi Stadium

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Tim Forestell
February 10, 2022

Which Two Teams are Playing in the Super Bowl and Where?

This year's Super Bowl game is scheduled for Sunday, February 13th at 6:30 pm EST, at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. The Stadium is home to the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams and Bengals will be facing off for the championship ring, the two teams haven’t met since 2019. The Rams are back this year looking to win their second-ever Super Bowl, the team last won in 2000. The Bengals however will be playing for their first-ever Super Bowl title after losing the championship in 1982 and 1989.

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Who is Performing in the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Let’s not forget about the infamous Halftime Show, which we should expect to see start around 8:00 pm EST! This year’s performers are Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar. 

Building the 2022 Super Bowl Stadium

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Construction on the SoFi Stadium which is located in Inglewood, California started in November 2016 and the stadium opened in September 2020. This stadium has broken records as the most expensive stadium in the world. At the beginning of the job, the stadium was estimated to cost $1.8 billion, but by the time it opened the total cost of the stadium came to a whopping $5 billion. The stadium can accommodate 70,240 seated spectators and can expand to 100,240 for events such as the Super Bowl. 

In order to avoid interfering with the nearby navigational airspace of the Los Angeles International Airport, the project team decided to dig 100 feet into the existing grade, then build a wall up concurrently with the stadium Structure inside the bowl. There are many different excavator sizes so here’s a guide to determine which is right for you. While building in Los Angeles it is important to consider the high seismic probability of the area. Therefore, it was important to design a bowl wall that would alleviate potential dynamic forces from the stadium structure. By using the highly flexible Reinforced Earth MSE walls, the design team was able to accommodate the seismic criteria. The wall was primarily built using concrete facing panels and wire mesh facing panels were used in areas for temporary ramps down to the bottom excavation, as well to support fill behind other stadium features. To reinforce soil for the entire Reinforced Earth wall, ribbed steel strips were used. The wall was designed with a trapezoidal cross-section, the lower parts of the wall required shorter soil reinforcements, while the higher sections of the wall required lengthier reinforcements. 

The Stadium’s dramatic curves and unique architecture reflect the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Covering the stadium is an independently supported translucent canopy to create the feel of an outdoor venue while still providing the flexibility of a traditional domed stadium. The canopy is a million square feet and made up of 302 ETFE panels, allowing for events in rain or shine, and 46 of which can be opened to provide ventilation. Keeping with the indoor-outdoor feeling, to access the seating bowl that sits 100 feet below the existing grade, the architects behind the project HKS created an indoor/outdoor meandering series of paths that guide fans through beautiful landscaped environments that feature amenities along the way. 

SuperBowl Turf

SoFi Stadium is one of 14 NFL stadiums that use artificial turf as a playing surface. Some teams prefer to use artificial turf to pure grass because pure grass can easily be damaged during games. Artificial turf, however, is easier to prepare and look after throughout the season. The playing surface for SoFi Stadium is made from a Matrix synthetic designed by Hellas Construction. The Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys also use the same type of artificial turf. 

When installing turf you first need to prep the area where you are installing the turf, depending on the situation that could include removing the existing ground cover. A skid steer is a helpful piece of equipment to ensure your ground is level. Next, this step is optional, you can lay a weed barrier fabric to the bare surface to prevent any weeds from growing up through the grass. After placing the weed barrier, fill the area approximately 2-6” deep with crushed aggregate. To create a smooth surface and assist with drainage, pack the crushed aggregate down. Next, the turf can be unrolled and laid, pieces may have to be cut to fit correctly. To secure the seams a specialized glue is used, to secure the edges four-inch pole barn nails are used. Finally, to hold up the individual turf blades as well as weigh down the turf, spread the sand infill. 

Super Bowl Essentials

While you’re cheering on your favorite team and observing the beautiful architecture of the SoFi Stadium here are a few things to have on hand to ensure you make the most of your Sunday night football experience. Don’t forget to make your famous wings, nacho dip, and chili. Now you can surely enjoy the highly anticipated event every year, from the stadium or at home!


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