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HAMM pneumatic roller getting transported on a trailer
HAMM pneumatic roller getting transported on a trailer
The Ultimate Road Roller Size Chart and Spec Guide
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Tim Forestell
June 15, 2023

The Ultimate Road Roller Size Chart and Spec Guide

While they're not commonly used across all types of construction like soil compactors, road rollers are explicitly used for road projects. Also widely called tandem rollers and asphalt rollers, these machines are great for all types of asphalt compaction jobs including roads, sidewalks, parking lots, airports, and more, and can be rented on DOZR.

Ride-on asphalt rollers have several standard drum width sizes ranging between 32" and 84". Pull-along rollers have drum widths between 14" and 32" for smaller jobs, but this spec guide will focus only on the ride-on models. North America's top road roller brands include Ammann, BOMAG, Caterpillar, Dynapc, HAMM, Sakai, Volvo, Wacker Neuson, and XCMG. Click each of the brands below to go to their respective spec guides.

  1. Ammann

  2. BOMAG

  3. CAT (Caterpillar)

  4. Dynapac

  5. HAMM (a John Deere company)

  6. Sakai

  7. Volvo

  8. Wacker Neuson

  9. XCMG

The Two Main Types of Road Rollers

Before we get into the specs and sizes for each brand, it's important to know the difference between the two types of road rollers. There are also single-drum rollers and compactors but those are used for aggregates and soils and should be avoided when working on asphalt.

Tandem Rollers

The first type of road rollers are tandem rollers, also called double-drum rollers, which are used to compact and level surfaces like roads, cycle paths, roadways, and parking lots. They have two large steel drums on the front and back of the machine that work together to compact the surface.

When operating, the drums provide vibration to the ground that helps compress and compact the materials. The level of force changes depending on the size of the roller and increases as the machines and their weight get bigger and heavier.

The double drum design allows for more compaction to get done in fewer passes, thus increasing efficiency and productivity. Newer tandem rollers may have modern features like water systems to decrease the likelihood of asphalt sticking, better vibration systems for better compaction, and more.

Pneumatic Rollers

Pneumatic rollers, unlike tandem rollers, do not have any steel drums. Instead, they use pneumatic tires to compact the asphalt. Pneumatic rollers are heavier and typically designed for wider projects, as seen in the spec charts below.

Designed with specific patterns to increase productivity and efficiency, the compaction level of pneumatic rollers changes depending on how much air is in the tires. The tread pattern of the tires is also designed to provide even compaction. One of the use cases of using pneumatic rollers over tandem rollers is that the cushioned tires decrease the chances of cracking or deformation of the asphalt.

Road Roller Models, Specs, and Sizes for Every Brand

Now that we've covered the difference between the two roller types, we've compiled a list of all the road roller brands and their current models. The specs we've highlighted in these charts are the drum width, operating weight, and type of roller.

Width is important because it gives an understanding of the size of the machine and what jobs it can be used on. Operating weight is a good spec to know because it gives an idea of the compaction force of the machine. And lastly, we highlight whether the roller is pneumatic or tandem.


Founded in 1869, Ammann has been manufacturing construction equipment for more than 150 years. Starting with agricultural equipment, now they're one of the leading brands in compaction equipment.

Ammann currently manufactures more than 20 tandem rollers with drum widths ranging from 32" to 84". The weights of their machines also range from 3,000 lbs to just over 30,000 lbs. They have one pneumatic roller, the ART 240, and one electric tandem roller, the eARX 26-2.

Ammann road roller at ConExpo

The model names change slightly depending on the use case of the machine. The ARX and AVX rollers are vibratory rollers and articulated tandem rollers while the ARPs are the rigid tandem rollers.

Ammann Road Roller Specs

ModelDrum WidthMax Operating Weight (lbs)Pneumatic or Tandem
ARX 12-232.3"3,219Tandem
ARX 16-235.4"3,329Tandem
ARX 16-2C35.4"3,197Tandem
ARX 20-239.4"3,461Tandem
ARX 23.1-239.4"4,982Tandem
ARX 23.1-2C39.4"4,652Tandem
ARX 23-239.4"4,985Tandem
ARX 23-2C39.4"4,652Tandem
ARX 26.1-247.2"5,423Tandem
ARX 26.1-2C47.2"5,071Tandem
eARX 26-247.2"5,820Tandem
ARX 26-247.2"5,423Tandem
ARX 26-2C47.2"5,180Tandem
ARX 36-251.2"8,344Tandem
ARX 40-251.2"9,260Tandem
ARX 40-2C51.2"8,940Tandem
ARX 45-254.3"9,690Tandem
ARX 45-2C54.3"9,230Tandem
ARP 7559.1"16,259Tandem
ARP 75C59.1"16,556Tandem
ARX 9066.1"21,430Tandem
ARX 90C66.1"21,100Tandem
ARP 9566.1"21,890 - 25,630Tandem
ARP 95C66.1"20,900 - 24,420Tandem
ARX 11066.1"23,280Tandem
ARX 110C66.1"22,800Tandem
ARX 14083.9"29,322Tandem
ARX 16083.9"30,865Tandem
ART 240 Stage V78.2"22,002Pneumatic


Founded in Germany in 1957, BOMAG is a Fayat group company and one of the most respected compaction equipment manufacturers. They manufactured their first vibratory roller in the 1950s and have one of the most expansive product lines in the industry.

BOMAG road roller and a New Holland Skid Steer

BOMAG road rollers range in size from 3,500 lbs to 32,000 lbs and drum widths from 35" to 84". They have 20 tandem rollers that they classify as lightweight, 17 heavy, and two with pneumatic tires. They also have two electric models, the BW 100 AD E-5 and the BW 120 AD E-5.

BOMAG Road Roller Specs

ModelDrum WidthMax Operating Weight (lbs)Pneumatic or Tandem
BW 90 AD-535.4"3,527Tandem
BW 90 SC-537.8"3,638Tandem
BW 900-5035.4"2,646Tandem
BW 100 ADM-539.4"3,748Tandem
BW 100 AD-539.4"5,622Tandem
BW 100 AD E-539.4"5,512Tandem
BW 100 SL-539.4"5,181Tandem
BW 100 AC-539.4"5,291Tandem
BW 100 SC-541.7"3,748Tandem
BW 120 AD-547.2"6,063Tandem
BW 120 AD E-547.2"5,732Tandem
BW 120 SL-547.2"5,512Tandem
BW 120 SLC-547.2"4,960Tandem
BW 120 AC-547.2"5,401Tandem
BW 135 AD-551.2"8,929Tandem
BW 138 AD-554.3"9,921Tandem
BW 138 AC-554.3"9,259Tandem
BW 141 AD-559.1"14,992Tandem
BW 151 AD-566.1"16,535Tandem
BW 151 AD-5 AM66.1"17,196Tandem
BW 151 AC-566.1"16,314Tandem
BW 154 AD-566.1"17,637Tandem
BW 161 AD-566.1"21,605Tandem
BW 161 ADO-566.1"21,385Tandem
BW 161 AD-5 AM66.1"22.046Tandem
BW 161 AC-566.1"20,944Tandem
BW 190 AD-578.3"26,125Tandem
BW 190 ADO-578.3"25,574Tandem
BW 191 AD-578.7"29,322Tandem
BW 191 ADO-578.7"29,542Tandem
BW 191 AD-5 AM78.7"30,644Tandem
BW 206 AD-584.1"30,644Tandem
BW 206 ADO-584.1"29,763Tandem
BW 206 AD-5AM84.1"31,967Tandem
BW 154 AP-559.1"15,653Tandem
BW 154 APO-559.1"16,094Tandem
BW 154 ACP-5 AM59.1"16,535Tandem
BW 174 AP-566.1"21,164Tandem
BW 174 APO-566.1"21,385Tandem
BW 174 AP-5 AM66.1"21,605Tandem
BW 174 Hybrid66.1"21,605Tandem
BW 174 ACP-566.1"19,842Tandem
BW 174 ACP-5 AM66.1"20,503Tandem
BW 174 ACP Hybrid66.1"20,724Tandem
BW 11 RH-568.0"11,464Pneumatic
BW 28 RH80.4"18,739Pneumatic


CASE was founded in Wisconsin in 1842 and started out designing machines for farmers. They have since expanded their product line to include several sizes of road rollers.

Overall they have 11 tandem rollers and one pneumatic roller, the PT240D. These products range in size from 39" drum widths to 78" and operating weights from 4,600 lbs to 23,000 lbs. The newly designed E-series double drum rollers from CASE have new operating interfaces and better seats.

CASE Road Roller Specs

ModelDrum WidthMax Operating Weight (lbs)Pneumatic or Tandem

CAT (Caterpillar)

Easily one of the most popular construction equipment brands, Caterpillar also started by creating machines for farmers. Since then, they've added more and more machines to their portfolio including rollers and compacting equipment. Today, Caterpillar has 19 current asphalt rollers and three pneumatic rollers.

Their double-drum rollers range in size from 3,500 lbs to 32,000 lbs while their pneumatic rollers weigh 11,000 to 33,000 lbs. As for the drum width, it ranges from 35" to 84" on the tandem rollers and 68" to 84" on the pneumatic rollers.

CAT Road Roller Specs

ModelDrum WidthMax Operating Weight (lbs)Pneumatic or Tandem
CB2.5 GC39.4"5,546Tandem
CB2.7 GC47.2"5,936Tandem
CC2.7 GC47.2"5,718Tandem
CW16 9-wheel68.0"11,464 - 33,069Pneumatic
CW3482.0"22,050 - 59,525Pneumatic
CW16 11-wheel84.0"11,685 - 32,849Pneumatic


Dynapac is a Swedish company that was founded in Sweden in the 1930s. As of the 1950s, they've been one of the leading asphalt and paving equipment manufacturers in the world. Like BOMAG, they are another Fayat Group company. Today, they have 21 road roller models on the market in North America.

Dynapac road roller at ConExpo

These products include their small asphalt rollers, the CC1100 VI to the CC1400C VI, large asphalt rollers, the CC4000 VI to the CC6200 VI, and their pneumatic roller line, the CP1200 to the CP2700. The small rollers have drum widths ranging from 42" to 54", the large rollers have widths from 66" to 84", and the pneumatic rollers have widths from 69" to 91". The weights of these size classes are up to 9,500 lbs, 27,300 lbs, and 28,000 lbs, respectively.

Dynapac Road Roller Specs

ModelDrum WidthMax Operating Weight (lbs)Pneumatic or Tandem
CC1100 VI42"5,300Tandem
CC1200 VI47"5,700Tandem
CC1300 VI51"8,600Tandem
CC1400 VI54"9,500Tandem
CC2200 VI59"17,400Tandem
CC2300 VI59"18,800Tandem
CC4000 VI66"21,400Tandem
CC4200 VI66"22,000Tandem
CC5200 VI77"26,000Tandem
CC6200 VI84"27,300Tandem

HAMM (a John Deere Company)

HAMM is part of the Wirtgen Group, a John Deere Company, and is a renowned brand in the construction industry, and more specifically the compaction and road construction industries. Founded in 1878 in Germany, HAMM has been manufacturing road construction machinery for a long time. Since joining the Wirtgen Group in the late 1990s, HAMM has expanded its product offering and implemented several technologies into their machines.

HAMM has one of the most expansive product lines of all the brands mentioned on this list with 66 different road roller models. Most of the models are slight variations of each other. In total, they have their HD CompactLine, Series HD+, and Series HX. The CompactLine are the models between 3,500 lbs and 10,500 lbs, the Series HD+ product line weighs between 14,000 lbs and 28,000 lbs, and the Series HX line is more comfortable and comes with HAMM's Easy Drive technology.

As for the naming of the equipment, the "VV" means they come equipped with two vibrating rollers, the "VO" models have vibration and oscillating drums, the "VT" models have a roller drum on the front and a set of wheels on the back, and "OT" models have oscillation on the front drum and wheels on the back. There are also the "VV-S", "VO-S", and "VT-S", which refers to the machine having split vibration. These different features are the main reason why there are so many different HAMM road roller models.

They also have three pneumatic rollers ranging in compaction width from 68" to 72". As for weight, it ranges from 13,000 lbs to 21,000 lbs.

HAMM Road Roller Specs

ModelDrum WidthMax Operating Weight (lbs)Pneumatic or Tandem
HD 8 VV31.5"3,506Tandem
HD 10C VV39.4"3,704Tandem
HD 10C VT39.4"3,616Tandem
HD 10 VV39.4"5,457Tandem
HD 10 VT39.4"5,259Tandem
HD 10 VO39.4"5,568Tandem
HD 12 VV47.2"5,942Tandem
HD 12 VT47.2"5,722Tandem
HD 12 VO47.2"6,075Tandem
HD 13i VV51.2"9,735Tandem
HD 13i VT51.2"9,184Tandem
HD 13i VO51.2"9,889Tandem
HD 14i VV54.3"10,330Tandem
HD 14i VT54.3"9,481Tandem
HD 14i VO54.3"10,551Tandem
HD 14i TT44.4"8,478Tandem
HD+ 70i VV59.1"16,416Tandem
HD+ 70i VO59.1"16,813Tandem
HD+ 70i VT59.1"15,845Tandem
HD+ 80i VV66.1"17,188Tandem
HD+ 80i VO66.1"17,585Tandem
HD+ 80i VT66.1"16,460Tandem
HD+ 80i VV-S66.1"17,849Tandem
HD+ 80i VO-S66.1"17,916Tandem
HD+ 80i VT-S66.1"16,791Tandem
HD+ 90i VV66.1"20,859Tandem
HD+ 90i VO66.1"20,936Tandem
HD+ 90i VT66.1"19,735Tandem
HD+ 90i PH VV-S66.1"21,388Tandem
HD+ 90i PH VO-S66.1"20,859Tandem
HD+ 90i PH VT-S66.1"19,757Tandem
HD+ 110i VV66.1"22,932Tandem
HD+ 110i VO66.1"22,392Tandem
HD+ 110i VT66.1"21,234Tandem
HD+ 120i VV78.0"27,739Tandem
HD+ 120i VO78.0"28,125Tandem
HD+ 140i VV84.3"28,511Tandem
HD+ 140i VO84.3"28,930Tandem
HP 100i67.9"12,987Pneumatic
HP 180i72.0"18,776Pneumatic
HP 280i72.0"20,959Pneumatic


Starting to establish themselves in North America in the 1970s, Sakai has been serving the market ever since. Focusing on compaction equipment, Sakai produces a wide range of soil compactors, compaction equipment, and road rollers.

In the North American market, Sakai currently has 15 tandem roller models and one pneumatic roller. Ranging in size from 1.5 tons to 15 tons and in width from 35" to 84", Sakai's machines are viable for any type of road construction or compacting job. The TW models listed below are combination models, much like HAMM's VT models, meaning they have a drum on the front and tires on the back. As for models like the SW345 and SW345W, the latter has a wider drum. Lastly, the difference between models like the SW774 and SW774ND is that the "ND" models have selectable oscillation in both drums whereas the ones without "ND" are standard vibratory options.

Sakai Road Roller Specs

ModelDrum WidthMax Operating Weight (lbs)Pneumatic or Tandem


Similar to Caterpillar, Volvo manufactures a wide range of construction equipment, with some of those machines including asphalt compactors and road rollers. Currently, they have 14 asphalt compactors that they're manufacturing including 12 tandem models and two pneumatic options. Similar to other companies listed above, their asphalt rollers range in drum widths from 35" to 84" and in weight from 3,300 lbs to 52,910 lbs.

The "DD" in the model names refer to them being double-drum rollers. The "CR" means that they are combination rollers with a drum on the front and tires on the back. And lastly, the "B" and "C" at the end refer to the size with "B" representing more petite, more compact models and the "C" referring to larger models.

Volvo Road Roller Specs

ModelDrum WidthMax Operating Weight (lbs)Pneumatic or Tandem
DD105 OSC66.1"21,718Tandem
ABG PTR24078.2"52,910Pneumatic

Wacker Neuson

Manufacturing construction equipment since the 1930s, Wacker Neuson may not have the brand presence of others on this list but has a diverse range of compact machinery. With a few different compaction options including hand-held plates and vibrators, Wacker Neuson also makes ride-on road rollers.

Focusing on the smaller, more confined jobs, Wacker Neuson's road rollers range in size from 31.5" to 54.3" inches and operating weight from 2,964 lbs to just under 13,000 lbs. However, while they don't have the same range of sizes as other brands, they are still a great option. The "c" models below are combi-units with drums on the front and tires on the back while the "o" denotes that they have oscillation force in the rear. Wacker Neuson does not have any pneumatic rollers at this time.

Wacker Neuson Road Roller Specs

ModelDrum WidthMax Operating Weight (lbs)Pneumatic or Tandem


With an 80-year history, XCMG is one of the largest global construction equipment manufacturers in the world. However, it wasn't until the 1990s that they started to develop road rollers and compaction equipment on a larger scale. Now they have eight road roller models in the North American markets.

While they may not have the variety of options that other brands on this list have, they do cover the typical drum width range with models available from 39" to 54". What they do lack is the operating weight range with models only between 5,800 lbs and 9,500 lbs, outside of their one pneumatic model, the XP165U which has an operating weight of 35,272 lbs.

XCMG does have combi-units like the XD120VT, XD130VT, and XD140VT which have drums on the front and tires on the back.

XCMG Road Roller Specs

ModelDrum WidthMax Operating Weight (lbs)Pneumatic or Tandem

Renting Road Rollers from DOZR

For the most part, the brand of road roller you pick to rent or own will depend on the width of the job and how much compaction force is needed. Depending on the space you're operating in, it will require selecting the right size of the drum to help you fit in the space and improve efficiency. By referring to the charts above, you can find the perfect model for your next job

Once you've done that, you can search DOZR's Marketplace for your next road roller rental. Simply go to our road roller page, pick the size you want to rent, and see all the prices for asphalt compactors in your area. It's that easy.

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