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Tractor moving snow
Tractor moving snow
4 Types of Snow Removal Equipment You Need to Know About
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Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
October 15, 2019

4 Types of Snow Removal Equipment You Need to Know About

As fall comes along and snow looms ahead, construction season begins to wind down for us in the north. Many contractors and landscapers leave their construction lives in the fall and enter snow removal for the winter season. Efficiency is a word that follows them along this transition; just like in construction, snow removal equipment should help facilitate a fast and efficient job which allows contractors to quickly cover all routes without missing any spots and to meet all contract expectations.

Having the right tools to do the job plays a key role in maximizing efficiency. Just like in construction, all sites on a snow route are going to be different. Utilizing the best types of snow removal equipment can help you clear snow in time with ease.

The 4 Efficient Pieces of Snow Removal Equipment

1. Tractors for Snow

Did you know that tractors are one of the best pieces of snow removal equipment? Tractors are incredibly fuel efficient and can go to more properties without needing to be refueled. Their high ground speed makes them efficient in driving a route and getting site-to-site without compromising time. The wide variety of attachments for tractors means that you can get exactly what you need to get the job done right. 

trackerdriving over snow
Tractors are efficient snow removal equipment and can help with any snow removal job.

A wide variety of tractors are available for rent which means they’re also one of the more economical choices to rent for snow removal. 


A blade attachment is a tool for tractors that is used to gather and remove snow from a larger area. 

snow tractor
Plows are a powerful snow removal attachment for tractors.

For pushing, moving, and gathering, a snowblade is the way to go. But when it comes to scooping and moving, a bucket will be a better fit.

Snow Blower

A tractor-blower mimics a residential snowblower. The large blades pick up the snow and blow it out of the way. Snowblowers are best used for heavy snowfall and do not damage the ground under the snow.

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Check out this video from John Deere to learn how a tractor snowblower works in 2:23. 


After completing a job, spreading salt, sand, and any other kind of snow melt or traction aiding material can be simplified with the addition of a salter. Many snow removal contracts include the requirement of these materials after clearing a site. Having a salter attachment means that this process does not need to be done by hand. 

2. Telehandlers for Snow

Telehandlers are not the typical go-to for snow removal. In recent years, however, there has been a shift in the industry towards using telehandlers for this purpose. They are easy to handle and efficient for clearing snow on the ground while their telescopic arms help to stack snow. Their compact structure allows them to maneuver tighter spaces while the lifting capability of the machine makes the telehandler a powerful machine for moving wet and heavy snow.

telehandler shoveling snow
Telehandlers are powerful and efficient snow removal equipment types. Photo borrowed from Merlo.

For sites that require efficient snow piling to maximize space, telehandlers are the best tool. Instead of pushing more snow into the base of a pile, telehandlers allow for proper stacking. 

Snow Bucket and Plow Attachments for Telehandlers

The key to telehandlers for snow removal are the attachments; a snow bucket attachment can help lift and move heavy snow. A snow plow attachment can help clear parking lots and driveways with ease. There’s nothing that a telehandler can’t do.

3. Trucks for Snow

This go-to vehicle for construction is often repurposed as a snow-removal tool in the winter. It fact, a truck fitted with a plow is one of the oldest and most traditional types of snow clearing equipment. Trucks are already made with powerful engines to push, pull, and haul materials. By adding an attachment or two, a truck becomes a great piece of heavy machinery for snow removal. 

truck shoveling snow

Plows and Salters

Both plows and salters are available for rent as attachments with a truck. V blades are very diverse as they can be positioned in a V, at a left or right angle, or as a straight blade. The V-blade cut is helpful to cut an initial path after a heavy snowfall, or when first working in heavy or hard-packed snow.

Salter attachments for trucks mimic those used by tractors and other machinery types. Ultimately, this attachment makes it easy to add these additional traction and snow-melting materials to a site after clearing it. 

4. Skid Steers for Snow

Fitted with a bucket loader, skid steers are a practical workhorse who can help remove snow from tight areas and walkways. They are flexible machines and are available with wheels. 

skid steer shoveling snow

Wheels are much more forgiving to asphalt and paved surfaces. They have better traction in cold conditions or when pushing large piles of snow and when working on ice. However, tracked skid steers are also available and can be used efficiently depending on the terrain and type of snow removal job. 

When renting a skid steer, heated and enclosed cabs will help keep operators comfortable while working. 

The Most Efficient Equipment for Snow

Whatever equipment your site needs, DOZR can help you find it. Rent the most efficient snow removal equipment at or call our team and get your rental secured today. 

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