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Construction workers on the job.
Construction workers on the job.
Starting a New Job In Construction: How to Prepare
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Tim Forestell
February 1, 2022

Starting a New Job in Construction: How to Prepare

Landing the job is the first step in your construction journey, but starting a new job in the construction industry is the next and it is not to be feared. There are plenty of ways you can be prepared to make a good impression from your first day at the new job. Construction work can be challenging but with the right attitude and motivation your first day on the jobsite and the many more after that will be successful. 

How to Prepare for the First Day in Construction

The first day on the jobsite can be quite nerve wracking but no need to worry, there will be plenty of time to learn tips and tricks and this sets the tone for the rest of the time you will be there. 

Understanding the Job

Skilled workers understand what is important to the owner and how they can complete this in a day of work. This involves talking with your co-workers about what makes their work standout to the owner and how you can do the same thing. Understanding the job also involves paying attention to important details about the construction project in order to plan for the project properly. 


Establishing Goals for Yourself

Hold yourself to high standards by setting goals for yourself to obtain. These goals could be following the dress code at work (high visibility vest, work boots, having all the tools), arriving 15 minutes early to get ready for the day, or respecting health and safety regulations set out by the company.  By setting goals for yourself you are able to hold yourself accountable if any of these responsibilities are not met. Not only are you holding yourself accountable, but your employer will also notice that you are meeting goals which could result in more responsibility, higher salary, or advancement in your position. 

Find Co-Workers to Create a Team With

We are not telling you to forget about others on the site, rather we are telling you to find people you are comfortable working with and produce great results. Working on a strong team produces greater results than working by yourself as this is efficient, more enjoyable, and you can rely on one another when help is needed. Each team member will be able to provide a different but unique set of skills that are valuable on construction sites. There is no “I in team” so remember to count on one another to get the job done. 


Attitude is Everything

Remember that work isn’t just about showing up, but it is also about maintaining the right attitude while working that will get you noticed. Have the right body language, look engaged in training sessions, look motivated when working, ask questions if you need help. Having a positive attitude on the job site is crucial because not everything is going to come easy. Construction teams constantly deal with problems that need to be solved daily, but take this as an opportunity to learn and try out something new. 

What to Expect on Your First Day on a Construction Site

So you have landed the job and you know how to perform well but what is expected of you on your first day? Expect to have a few things happen. 


It should go without saying that the first part of your day will entail a detailed orientation session conducted by the company management team, foreman, and site supervisors. During this orientation session you will be given information about processes to follow, safety regulations, as well as tasks you are expected to complete throughout the day. 

Safety Meetings

During this meeting it is mandatory that you listen as you will be given all the details about safety hazards, how to prevent them, and what to do if an accident happens. It is important to learn about awareness of the job and how to prevent any problems before they happen. You will also be given PPE to wear such as gloves, safety glasses, a vest, and a hard hat. 


Watch and Learn

You most likely will not be expected to jump right into work on the first day, but rather expected to see what the crew you are working with is doing. Watch what they are doing and ask questions if you are ever uncertain about the task at hand. There is a lot to learn in construction such as how to use the tools properly, how to do the task properly, and how to avoid putting yourself and others at risk. Learn from the experienced workers and let this help you guide your career. 

Working in Construction

There are many tips for new construction workers: be sure to be well prepared before your start so you can settle in and focus on the project at hand. These construction worker tips have come from those experienced and will help you be successful in the field.

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Tim Forestell
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