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Contractor in workwear on a jobsite
Contractor in workwear on a jobsite
The 7 Best Workwear Brands for Contractors and Construction Workers
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Tim Forestell
October 6, 2022

The 7 Best Workwear Brands for Contractors and Construction Workers

As an industry, workwear clothing has been growing quite significantly over the last several years. This is partly due to fashion trends but also because the next generation of contractors wants to look good on the job while also having functional clothing. However, we're less interested in talking about the fashionable aspect of workwear clothing and more interested in highlighting the brands that continue to make affordable, durable, and functional clothing for people in construction.

The Top 7 Workwear Brands for Contractors

For the emphasis of this blog, we're going to cover companies that focus primarily on clothing. We will be doing a list of boot and footwear brands in the near future.


The most well-known brand in the workwear world, Carhartt is a company that you can't go wrong with. Carhartt has products for essentially every type of contractor including high-vis shirts, flame-resistant, bib overalls and coveralls, flannels, and every layer of clothing you need to keep warm and dry. They also have Carhartt Company Gear® which allows business owners to create company-branded construction clothing with Carhartt quality. Carhartt is a worker-founded business that provides affordable, functional, and high-quality clothing for those who value hard work. Clothing is available at Carhartt for both men and women.


Another familiar brand to many contractors, Dickies is a great brand. With overalls, coveralls, jeans, high-vis, and big and tall options of clothing, they're able to serve many different markets and have products for both men and women. They also have clothing and apparel specific to certain professions and occupations like carpenters, painters, construction, public safety, and more. Founded on the principles of grit, quality, and pride, Dickies embodies the values of the everyday laborer and worker.


While its history has been focused primarily on jeans, Wrangler produces workwear, outdoor wear, jackets, and outerwear for contractors and workers. With options like flame-resistant clothing, cargo pants, fleece, flannel, and comfortable jackets, you're almost guaranteed to find Wrangler clothing that will provide you with what you need. As a brand, Wrangler is proud to be worn by those who are building their countries.

Duluth Trading Company

Focused on creating clothes for those who use their hands, Duluth has many different workwear products for both men and women. Duluth's product portfolio includes flannels and fleeces, vests and other outwear, accessories for almost any job, and every type of layering. They also develop big and tall size workwear.


With their mission of improving the lives of those in the trades, Truewerk's products live up to that promise. Selling products like overalls, coveralls, workerbibs, high-viz, and other layers of clothing, you're sure to find a product you like. They have clothing for different weather including negative temperatures to clothing perfect for the hot summers. Truewerk also has clothing specific to wet seasons and regions. Truewerk's primary goal in developing its clothing is for increased functionality and they show that in the quality of products they manufacture.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen focuses heavily on cold weather and outdoor climate. Their products include mostly rain or snow jackets and mid-layer type clothing like fleece and insulation. While it may seem that the sectors they position more towards like hiking and skiing aren't going to be useful for contractors, working in the winter months can be challenging and having workwear apparel for those times of the year is crucial to safety and performance. Either way, Helly Hansen has received very positive reviews from contractors across different internet forums and reviews.


Focused on creating workwear with tons of functionality for contractors, Blaklader is a very common brand on construction sites around North America. With pants that limit ripping and have a high number of pockets, Blaklader develops products for painters, craftsmen, rain, transportation, and more. Blaklader has humble beginnings and has since been found in some of the dirties and toughest environments. They believe in developing high-quality products that are built for those building their craft.

Workwear Functions To Consider

All of the brands listed above are made to be functional for those working manual jobs but there are a few extra considerations when thinking about what brand to wear too.

First, you'll want to check user reviews. You can often do this through the company's website and on Google Reviews. However, these can be monitored so it's best to tread lightly with this approach. The best way to figure out the kind of workwear and construction gear to wear is by going directly to the source - other contractors or construction workers. They also use the product every day and are thinking purely about functionality, not protecting a brand's image, so they can speak about the pros and cons of the clothing. Another great place to find honest customer reviews would be in construction-focused forums on Reddit, Facebook, and other external sites.

Second, you'll want to buy clothing that is highly functional, especially if you're on a job where you are on your knees a lot or have to carry lots of items on you at all times. Every contractor has different needs and priorities. For some, protecting the knees is more important than having a pocket in an exact spot. For others, having lots of pockets to quickly access what you need is a priority. Make sure you understand your wants and needs before buying any time of construction work clothes.

Third, you'll want workwear and products you don't have to replace. That might mean buying clothes that are more expensive up front to save on clothing costs down the road. It's better to pay for quality workwear now than on cheap stuff that won't last you long on the job.

Fourth, make sure to dress the part. We talked about caring more about functionality than fashion, but you still have to carry yourself in a professional manner, especially when you're more client-facing and in a management-level role. Often, looking better can get you better treatment both at work and from customers, plus, people will trust you more.

And lastly, stick with what you know. If you find a brand that you personally love, it makes sense to stick with them. Everyone has their go-to brands, and it can be easier to remain loyal to a company than to explore more options. This is especially true if you feel confident, comfortable, and good in what you're already wearing.

Where To Buy Your Construction Clothes

If you're a contractor, it's a good idea to buy clothes and apparel from companies that are creating products specifically for you. They know your challenges and prioritize quality and functionality. We're confident that if you use any of the brands on this list and take their functions into consideration, you'll be happy with your purchase.

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