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Construction Workers on Scissor Lift
Construction Workers on Scissor Lift
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The Top 5 Jobs For Scissor Lifts
5 min. read
Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
June 21, 2022

The Top 5 Jobs For Scissor Lifts

As one of the most commonly used pieces of heavy equipment, the scissor lift has many popular applications across several different industries. In this blog, we're going to list the top 5 jobs scissor lifts are used for across multiple industries. Before we get to that, here is some brief but useful information and knowledge about scissor lifts.

What is a scissor lift?

As a classification of "aerial lift", scissor lifts are a type of heavy equipment designed to elevate workers and their tools to working heights strictly in a vertical manner. This makes them great for projects that have a flat foundation and are more easily accessible, which we will highlight below.

How does a scissor lift work?

A scissor lift's platform is raised and lowered with its stack of crossed tubes that decompress and compress in a scissor-like fashion. The scissor lift control system moves the hydraulic fluid or compressed air from the reservoir to the operating cylinders. Then the hydraulic cylinder pushes outwards for upward movement and causes the scissor legs to push apart, raising the platform.

To lower the scissor lift mechanism, the operator uses a down valve to release the hydraulic fluid or reduce the pneumatic pressure level in the cylinder by returning it back to the reservoir, causing the scissor legs to retract. Scissor lifts more often than not have wheels installed so that they are able to move around the working area.

Now that you've gotten a refresher on the basics of the scissor lift, here are the top 5 jobs for scissor lifts:

  1. Construction & Contracting

  2. Installing Signs

  3. Cleaning & Painting

  4. Warehousing & Large Retail

  5. Production Facility Operations

#1: Construction & Contracting

When it comes to reaching heights in different construction and contracting projects, the scissor lift is a common piece of heavy equipment that is used for the job. Although there are other height-reaching solutions like boom lifts and ladders, the scissor lift is often always part ever every fleet or job site. Specifically, the 19 ft scissor lift is the machine's most popular variant among construction and contracting companies.

Scissor lifts can be found doing jobs in traditional outdoor construction projects like large-structure framing and bridge-building. Other jobs where scissor lifts would be useful are indoor contracting projects like electrical work, HVAC work, welding, and plumbing.

For example, in any large industrial facility, a lot of the required mechanical hardware that electrical and HVAC workers have to reach during installations or repairs is located on the high ceilings. Scissor lifts come in handy for these contracting projects because they can easily and safely transport workers and their tools to these high places.

Construction Workers on a Scissor Lift
Construction Workers on a Scissor Lift

#2: Installing Signs

Although they're virtually everywhere, people rarely think twice about how outdoor and indoor signs, posters, and billboards are installed. Sign installations are a perfect example of a job that scissor lifts do well. Boom lifts are also common for these types of jobs, but that's only if the base of the lift is unable to be placed directly beneath the sign being installed.

Scissor lifts are used to install or replace outdoor signage like road signs on highways, smaller billboards, storefront or factory signs, and posters on the sides of buildings. Indoor signs that scissor lifts are used to install or replace are, for example, retail signage and posters, storefront signs in malls, and large safety signage in factories.

For example, when installing a company's sign on the side of their facility, workers can use a scissor lift to gain access to the high area. Using a tall ladder is impractical because workers cannot easily move around to install the sign, so owning or renting a scissor lift from the DOZR Marketplace, with its large, fenced-in platform makes it safe for workers to get the job done.

#3: Cleaning & Painting

Perhaps the most commonly known application for scissor lifts is cleaning and painting. The scissor lift is a fantastic machine to use to get to those hard-to-reach areas when cleaning and painting larger, taller facilities. Although ladders are commonly used for this type of job as well, using a scissor lift makes the process much easier, less labor-intensive, and definitely a lot safer.

When it comes to the outdoors, scissors lifts are used to clean a building's high windows, paint the outside of structures, and are a tool for artists when painting large murals on the wall of a building. Indoors, scissor lifts can also be useful when painting a larger commercial or industrial ceiling.

For example, using a scissor lift might be more practical for a three or four-story building, rather than using a swinging stage. This is because the scissor lift can be used to reach those high areas while also being able to move easily along the perimeter.

Window Cleaners Working on a Scissor Lift
Window Cleaners Working on a Scissor Lift

#4: Warehousing & Large Retail

Switching gears to less service-related work, scissor lifts are commonly found equipment inside warehouse facilities and the storage areas of retail buildings. This piece of heavy equipment is crucial to the operation of these facilities since they're able to quickly, safely, and efficiently reach higher storage areas and move around the floor.

Specifically, scissor lifts are used to access and retrieve warehouse or retail storage at heights and move heavy cargo contents around the facility. To note, a lot of warehouse and retail scissor lifts are modified or specialized in order to make the driving and transportation of the machine itself a lot easier.

Warehouse Workers Standing in Front of a Scissor Lift
Warehouse Workers Standing in Front of a Scissor Lift

#5: Production Facility Operations

There are a lot of unique, specialized, and industry-specific machines that are featured in production facilities. Scissor lifts can help during a production factory's operations by quickly, safely, and efficiently reaching heights while lifting heavy loads for these specialized machines involved. It's also required that routine maintenance be done on these machines, which is a job that scissor lifts can assist with.

Final Thoughts

As seen from this list, there are a lot of jobs that require the assistance of a scissor lift, depending on the job. Whether it's construction, cleaning, or storage, scissor lifts help safe work be accomplished in high places.

If you're looking to rent a scissor lift for your next job, search DOZR Marketplace to find a scissor lift rental near you.

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Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
Kevin Forestell is CEO of DOZR and one of the co-founders. Kevin first got started as an entrepreneur when he founded Forestell Landscaping right after graduating from University. His love and passion for the industry and desire to help solve an equipment problem that contractors faced every day is what brought the founding team to start DOZR. Kevin is proud of the level of efficiency brought to the industry through DOZR and hopes that DOZR will help change the standard way equipment is rented.
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