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Top 5 Green Trends in Construction
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Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
January 21, 2021

Top 5 Green Construction Trends

Green construction is a rising industry topic. The interesting thing about green construction trends is that it manifests itself in the industry in a few different ways.

From construction equipment and project management processes to actual building materials and the planning and design of projects themselves, green practices can be found at all levels of projects

 Here are 5 top green construction trends to think about for 2021.

1. Electric & Battery Operated Construction Equipment

Electric construction equipment isn’t new but it is getting bigger. Construction equipment needs to be heavy-duty and able to withstand long days doing tough jobs. For a long time, electric equipment was limited to small landscaping machines or hand-held construction tools. However, thanks to the innovation of some of the biggest names in construction equipment, electric equipment is coming. 

There are a few bonuses to electric construction equipment. Not only does it reduce emissions which is great for the environment, but it lowers fuel costs for construction companies. Electric machines are also much quieter. This is helpful to reduce noise pollution, limit ear damage for construction workers and help keep communities happier with early-morning construction.

Green excavator
Green excavator

2. Sustainable Building Materials

One of the biggest changes that have happened in construction during the green movement revolves around building materials. Sustainably sourced materials that can last a long time or are recyclable take priority now. 

The growth of this trend is seen in the rise of lumber construction projects. The idea of a multi-story building being built of wood in the 21st century sounds counterintuitive. This is reality.

3. Eco-Rehabilitation Construction Projects

The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan is a great example of this. After studies came out about the impact that dams and construction projects had on the ecosystem in the Florida Everglades, the state decided to restore the area. Construction projects are now underway to reverse the impact of previous projects. 

These “eco-rehabilitation” construction projects are becoming more popular. Construction is also playing a part in green-ifying the planet by building structures that support eco-rehabilitation. Green and living walls and animal passages over highways are becoming more popular as well.

4. LEED Certification

LEED Certification is the only globally recognized certification to class buildings as being green. Buildings that are LEED Certified spend less on heating and cooling, can charge more for rent, and can feel good about the impact their project has on the environment. 

As LEED popularity grows, project owners are starting to look specifically for construction companies that have experience or know-how when it comes to green construction. Construction companies can set themselves apart for future projects by learning about the LEED Certification process.

Green building

5. Being Involved in Natural Disasters More than Ever

Another way that construction is tackling green construction and environmental issues is by being more involved than ever in natural disasters. 

When the Australian wildfires happened in January 2020, there was a lot of talk about the role of construction materials and the industry as a whole with fire prevention and protection. Non-toxic materials and taking location into consideration when choosing building materials was highlighted as an important change that needs to happen in the industry. 

Modular construction to expedite building processes, innovative paneling to protect roads during volcanoes and 3D printing technology which can build shelters in a matter of days are all changing how construction interacts with communities during times of disaster.

Green construction it’s just about reducing toxic materials or waste on construction sites. From small changes to industry-shifting innovations, green construction is more integrated in the industry than you may think.  Before long, it’ll be impossible to find a construction project that isn’t at least a little bit green. The more construction companies embrace this trend, the quicker they can set themselves up for success in the future. 

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