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Tractor connected to a mobile snow blower
Tractor connected to a mobile snow blower

6 Top Snow Removal Equipment to Rent

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Tim Forestell
July 29, 2021

6 Top Snow Removal Equipment to Rent

Snow season sneaks up on us every year. One of the first lessons you learn in the labour industry is that it’s never too early to plan for winter. Whether it’s a landscape company taking on snow removal gigs for the winter or a larger construction project that needs a machine to keep the site clean during the snowy months, snow removal and snow removal equipment can seem like a beast of its own. 

Many companies choose to rent snow removal equipment since they don’t have the machinery on hand. But how do you decide what type of snow removal equipment rental is best for you?

Whether you are clearing an individual site, are responsible for a larger snow route or working primarily in parking lots and commercial areas, there’s a snow removal machine for you.

Why Rent Snow Removal Equipment

Renting snow removal equipment provides the same benefits as renting construction equipment for a project – it allows you to choose the best machine for the job instead of tiring to work with what you have on hand. 

Renting specific machines for specific jobs can increase productivity, make projects safer and keep you and your job on time and budget. These same benefits apply to snow removal.

Here are 6 key pieces of snow removal equipment that you can rent to help you have the most stress-free snow season possible. 


Trucks fitted with a plow attachment are perhaps the most standard type of snow clearing machinery. It’s a pretty common sight to see a pickup truck with a plow in the front and a salt spreader on the back cruising down the street on a snowy January day.

Benefits of Trucks for Snow Removal

If your route is primarily made up of driveways, smaller parking lots or side roads then a truck plow could be a good fit. One of the benefits of a truck is that anyone with a license and training to operate the plow can use one for snow removal. Truck cabs are insulated with heating that can help keep operators comfortable and cozy during snowy nights. Trucks are also great if they are being stored offsite or a bit of drive from the route. The vehicles are literally made to cruise the roads so transportation isn’t an issue. 

Another benefit to using a truck for snow removal is that the vehicle can be used in the spring, summer and fall for other purposes. If you already have a truck and want to rent a V-blade for plowing, DOZR does that, too.


Tractors are one of our favorite types of snow removal machines. These machines were made to pull and move farming materials. Their tires are designed to push through all types of muddy, slippery or wet dirt and terrain. It makes them perfect for the winter season. 

Benefits of Renting a Tractor for Snow Removal

Tractors are fuel-efficient machines that have been becoming more popular for snow removal over the past few years. They can go further and push more without needing to be refueled and are easy to drive on public roads. With a number of attachments such as plows, blades, snow blowers, salters and box pushers, tractors are just as diverse in snow as they are in a field. 

Their large cab windows offer great visibility. In the snow, this can make a big difference in safety. 

Uncovering the winter talents of tractors help to provide an off-season purpose for these machines. They would often sit idle in barns or equipment yards. Not any more.


The easy maneuverability and low cab height make telehandlers a gem for snow removal – especially in parking garages and areas with a low ceiling clearance. The use of telehandlers for snow removal is revolutionizing snow removal, just like the tractor did a few years ago. 

Benefits of Renting a Telehandler Rental for Snow Removal

Telehandlers are so easy to drive and maneuver – even in the snow. Their telescopic arm is handy for building snow piles that go deeper and won’t collapse or get too high for the machine. The number of attachments for using a telehandler for snow removal is kind of insane. From brushes to buckets and snowplows and box pushers, a telehandler is a beast when it comes to snow removal. 

What makes telehandlers so unique in snow removal is that their low clearance gives them an advantage for parking structures or clearing snow in tight spaces. They can maneuver better than a truck or tractor in certain situations.


Many snow removal contracts include sidewalks or tight spaces in parking lots. When a truck, tractor or telehandler can’t get the job done, a skid steer can.

Benefits of Renting a Skid Steer for Snow Removal

With the option of a tracked or wheeled skid steer, there’s a machine for whatever type of snow removal contract you have. Wheeled skid steers can provide traction for snow while being transport-friendly. Tracked skid steers may not be a good fit when moving site to site but are a great option for construction projects that want to do their own snow removal. 

The real benefit of a skid steer for snow removal is its ability to turn in tight circles and maneuver in small spaces. They can also be used for sidewalk plowing and clearing. 

Like other types of snow removal equipment, skid steers can be fitted with box pushers, plows, brooms and blowers.

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are a great addition to a snow removal fleet for companies that are clearing large or commercial spaces. While wheel loaders themselves can be fitted with blades and sweepers for clearing snow, their lifting capacity can make them a great pairing for stacking snow while working with other clearing machines.

Benefits of Renting a Wheel Loader for Snow Removal

Wheel loaders can take over the job of piling snow while other machines push and clear larger areas. For commercial parking lots or large areas, this tag-team process can make snow clearing more efficient. Wheel loaders are made to handle heavy loads so lifting buckets of wet snow or slush won’t be a problem. 

The traction of the large wheels and the ability to replace the bucket with other snow removal attachments make the wheel loader a great machine for commercial snow removal contracts. 

Sidewalk Tractors

Sidewalk tractors are often seen as municipal vehicles that clear snow on sidewalks. With a plow at the front and a salter at the back, this machine is made for sidewalk plowing (as the name suggests).

Benefits of Renting a Sidewalk Tractor

Securing contractors to shovel sidewalks all winter long can be the most challenging part of the snow season. A machine like a sidewalk tractor can not only clear sidewalks quicker but also keep operators warmer while they’re working. This means happier employees and – ideally – employees that stick around all season long. 

The sidewalk tractor is a great tool for contracts that cover a lot of pedestrian space. The two-in-one feature of the plow and salter helps to keep contractors covered for liability purposes.

Whether this is your first snow season in the industry or your tenth, you know that the snow will be here soon. It’s never too early to start planning for the winter season. Take the time now to think about what machines you’ll need and get your snow removal equipment rentals secure as soon as possible.

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Avatar of the author
Tim Forestell
Tim Forestell is one of DOZR’s co-founders and CCO. Tim got started in the industry as VP Operations for Forestell Landscaping before founding DOZR with Kevin and Erin. Aside from the amazing team at DOZR, his favourite thing about DOZR are the customers. Working with DOZR renters every day gives him a peek at the evolution of different projects and hearing stories about projects being developed from start to finish.
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