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Customer Case Study: Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

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July 17, 2020

At DOZR, our customers are everything. We had the honour of chatting with Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds about their rental experience with DOZR and how renting on DOZR helps keep their business profitable. Read on to learn how working with DOZR has helped them grow their business, simplify the rental process and keep projects moving no matter where they are.

About Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds was established in 2005 in Dundas, Ontario with a focus on building play areas that reflect the natural world around us. Although they started as a local company Natural Playgrounds is now more of a traveling contractor, going wherever they’re needed and building natural play spaces for children from coast to coast. Their efforts over the past 15 years have established them as the nature-play experts across Canada and the US. The growth of this Canadian company is an inspiration. Today, Natural Playgrounds operates out of Troy, Ontario as well as Denver, Colorado.

Advocating for “Natural Play”

The human physical and cognitive development path is in a critical state during our early years. The stimuli and activities we encounter as children are foundational and lasting. Because of this, it’s crucial that children are provided with full-spectrum sensory nutrition to allow them the best opportunity to develop during their early years.

A Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds project in Denver, CO. Image borrowed from the Denver Post.


For as long as schools, parks and childcare facilities have existed, playgrounds have held a primary role in child development. They give kids a place to socialize, create and imagine, experience nature and exert themselves. On top of this, playgrounds are primarily outside and give children the opportunity to feel the wind on their faces, the grass at their feet and the fresh air in their lungs. 

As urban sprawl continues to grow and cities become a more popular place to live, the ability to play in the dirt and climb trees is just not as available as it once was. This is why Natural Playgrounds tries to incorporate organic materials and natural habitats into their play spaces as much as possible. This connection to nature is so vital for children. 

Nature and Its Benefits

The whole philosophy of Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds is to improve the playground experience for kids everywhere. From designing and architecture to building and education, Natural Playgrounds goes above and beyond to advocate for the benefits of natural play.

According to the Helsinki Alert, contact with the micro and macro-organisms found in a biodiverse natural environment is essential to the development of a robust and resistant immune system. The more contact, the better. Not having this exposure can be linked to increasing rates of ADHD, stress-related and sensory processing disorders, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, IBD, and certain cancers.

The Future of Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

The current trends and evolving relationship between humans and nature mean that public spaces like natural playgrounds are becoming more popular. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor classrooms and play spaces provide children with sensory stimulation while allowing them to enforce social distancing. As an added bonus in the post-COVID world, natural wood surfaces are more resistant to bacteria and virus growth than metal and plastic.

Image borrowed from the Globe and Mail.

Having already seen around 30% year over year growth in their business, the future looks bright for Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds.

Embracing the Challenges of a Travelling Contractor

From a contracting point of view, Natural Playgrounds faces a unique challenge. Although they have headquarters in Ontario and Colorado, Natural Playgrounds takes on projects all across Canada and the United States. 

When it comes to renting equipment to get the job done, being a traveling contractor makes this especially challenging. When Natural Playgrounds began working with DOZR in 2018, Natural Playground was able to grow the geographic scope of their projects and stopped facing roadblocks when it comes to finding equipment.

Renting Equipment Before DOZR

When we asked Natural Playgrounds about how they rented equipment before they started renting on DOZR, this is what they had to say:

“Before renting equipment on DOZR, we rented equipment the hard way. When we were working locally it was less of a challenge because we had relationships with local suppliers.

Once the geographic scope of our work started expanding it became more difficult to find the equipment we needed with rental houses we could trust. Even when dealing with a multi-location supplier you don’t have the same contact. Without that you lose your priority and negotiating power.

Working with DOZR has simplified the rental process in challenging locations and for remote projects because no matter where our project is we know that DOZR has our back.

- Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

How Renting Equipment on DOZR Makes Projects More Efficient

As a follow up to how they used to rent equipment Natural Playgrounds gave us some deeper insight into how renting equipment on DOZR has affected their business:

“Working with DOZR saves our project management team countless hours of Google searches, phone calls and emails. During the construction of a remote project, we now have one point of contact from the DOZR team.

It simplifies problem-solving, coordination and payment when potentially dealing with several different rental suppliers. DOZR takes care of it all.”

- Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

The Best Rental Price for Heavy Equipment

On top of making it easy to find the equipment they need for the job, Natural Playgrounds is confident that the prices they get on DOZR are the best prices available. This is the benefit of working with construction’s first online rental aggregator.

“Being able to rely on DOZR to provide the best local pricing for equipment rentals takes a huge burden off of the already challenging process of completing remote projects. Trusting that the DOZR team has our rentals under control allows us to spend more time focusing on other aspects of the build.”

- Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

Embracing the Digital Era of Heavy Equipment Rentals

There are so many benefits to embracing the digital era that construction is now in. Although DOZR itself isn’t a tech product for the company to use, the AI and product benefits help to ease all stages of equipment rentals.

“Above all else, we appreciate the convenience of the digital platform, especially for signing rental agreements. It also helps us stay in contact with the team any day of the week.

When we’ve been on sites on weekends, off normal working hours or operating in a different time zone we’ve always received quick responses from the DOZR team.

We have always experienced prompt and direct communication and a high level of customer service from DOZR. We always feel like they value us as more than just a client.”

- Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds
Image borrowed from the Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds Twitter

The Only Way to Rent Equipment

The biggest question we have when chatting with one of our customers is if they would recommend us to another contractor.

“We would absolutely recommend DOZR to another company. The relationship we have with the team at DOZR has benefited us in several ways as it would for others.”

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

Experience the DOZR Difference

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