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scissor lift attachments and scissor lift accessories
scissor lift attachments and scissor lift accessories
Top Scissor Lift Attachments For More Efficient Work
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Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
July 12, 2022

Top Scissor Lift Attachments For More Efficient Work

Scissor lifts are a common and useful piece of heavy equipment that can be seen at almost any job site. This machine allows workers and their tools to be elevated, strictly in a vertical manner, in order to work at significantly greater heights.

As one of the top 5 most commonly rented pieces of heavy equipment, the scissor lift sees work in a multitude of industries. For example, the 5 most common jobs for scissor lifts span general construction and contracting, sign installation, painting and cleaning, warehousing, and facility operations.

Since there are so many industries and types of jobs that scissor lifts are used for, there are also a lot of scissor lift attachments and scissor lift accessories that have been created and customized to make work more efficient. In this blog, the most popular scissor lift attachments are going to be listed and explained in addition to how they solve the inefficiencies of the original scissor lift design. The top scissor lift attachments for more efficient work:

Deck Access Extensions

Unlike some of the other attachments that are featured later on this list, a deck access extension attachment is not an industry-specific scissor lift accessory. Nonetheless, it's still one of, if not the most useful and convenient scissor lift attachments available.

Although scissor lifts already manage to elevate workers, it's common that a task requires additional access to restricted areas that are above or beyond where a scissor lift’s platform can practically reach. If that's the case, then using a deck access extension attachment on a scissor lift will help get the job done.

Essentially, a deck access extension accessory provides scissor lift operators with an additional step that is fastened to the inside of the scissor lift's bucket. This higher, secondary surface helps to safely elevate workers into tighter spots that the bulky scissor lift bucket isn't able to access. An example of a space like this might be under a bridge and you need to get between two narrow arches to fix a problem, but you're just out of reach because the scissor lift can't fit between them

Apart from making work more efficient by granting additional access, the deck access extension scissor lift attachment also provides a safer way to achieve working at greater heights or in tighter areas.

Pipe Racks

When it comes to jobs like industrial or commercial plumbing and electrical work, contractors must reach tall ceiling heights in order to install the necessary pipes. When completing this kind of task, contractors have to transport sometimes large and heavy pipes while also maintaining a safe amount of space in the bucket of the scissor lift. So instead of storing their pipes in the bucket and creating an uncomfortable, hazardous working environment, contractors use pipe rack attachments. Pipe racks act as a harness-like device for pipes by locking them into place on the sides of the scissor lift's bucket.

This scissor lift attachment helps create more efficient work by allowing a greater range of motion for contractors in the scissor lift's bucket, improving contractor safety through the reduction of fall hazards, and by allowing for better storage and transportation of more materials.

Panel Carriers

Installing windows or pieces of drywall can get tricky when the required installation area is at a tall height. During these types of jobs, contractors use scissor lifts to access their intended work areas while also transporting bulky, heavy, but fragile panels of material. Since storing drywall or panes of the glass loosely and insecurely in the bucket of a scissor lift can prove dangerous and costly during the transportation process, contractors use the panel carrier attachment.

This attachment is essentially a trough mounted on the outside of the scissor lift's bucket that allows the contractor to rest panels of glass, sheets of drywall, or sheets of plywood securely off-deck. It also features a bracket mounted above this trough to secure items and keep them from tipping away from the platform.

This scissor lift attachment, similar to the last one, helps create more efficient work by allowing contractors to freely move in the scissor lift's bucket by reducing clutter through the external storage of their materials. These fragile materials are also less likely to be damaged when stored in the panel carrier attachment. Of course, this also grants contractors greater safety by reducing fall hazards as well as limiting the chance of debris falling from the scissor lift's elevated bucket.

Safety Accessories

In any form of contracting and construction, safety is always the priority. Although this section features multiple scissor lift attachments, they all fall under the same category of safety. So for these scissor lift accessories, how they help create more efficient work is by providing an additional layer of safety to the work being done.

Tilt Sensors

Although most job sites where scissor lifts are used have a very even surface, there are occasions when a project's terrain isn't the smoothest. Even if the job site is indoors on flat ground, bumps and ramps can still exist on those kinds of surfaces. The scissor lift attachment known as a tilt sensor works to help operators prevent their scissor lift from tipping over by sensing hazardous, uneven terrain, sounding an alarm, and in some cases, preventing the operator from moving the scissor lift any further.

Platform Mesh

When working at heights, the safety of those working above is just as important as the safety of those working below. On scissor lifts, it's more than possible for materials, debris, tools, and other job site items to fall off and physically impact the individuals standing below. Because of this, platform mesh is quickly becoming a must-have in all scissor lift accessories. This scissor lift attachment is wrapped around the bucket of the lift and is meant to stop the falling of debris and other hazardous items that could harm fellow workers or even pedestrians.

Attachable Floodlights

Attachable floodlights are always a great thing to have when working in darker, less visible areas. Scissor lifts can be used during the night, or indoors in facilities with poor, insufficient light. If that's the case, then making use of attachable floodlights on the guardrails of your scissor lift can help make working in the dark not only possible but also significantly safer.

Flashing Beacon

It's a well-known fact in the industry that scissor lifts not only lift workers up and down but also move along the project floor thanks to their handy wheels. One way to ensure the safety of those working in and around the area of the scissor lift is by using a flashing beacon when traveling along the project floor. Contracting can get loud, and if workers can't hear this machine moving around the job site, then they'll be sure to visually notice this scissor lift attachment and be able to take the proper cautionary measures to avoid getting struck.

Final Thoughts

Customizing a scissor lift with scissor lift attachments and accessories really depends on your industry and the specific project that you're completing. If you know what size scissor lift and attachments you need for your project, then DOZR Marketplace will help you find the right one. Find a scissor lift rental and its attachments near you today.

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