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5 Things You Need To Know About Electric Construction Equipment

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Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
February 10, 2021

5 Things You Need To Know About Electric Construction Equipment

Electric construction equipment is one of the latest innovations in construction equipment technology. From making construction projects greener to improving the health and safety of operators, contractors and communities alike, electric equipment is becoming more popular for a reason. Here are 5 things that you need to know about electric construction equipment. 

1. Electric is Healthy for More Than Just The Environment

Electric equipment isn’t just good for the planet. There are health and safety benefits to using electric construction equipment for contractors and the community around a project. Aside from producing zero fumes and improving air quality, electric equipment runs substantially quieter than traditional gas-powered machines. Quieter environments mean less damage to contractors hearing and ears. Ear protection is often overlooked by operators and contractors so reducing the danger from the source would make a big difference. 

Running on electric power reduces the amount of gas and fumes on a site improving air quality for contractors, communities and the world as a whole. Building and construction produces 39% of global carbon emissions and 40% of off-road equipment emissions are created by the construction industry.  When it comes to health and safety, electric equipment makes a difference.

2. Electric is Coming from the Brands You Know and Love

The beauty of electric equipment is that the same brands that are known, loved and trusted are the ones leading the charge for this new technological change. Volvo, Bobcat, CAT, JLG and many other brands have already or will soon be introducing electric equipment to their fleet. 

Contractors can rest assured that the quality, care, support and operation of the machine will not be compromised by going electric. These large names are helping to make electric a viable and reliable option by connecting the upgrade to the brand. This confidence will translate to wider adaption and acceptance of the machines.

electric construction loader dumping dirt

3. Electric Will Reduce Project Costs

Fuel costs are one of the biggest money-eaters for a construction project. It can cost thousands of dollars to fuel machines for the length of a project. While electric-powered machines still cost money to charge, it is substantially cheaper than the cost of gas.

While cars are much smaller and powerful than construction equipment, the cost comparisons of an electric vs hybrid vs gas-powered car show just how economical electric can be. 

An Ontario Government cost comparison places electric vehicles at about $530 a year to charge and drive. Hybrids are estimated to cost $700 a year while a comparable gas car can cost upwards of $2,500 a year to fuel. Imagine the savings that could be applied to the construction industry.

Not having fuel tanks on-site reduces the risk of fuel spills or gas leaks as well. Environmental protection standards can lead to high costs for projects in the event of an accident or spillage. Taking the gas out of the equation can help save project owners money when it comes to cleanups.

4. Electric Equipment Could Positively Affect Project Timelines

Because electric machines make much less noise than traditional machines, electric-powered construction projects may be able to work earlier mornings or later days. In many cities, limitations on noise can force projects to stop during certain times of day. When electric equipment becomes more widespread, it may change the rules around operation times for construction sites. 

This could come in handy for areas with extreme weather. During the summer months, early or evening hours can be far cooler than during the day. Working in off-hours or overnight could be safer and reduce the risk of heatstroke for contractors and operators. Freedom in work hours could positively affect project timelines by reducing downtime, lengthening workdays and working with the weather instead of battling against it.

Equipment on display at trade show.

5. Electric Equipment is Growing in Popularity in the Rental Industry

Electric equipment is starting to be seen in the rental market. As popularity grows for the industry as a whole the availability of electric rentals will as well. This is great news for the project managers and operators who can’t afford to purchase the new equipment themselves but want to experience the benefits.

Looking to rent electric construction equipment? A selection is available now for rent on DOZR. Give the DOZR team a call to learn what types of electric equipment is available now near you.

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Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
Kevin Forestell is CEO of DOZR and one of the co-founders. Kevin first got started as an entrepreneur when he founded Forestell Landscaping right after graduating from University. His love and passion for the industry and desire to help solve an equipment problem that contractors faced every day is what brought the founding team to start DOZR. Kevin is proud of the level of efficiency brought to the industry through DOZR and hopes that DOZR will help change the standard way equipment is rented.
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