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CAT 299D compact track loader with a bucket attachment in a grass field
CAT 299D compact track loader with a bucket attachment in a grass field
The Ultimate Compact Track Loader Spec Guide
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Kevin Forestell headshot
Kevin Forestell
November 1, 2022

The Ultimate Compact Track Loader Spec Guide

Updated July 25, 2023

Compact track loaders (CTLs), also called tracked skid steers, are machines seen on almost every project. They are capable of lifting, digging, moving, grading, and much more. When paired with the right attachments it becomes one of the most versatile pieces of machinery in the construction industry.

There are many brands that manufacture compact track loaders. They come in a variety of frames that indicate their lifting capacity and engine power. Which specifications you prioritize will determine which construction equipment supplier makes the best CTL for your needs. When picking the best compact track loader for your project, it's important to consider all your options.

This article is a complete compact track loader size guide. We'll break down the size ranges for this equipment as well as an overview of the specs for every model from the top compact track loader brands in the industry. Skip ahead to the following brand and their specs:

The Sizes of Compact Track Loader Frames

Each compact track loader model fits into three different size categories: small, medium, or large, similar to skid steers. The largest distinction within these categories is rated operating capacity (ROC) which indicates how much weight the machine can safely lift without tipping. The ROC is calculated as 35% of the machine's tipping load (as opposed to 50% for skid steers).

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Small-framed track loaders have operating capacities under 2,000 lbs and engines under 70 hp. Their operating weight is about 8,000 lbs or less. A medium-framed loader has a ROC between 2,000 and 3,000 lbs, varies in horsepower from 70 to 74, and an operating weight between 8,000 and 10,000 lbs. The largest frame of this equipment comes with an operating capacity in excess of 3,000 lbs, horsepower exceeding 74 (up to an industry-best 132), and a weight of 10,000 lbs or more.

With such a wide range of equipment available, what kind of jobs are these different frames good for? Small-frame track loaders are generally used for jobs that require the ability to work in tight spaces or projects that are moving lighter materials. The smallest compact track loader in the world is the ASV RT-25, followed by the ASV RT-40. These are the only loaders that have operating weights of less than 4,500 lbs and operating capacities of less than 1,000 lbs.

Medium-frame loaders are popular across construction and landscaping as they are excellent choices for a wide range of projects. They provide significantly increased engine power to a small-frame machine and substantial lifting capacity, which make them capable of almost any DIY or landscaping project. Though not every manufacturer provides a small-framed model, every brand has at least one medium and large track loader.

The largest compact track loaders are ideal for jobs that require moving large amounts of dirt, gravel, or other materials. These are also good choices for projects that require attachments, like buckets or blades, which often call for increased horsepower. This size of equipment is often used for road building or demolition due to the demand for power and force in these projects.

Important Compact Track Loader Specs to Know

Before we dive into the specs and sizes of each brand's selection of compact track loaders, we want to focus on providing the most useful information for picking the right CTL. We'll focus on four categories of specs: ROC, operating weight, horsepower, and lift height at the pin.

As mentioned above, ROC is the weight a specific model can safely lift, this is 35% of the "tipping load" which is the amount the machine could carry without tipping. Rated operating capacities range all the way from 665 lbs to 4,340 lbs, depending on the operating weight of the machine.

Operating weight is the equipment's weight. This does not factor in extra attachments, fuel, or the operator. Along with horsepower, weight dictates the amount of stress applied to the surrounding environment, so lighter is better if it still gets the job done. Often, lighter equipment is used in environments you want to disrupt less like golf courses, cemeteries, and community parks.

Horsepower is the amount of power the machine's engine can generate. This is most important to consider when the machine might be used for multitasking, like using hydraulics and other functions simultaneously.

Finally, the lift height to the pin indicates the maximum height reachable by the hinge pin of the track loader. This is a good indicator of the extent of the reach of a machine. You can search DOZR's equipment rentals for compact track loaders rentals in all sizes and weights.

If you're weighing the pros and cons of compact track loaders vs skid steers you can also check out our in-depth skid steer spec guide.

Specs and Sizes for Every Brand of Compact Track Loader


Providing the two smallest models as well as the second largest model of the loader, ASV's compact track loaders provide a wider variety than any other manufacturer in the market. ASV also provides one vertical lift model, as opposed to radial lift, which provides greater height and operating capacity in comparison with other loaders of similar size. No matter the size of your project, you're sure to find an ASV CTL for you in their selection.

AS VT-70 compact track loader moving dirt around a job with trees in the background

ASV Compact Track Loader Specs

ASV Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
ASV RT-256653,75524.7101"
ASV RT-409314,00538.2101"
ASV RT-501,4005,18054109"
ASV RT-651,9257,48067116"
ASV VT-70 High Output2,3288,03574126"
ASV RT-752,7509,06074125"
ASV RT-752,8009,21074125"
ASV VT-1003,50010,835103132"
ASV VT-100 Forestry3,70011,570103132"
ASV RT-1353,50012,075132125"
ASV RT-135 Forestry4,15012,990132125"


Although Bobcat is well known for its skid steers, they make a variety of excellent compact track loaders as well. Bobcat has two series of loaders: the M2-series, which provides great variety and includes some of the most heavy-duty equipment on the market, and the R-series, which they engineered to raise the bar for track loaders and deliver better products to their consumers.

White bobcat compact track loader on job site

The R-series provides a variation of medium-framed loaders but if you're looking to do anything with extremely heavy lifting, or seeking a machine for smaller or bigger projects, the M2-series is the way to go. Check out Bobcat's full compact track loader selection or rent a Bobcat compact track loader from DOZR.

Bobcat Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes

Bobcat Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
Bobcat T4501,4906,42455109"
Bobcat T5501,9957,55768114"
Bobcat T622,1508,61268114"
Bobcat T5952,2008,02270114"
Bobcat T642,3008,72774120"
Bobcat T662,4508,92774128"
Bobcat T6502,5709,11374124"
Bobcat T762,90010,25074128"
Bobcat T7403,31010,12774131"
Bobcat T7703,47510,51592131"
Bobcat T8703,65012,925100145"
Bobcat T863,80012,393105132"


The CASE B-series of machines offers a re-imagined operator interface with the goal of simplifying operation to put more control in the hands of the driver. Their selection of models has industry-leading lift heights to go along with excellent ROC, making them extremely capable machines. With great visibility, horsepower, and torque CASE compact track loaders have the strength and performance to handle any job you can imagine.

CASE Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes

CASE Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
CASE TR270B1,8908,27074125"
CASE TR310B2,1708,88074125"
CASE TR340B2,38010,00090127"
CASE TV370B2,5909,94574131"
CASE TV450B3,15010,61090132"
CASE TV620B4,34016,100114140"

Caterpillar (CAT)

One of the most popular and recognizable brands in construction, CAT equipment is always high performing and reliable. CAT compact track loaders are designed to maximize their useful life and are great for use in landscaping, road work, agriculture, or general construction. If you're looking for the highest capacity loader you can find, CAT is the way to go, as their 299D3 XE Land Management provides the best ROC on the market while weighing 4,000 lbs less than its counterparts from other brands.

Yellow CAT compact track loader dumping dirt into a hole on a job site

Caterpillar Compact Track Loader Specs

CAT Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
CAT 239D31,5307,43467111"
CAT 249D31,7407,83167118"
CAT 259D32,0108,98774121"
CAT 279D32,22010,09574125"
CAT 289D32,89010,66874125"
CAT 299D33,48011,46498126"
CAT 299D3 XE3,56011,756110126"
CAT 299D3 XE Land Management4,34012,764110126"


Although they are new to the compact track loader world, Develon has been manufacturing and supplying construction equipment for years. Previously known as Doosan, Develon decided to enter the CTL market in North America with the DTL35. A large-frame size, the DTL35 can be used for excavating and heavy-duty grading. 

Develon Compact Track Loader Specs

Develon Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
Develon DTL353,65712,604116NA


GEHL specializes in making smaller compact track loaders with four models between 1,000-2,000 lbs and only one model classifying as a large-framed loader. Their largest machine has a vertical lift path, allowing it to operate at a similar weight to their second-largest model while providing significantly increased capacity and horsepower to accompany its minor uptick in height.

GEHL Compact Track Loader Specs

GEHL Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
GEHL RT1051,0494,72034109"
GEHL RT1351,3496,75046110"
GEHL RT1651,6498,02069120"
GEHL RT1851,8509,10169128"
GEHL RT2152,1509,89972128"
GEHL RT2552,55111,59674128"
GEHL VT2102,1008,8656991"
GEHL VT2302,3009,2517191"
GEHL VT2752,75010,0517199"
GEHL VT3203,20111,799114130"


Similar to Develon, Hyundai decided to join the compact track loader market in 2023 with the HT100V. As the only CTL in their portfolio, the HT100V is a medium-frame machine with a vertical lift path. The machines are built on the same chassis as their trusted skid steers but with more technology to protect the undercarriage from damage.

Hyundai Compact Track Loader Specs

Hyundai Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
Hyundai HT100V2,3009,75569126"


JCB compact track loaders have exceptional visibility and engines that require very little maintenance. Although their selection is among the smallest of the brands on this list, each of their five models is a capable machine. Their selection provides three large-frame machines, which is as many as any of their competitors. JCB should be one of the first brands you consider if you're looking for a heavy-duty machine.

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They're also the only brand that provides a teleskid, a cross between a telehandler and compact track loader. This gives it more reach and versatility because of the telescopic functionality.

JCB Compact Track Loader Specs

JCB Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
JCB 2TS-7T2,0969,91474
JCB 215T2,1059,09874119"
JCB 270T2,72311,00374125"
JCB 300T3,00011,21974125"
JCB 325T3,20112,36474125"
JCB Teleskid 3TS-8T3,69512,61574N/A

John Deere

John Deere has the unique distinction of being the only brand with exclusively vertical-lift compact track loaders. Providing medium and large-framed loaders that reach operating capacities of up to 3,700 lbs, these machines are designed to work comfortably in tight spaces and are easy to trailer to and from the job site. John Deere also manufactures over 100 attachments for CTLs and skid steers so you can adapt your loader to perform a wide array of tasks.

John Deere Compact Track Loader Specs

John Deere Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
John Deere 317G2,1258,42365121"
John Deere 325G2,5909,50074126"
John Deere 331G3,10011,90091132"
John Deere 333G3,70012,100100132"


With only three models, Kubota is tied for the smallest selection of loaders among brands on this list. All three of Kubota's machines are on par with industry standards for their size and are reliable options for most projects. Their equipment is practical, versatile, and maneuverable, making them adaptable to any environment.

Red Kubota Compact Track Loader Lifting Wood

Kubota Compact Track Loader Specs

Kubota Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
Kubota SVL65-22,1008,03568118"
Kubota SVL75-22,3009,03974119"
Kubota SVL75-32,4909,42074123"
Kubota SVL97-23,20011,29996128"


With a range of small and medium-framed machines covering both radial and vertical lifts, Manitou compact track loaders offer a compact design that's great for both construction and agriculture. These machines are capable of operating in tight spaces and on all types of terrain.

Manitou CTLs are also compatible with a variety of compact track loader attachments that can be switched out within minutes to support all sorts of applications. Manitou's one drawback is that, along with GEHL, they are the most limited brand in terms of capacity on the market, with a maximum ROC of 3,201 lbs.

Manitou Compact Track Loader Specs

Manitou Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
Manitou 1050 RT1,0494,72034109"
Manitou 1350 RT1,3496,51046110"
Manitou 1650 RT1,6498,02069120"
Manitou 1850 RT1,8509,10169128"
Manitou 2100 VT2,1008,86569121"
Manitou 2150 RT2,1509,90172128"
Manitou 2300 VT2,3009,25172121"
Manitou 2550 RT2,55111,59674128"
Manitou 2750 VT2,75010,05172129"
Manitou 3200 VT3,20111,612114130"

New Holland

New Holland may only provide six models of track loaders but they cover about as wide a range as anybody in the industry. From 1,890 lbs all the way up to an industry-best 4,340 lb, not only do they provide models in all three sizes but they also manufacture the highest-reaching track loader in the industry. Any New Holland compact track loader would be an excellent choice for the project you're working on.

New Holland Compact Track Loader Specs

New Holland Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
New Holland C3271,8908,27074125"
New Holland C3322,2409,63074131"
New Holland C3342,38010,00090126"
New Holland C3372,5909,94574131"
New Holland C3453,15010,61090131"
New Holland C3624,34016,100114140"


Credited with the world's first compact track loader in 1986, Takeuchi has a wide variety of loaders with both radial and vertical-lift technology. With their largest model, they became one of only three brands to produce a machine exceeding 4,000 lbs of ROC, and provide excellent options for almost any weight, capacity, or engine power you're looking for.

Takeuchi Compact Track Loader Specs

Takeuchi Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
Takeuchi TL6R1,8417,48565114"
Takeuchi TL8R22,1168,80774121"
Takeuchi TL10V22,5229,95074125"
Takeuchi TL12R22,97512,300111126"
Takeuchi TL12V24,10712,860111130"

Wacker Neuson

Providing three models with excellent engine power and lift height, Wacker Neuson compact track loaders are a small but mighty band of machines. These machines feature comfortable cabs, excellent visibility, and best-in-class service accessibility and are also designed to reduce ground pressure and disruption to the work area.

Wacker Neuson Compact Track Loader Specs

Wacker Neuson Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
Wacker Neuson ST271,8907,35074120"
Wacker Neuson ST312,1698,09574125"
Wacker Neuson ST453,15010,26774135"
Wacker Neuson ST503,50010,677100136"


Experts in compact equipment, Yanmar saw the rise of compact track loaders over skid steers and knew they had to join the market. Yanmar has one CTL currently on the market with the TL100VS, a vertical lift, large-frame machine. They also have three models releasing soon, the TL65RS, TL75VS, and TL80VS, of which the first is a radial lift loader and the last two are vertical lift loaders. Because they are yet to be released, some specs are missing.

Yanmar Compact Track Loader Specs

Yanmar Compact Track Loader Specs and Sizes
ModelRated Operating Capacity (lbs)Operating Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Lift Height at Pin
Yanmar TL65RS2,1008,00067NA
Yanmar TL75VS2,4008,50074NA
Yanmar TL80VS2,9009,60074NA
Yanmar TL100VS3,78010,555104132"

Renting a Compacting Track Loader

As mentioned, ROC, engine power, lift height, and weight are the most important factors to consider when choosing the right piece of equipment for your job site. We hope this guide has helped you figure out what size of CTL you need.

Whether you're searching for a small, medium, or large CTL from Bobcat, Cat, Takeuchi, John Deere, Manitou, Kubota, Wacker Neuson, GEHL, CASE, or ASV, you can find your next compact track loader rental from DOZR.

Next, check out our skid steer spec guide to help you pick out the perfect skid steer rental.

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