Ep 21: Construction Technology Explained

September 8, 2020
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Welcome to Episode 21 of DirtStories.

Both on the DOZR Hub and in DirtStories we talk a lot about “construction technology”. It’s a buzzword you’ll hear in any construction magazine or newsletter, on any construction project or website.

But what is construction technology?

We wanted to break down the topic of construction tech and really get to the basics of what it is and why it matters in the industry. Is construction really just slow to adopt new technology? Can technology solve all our problems? How does a company even begin to embrace construction technology?

To answer these questions, we chatted with Mallorie Brodie from Bridgit. As a co-founder and CEO of a construction tech company, Mallorie was able to provide insight into some of these questions and give her perspective on the topic of construction tech.

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Ep 21: Construction Technology Explained

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