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5000 Lbs, 15 - 19 Ft Telehandler Rentals

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5000 Lbs, 15 - 19 Ft Telehandler Rentals

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5000 lbs, 15 - 19 ft
6000 lbs, 32 - 39 ft
6000 lbs, 40 - 42 ft
8000 lbs, 41 - 43 ft
10000 lbs, 42 - 49 ft
10000 lbs, 50 - 56 ft
12000 lbs, 55 - 56 ft
15,000 lbs, 44 - 56 ft
Heavy Earthmoving
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Synergy Equipment

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LTC Rentals

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Durante Equipment

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ABC Rental Equipment and Sales

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United Rentals

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Similar to 5000 lbs, 15 - 19 ft, Telehandler Rentals:
Telehandler 5000 lbs, 15 - 19 ft image
Telehandler 6000 lbs, 32 - 39 ft image
Telehandler 6000 lbs, 40 - 42 ft image
Max Lift Height: 18' 4" - 20' 0"
Lift Capacity at Max Height: 3,000 - 4,500 lbs
Max Lift Reach: 10' 11" - 11' 6"
Lift Capacity at Max Reach: 1,650 - 2,000 lbs
Max Lift Height: 34' - 36' 4"
Lift Capacity at Max Height: 5,000 - 6,000
Max Lift Reach: 21' 11" - 24' 0"
Lift Capacity at Max Reach: 1,500 - 1,800 lbs
Max Lift Height: 42' - 43' 4"
Lift Capacity at Max Height: 6,000 - 6,600 lbs
Max Lift Reach: 27' 11" - 28' 7"
Lift Capacity at Max Reach: 1,000 - 1,400 lbs
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Equipment similar to Telehandler Rentals:
Rough Terrain Forklifts, 5000 lbs image
4,000 lbs - 60,000 lbs
Cushion Tire, Pneumatic Tire

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Frequently Asked Questions

Telehandler Rentals

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Is lifting capacity the same at max height and reach?

What's the most popular telehandler rental size?

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Refund Policy

DOZR offers refunds within 24 hours if the equipment does not meet the specifications that were transacted on. Equipment rented on DOZR can be returned at any time by emailing, and no further rental charges will be charged after the equipment is off-rented.